Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Come on babie...

Come on babie...

Dress from DeLa;
Jewelry from Alienbear's Designs:- Princess Amaterasu Ring, mini crown, necklace, earrings, bracelets and Prince Abioye Ring;
Hair From Curl Up ;
Heels from Maitreya.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Day Dreaming...

Gowns from Silver Rose Design (not release yet but coming soon);
Jewelry from Jewelry from Alienbear's Designs
Hair From Curl Up (bride) & 69 (bridemaids)
Heels from Maitreya
Bouquet from designer Jade Opal

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Share with you

My 6th drawing

My hand recovered a lot so this week finally can attend the drawing class! My hand still a bit painful but really like to draw since I start learning. Here is my 6th drawing that sharing with you:) improve a bit?

Sunday, 5 October 2008

A very tough decision....

alienbear's designs Logo sept08

After resting my painful right hand for a week and back to SL, I recieveing many ims asking me

"Alienbear, I walk around jewel expo but not see your spot! Where are you?"

Yes I finally make a very tough decision on 3 Oct 2008 that I got to deduct most of the project in sl since I can do nothing with just a Left hand. I am right handed person and it got inflamations in between the finger joint & the hand... The doc said my hand must rest. So I contact Miriel that I select quit this year jewelry expo. So yes.. I am not in the expo.... Sorry to dispointing some of you who love my designs. Wish all vendors in the expo have a great success this year.

But well, friends always the first for me. So I will still try my effort to processing few of my projects including design jewels to catch the release day of Silver Rose designs' wedding gowns series (Christine the bride, Chiara the bridesmaid of honor, Carmellia Flowergirl). We are planning to release next week. and will release my Princess Amaterasu series as soon as I can.. Well... I will try my best to design a special ring for you Mui Mukerji , one of my best friend in sl and my ever the best CMO forever, for your engagement. Good things need times you know ^^ Plus you know one hand work real slow lol

Wish all the best and wish all still remember me after I recover and come back to SL.

~Alienbear Gupte~

Wednesday, 1 October 2008


What a bad luck days in my bad mood period. I hurt my right hand yesterday after badminton. Think got inflammation of the fingers joint again. It is damn painful now & can't move.. :(((

Wish I can recover soon so I can keep designing .... and catch up the jewel expo this year :((

Before I back, let you see see my newest design for man that matching the Princess Carita II and Princess Carita rings design. Yes finally have man ring! ^^

Ring Prince Carwyn white

Want one for your man? Or for wedding? need to wait for me recovered first.....