Saturday, 29 September 2007

Natural is Beauty...

Yesterday my friend Mui Imed me & said Celestial City (CS) have 50% off sale on skins. I was so exciting as I saw a skin that look pretty on picture from their blog. So I asked Mui to show me. Yes she is CS & Lastcall Super fans. lol We have very different taste though but CS previous release "(CS) Vogue Skins - Summer Series - 3" attract me to do a first try on their skin. Well that skin not bad but still not too natural on me, but it make me cute though. Start from that day, I start checking CS blog - Celestal Stduio. Till I see "(CS) Vogue Skins - Fall Series", I told myself this maybe my cup of tea. So I asked Mui to bring me There to get some demos.

It surprised me that this time their "(CS) Vogue Skins - Fall Series - 3" are great in all skin tons except the Bronze one lol as my face seems not too match too dark coal skin tons lol. The skin show on the picture is the "(CS) Vogue Skins - Fall Series - 3" in Cashmere skin tone that I think is the best among all in this series. It look so natural with nice makeup matching this skin tone. Well hehe it is just $500L since they are on sale! So I get all skin tones on this "(CS) Vogue Skins - Fall Series - 3". Yes the "3" one! I do like other eye makeup in fall series 1,2 & 4 but well the lips makeup really not suit my face :( .. I wish they can make those eye make up to this Fall Series 3 too so I can have more selections hehe.

O yes see my hair on the picture? yes it is ETD freebie hair! I finally have time to visit there yesterday. Great that they set all the DEMO in $0L so this time I can just take all demo & try at home. yes most of her hair colour texture are very good after they reopened their store. I bought few hair from them too, will show you all later.

Love my top? hehe the full outfit pack is gorgeous too with cute & elegant prim skirts, that is from Allure by Sparkle Skye. Well she didn't release yet, I just beg her & beg her to sell me one. You will definitely fall in love with this dresses once you see it since these dresses style is really new in SL & this dresses styles have great flexi & prim setting that really like the real life one! hehe okok I promise I will show you once she release!

My jewelry sets & ring wearing on picture are Platinum Celestial Bride Set & Wedding Ring Celestial.

O yes look at this wedges! It is Group Gift by Maitreya!! I bought her fat pack of this design when she released & so great that she make a new colour now & then gift to her group member! Wooties! Thank you so much Onyx LeShelle!! send many kisses to you!

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Golden Shimmery Shimmer


Jewelry Expo finally finished & my SL life back to normal again. I opened my wardrobe today & found that I have tons of beautiful dresses & fashion never worn. Yes just like all ladies, I like shopping, shopping & shopping. But always throw all my "Victory shopping items" throw into my never fulled wardrobe. Really feel exhausted today so I throw away those over 40 customer's orders & then picked up one of my gown from my "Nicky Ree Collections" Wardrobe.

This elegant gown called "Shimmery Shimmer Gowns (Gold) (Deco)". Personally I don't like gold but this gold gown really catch my view when I was looking for some gown to match my gold jewelries. Texture of Nicky Ree's new collections are the MUST awesome! See the top, how real it is! Then zoom to the prim skirt, Apart from the SL odd flexi settings, all just perfect! I specially like the transparent prim skirt style. When I stand & smile, woah! what a simple but elegant gown. I love it so much. This gown come with glove & some other combinations in the pack. But today I want natural & elegant, so I wear like this.

With this gorgeous dress, how can I wear nothing on my neck. So I selected my "Gold Celestial Necklace & earrings". Well same design as the Platinum Celestial Bride Set , there is 2 little diamond stars hanging at the back. Suddenly want to wear ring, So I wear my "Gold Celestial Rings" to match this jewelries set. Yes all by Primary Prims. I like details & elegant. This ring is in same design as Wedding Ring Celestial. Well, The gold ones still not yet pack for sell, but want to show you how it look like first hehe.

After that, I opened my shoe Wardrobe... okies, I select a simple but elegant high heels from my Maitreya Shoe shelves. This High heels called "Grace Heels Pearl". Well yes I like elegant & simple. This heels match this gold dress so perfect. Think my leg muscle in the similar size of the designer in Maitreya, So this heels fit me so well. But I recommend that if you love this design, try the demo first, as some of my friends told me that their leg too big to wear this heels lol

Perfect match, Perfect night.. Can sleep now! Good night all:D Will show you what's in my wardrobe in my later diary.


Sunday, 23 September 2007

I Win the Charity Auction Bid !!

The Jewelry Expo (15 Sept -22 Sept) Finally finish. Well, my three auction set can't go to my expected bid but overall they help American Red cross raising $28000L in total. Not bad. Well I am happy that the total 30 limited edition set almost sold & just leave 1 gold set & 2 black sets! This is really selling much than I expected! Thanks all for supporting & loving my design so I can earn that much money this month to cover half of the surgery fee I paid for my Cat's knee surgery. * BOW to all & send tons of kisses to all*

Time for me to start showing what I shop & bid in the Expo. I was showing few in my previous posts (1 , 2). This post I show the set I bid in the expo! Yes I used $10000L to bid this set home. This set is from Vertically Challenged, named Celestial. Woa the box look good. I can't wait to open it...

Woa it have one set of gold & one set of silver that with tiara, necklace, earring & bracelet. Look at me:-

This set is not bad, I like the design. you can touch the picture to see it details. The Dress I am wearing is from Allure by Sparkle Skye. Yes this wedding dress name is Celestial too! The one I am wearing is her Reception gown in the full dress pack. (I showed few other pieces in my previous post at Bride of Celestial) Her dress including tons of pieces. The overall design is just innovative & gorgeous. The prims setting are about right. Sparkle even use tiny prims to craft the stars decorations on the front & at the back. With changeable tiny little sparkling on the surface of the dress. I just look like Princess of the star. I like the flexi setting of this dress so much as it never show my legs when walking while the light flexi setting just make it look like real heavy poofy wedding dress. I can say I really want one in real life. Sparkle even show me her new coming babyblue evening star dress, it is just awesome too. Come on Sparkle, I can't wait to buy your new dress & show off! Faster release please!!! So all will going to jealous me again!

I've got a wardrobe to place Allure dresses now! I promise I will show you one by one ^^ o yes & the jewelry I shop in expo. I will show I will show! Just keep checking my blog to see what is in my wardrobe :D

Have a nice day all :D

Saturday, 22 September 2007

Jewelry Expo Day 8 ... Last Day

Three Hours left & the Jewelry Expo (15 Sept -22 Sept) will be finished. I am so happy to be participated in this expo.

Here thanks
Miriel Enfield who organized this great fair. I start fall in love with you Miriel. You are not just a good business woman but is a really generous angel. Sorry that my design can't really help to raise too much fund for American Red Cross, but trust me, I already try my best. Wish next year can help raising more.

Next is to thanks Shop Onrez for sponsor this Island to us to have this great Expo. Shop Onrez is an outside game online shopping service company who can let us purchase in game product in a lag free circumference. Her previous name is SLB the SL Boutique. I join them since they were SLB. I enjoy using Shop Onrez so much as it is user friendly. Also, If you want to updated your items & delete the old & upload new in a same name, they never kick you out. You never need to worry not enough prim to use in your store since each one of their vendor box can place 100 of your products. your customer can even search your product directly for your personal onrez store page. The best thing is unlike other online store, this Shop Onrez have NO COMMISSION charging you. So all the money with just go into your pocket! When you need to buy product from there, you just need rez out the ShopOnrez purse & then drop money into that. Then you can buy what you like in a no lag circumference! Try Shop Onrez now!

Next I really need to THANKS are those who help me & teach me how to promote & attract more new face to my store. Thanks Mui Mukerji & Sparkle Skye. I am so suck in promoting & business issue, I just know design design & design. Without their Advise & their help, I think I can't meet that much lovely people in the expo, I can't meet my designs' fans, I can't let more people know me. Even this expo cause some little drama but ok, overall is good & I am happy that I can see many appreciate face complement my work my design.

The last one & the BIGGEST Thanks is for my lovely customers who stop by my Shop 64 and those who purchase my designs & my limited edition sets. & those who give me many advise & suggestions on my future designs! Really thanks the three generous ones who bid on my Auction sets too! Though I can't make it too attractive to raise the fund more, but this tell me I should improve on my picture skills lol

BIG HUGZ & KISSESSS send to all! I am so happy for this success get from this expo. 2 hours & more , the expo will close. Go for your last treasure hunt & last shopping now! See you there :D

Queen Galaxy- The Power, the Start & the Death..

Unique Sets Name:- Queen Galaxy, Gold Queen Galaxy & Dark Queen Galaxy
What including in each set:- Crown, necklace, earrings, bracelet & ring
Permission:- Transferable with necklace, bracelet in modify mode
How Special:- My original design & Just one kind now or forever
Design Inspiration:- The Celestial, Sun , Moon & Star
Jewelry represent :- Different Period of Kingdom of Galaxy
Jewelries Background:- 1, 2, 3, 4
Charity Auction Fund Raise to:- AMERICAN RED CROSS
Charity Auction End Time:- 3:00 PM sl time at 22 Sept 2007
Present Bid:
$11000L(Silver ) , $8800L (GOLD) & $8200L (DARK )
Expect Raising fund:- $20000L each (If reach this, will donate one Limited Edition Set to the auction winner.
Where to Bid:- Auction booth
How to bid:-
* Type command for different set you want to bid for:-
- For Queen Galaxy - Type /3 bid (your bid) in your chat;
- For GOLD Queen Galaxy -
Type /4 bid (your bid) in your chat;
For DARK Queen Galaxy - Type /5 bid (your bid) in your chat.

Yes 3PM will end! come & bid higher & help to raise more fund for American Red Cross.

Friday, 21 September 2007

Let's Raise up the Auction bid!!!

Woot I see My Three Charity Auction Sets in Auction booth of Jewelry Expo (15 Sept -22 Sept) of now go to $11000L(Silver ) , $8800L (GOLD) & $8200L (DARK ) now! But can it go higher so we can help raising more funds to AMERICAN RED CROSS? Okies, in my hands there still have one "05 silver LES set" & one "05 Black LES" that I planned to gift out (remember I keep 5 sets of each to gift my helpers, friends & relatives? read The lost Treasure in Galaxy... Part 3). If there is one set that can bid higher than $20000L, I will gift the "05 silver LES set" OR "05 Black LES" to him/her. Yes all auction set is transferable & the LES set is transferable too! You can bid for your self or buy for your love. They will feel special as the My Three Charity Auction Sets are UNIQUE now & Forever unless there is someone copy them in rl or sl. So bid it now & let's help raise more fund to AMERICAN RED CROSS!!!

** Auction will be end at 3PM SL time 22 Sept 2007!!

Jewelry Expo Day 7 .... BID now!

Tomorrow will be the last day of Jewelry Expo (15 Sept -22 Sept)! You done the TREASURE HUNT to find all 17 TREASURE BOXES there? You get all the FREEBIES or ALMOST FREEBIES stuff there? You buy all JEWELRIES you like there? You BID what you like for the CHARITY AUCTION?

Yes! I know some jewelry designer including me (
Shop 64) release some JUST FOR EXPO designs. Just like my limited edition set (LES), my $1L/ $5L designs including:-

* LilPrincess Celestial Necklaces - Mod/Copy ($1L each)
* Platinum Staric Lady leather necklace (Blue stone) - Mod/Copy ($1L)
* Platinum Staric MAN leather necklace (Blue stone) - Mod/Copy ($1L)
* GOLD Lady Staric leather necklace (Ruby) - Mod/Copy ($1L)
* GOLD MAN Staric leather necklace (Ruby) Mod/ Copy ($1L)
* Starflake Rose Zicon Set (Necklace, earrings & belly ring) - No Transfer with Necklace Mod ($5L)
* Dark Starflake Purple Stone Set (Necklace, earrings & belly ring) - No Transfer with Necklace Mod ($5L)
* Gold Starflake Ruby Set (Necklace, earrings & belly ring) - No Transfer with Necklace Mod ($5L)

And Sure my My Three Auction Set that help raise funds for AMERICAN RED CROSS! How to bid my sets?

* Teleport to Auction booth;
* Select which Set you want to auction (I have three auction set);
* Type command for different set you want to bid for:-
- For Queen Galaxy - Type /3 bid (your bid) in your chat;
- For GOLD Queen Galaxy -
Type /4 bid (your bid) in your chat;
For DARK Queen Galaxy - Type /5 bid (your bid) in your chat;

Let say you want to bid Queen Galaxy at $7000L, just type /3 bid 7000 in your chat. & it will tell you in your im once there is someone get higher bid then you. If in the last day 22 Sept 2007 your bid is the highest one, Miriel Enfield will contact for your money & will send the set to you! Yes go & bid now if you love them, they are transferable! While all money will go to AMERICAN RED CROSS! Don't like my design? no worry, there are some other designers' Auction set. I will be happy if you bid any of those so we can help more real life people in the world.

See you there Guys!

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Jewelry expo Day 6... I can wear my designs

I am so happy that in my last rl lesson of my graphic design course, my teacher tell me that my homework PASS! I got a B+ in my first homework! Woot! I just like "throw away all heavy stone from my heart". I am so happy even there is a 2nd tough homework this week. Then I go to my Shop 64 at Jewelry Expo (15 Sept -22 Sept). Good no lag!! *bow to Miriel Enfield*

I stand for a while & come in a young lady. You asked me to show my Oriential Tang Dynasty Empress Jewerly Set & Hair accessory to her. She love it so much & then buy it. Then a couple come in & they asked me to show many others design that I placed in the Jewelry Expo to them. I show & show & show.. wooties, first time can wear that much design in the same hours!! Yes I just have one neck, 2 ears, one head, two hands, 2 arms, 1 belly ... It is impossible to wear all my designs on my body onces!! SO I am really happy that this expo can let me have a chance to wear my designs on my body. I love showing anyone my designs on my body!! I feel so fun in this expo, not only can meet my customers, can shop like crazy, but also can meet many nice lovely people when I feel bored in my Shop 64.

O yes, limited edition set (LES) just remained THREE GOLD, FOUR BLACK & ZERO PLATINUM. Come to buy one for yourself or your love now if you love them!

For the three auction sets in the Auction booth, I was not too happy when I saw the bidding was just in 2500L to 5000L. As these sets are really spent me a lot of time to design & craft. I was planning to use my design to help raising more funds for AMERICAN RED CROSS. When I saw the bid, I was thinking "sorry Miriel Enfield, I can't help getting the fund higher, I already try my best..." but then today I saw that the the Platinum & the Black are in 6000L! & Gold in $5000L. I feel better now, BUT I want it in higher bidding price. It is worth if you love it as it will be ONLY ONE of each now & forever (unless there is someone copy it in RL or SL) & have it's own meaning. Come & bid it if you love them. So we can help more people in real life. Yes all fund will donate to AMERICAN RED CROSS! If you don't like this design? no worry, there are few other designers' auction set there, I bid one too! which one did I bid for? SECRET! I must have that so I won't let you beat me !!! hahaha..


Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Jewelry expo Day 5 ... Anyone here?!

Just have time & visit the Jewelry Expo (15 Sept -22 Sept). O good no lag there, I am so happy but then I check the map. o haha.. I know the reason. because the sim just have 1 person.. that means "me" only hahaha.. Yes think it is mid night for many Americans. it is 2am when I stop by. but I am thinking where is the European people that always around? Where's those Asian one like me that don't need to go to work? "Okies, Maybe just crashed. yes it must be .." I keep thinking. "Maybe hairs are more attractive then jewelry? .. yes it is.. jewelries is also the last one people needs." I must try to do something to gain more attractions. & let more people to know there are jewelry designers in SL working hard to make them more beautiful. It is kinda sad to see the sim just have me .. ANYONE THERE? woot 2:09am now.. 8 people including me. hahaha.. let me try to see if I can do more promotion now!!

How many jewelry designer in this expo? over 80
Who's sponsor?
Shop Onrez
Where's my spot?
Shop 64
Any event?
- Treasure hunt to find 17 hidden boxes
- Auction at Charity auction area that have many UNIQUE auction set designed by some jewelry designer in the expo. & all fund raising will go to AMERICAN RED CROSS!

Bring your friends there now!!!

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Good news to few :9

Been work for the Jewelry Expo (15 Sept -22 Sept) preparation & promotion work, really need to back to rl for my homework. Think this is a good news to those who don't like me go around in the game. Just kidding ^^ I think I will be back on SL time Thursday after my lesson. Yes to increase my design skills in real life, I really need to do more concentration on my courses. As this game make me feel I really like design. Yes right now I still treat second life as a game & a game for me to show off my designs. Maybe one day after I increase more of my art background, I may be change my view of this game. I will still check my blog or my email, So if you have any questions about my designs, or want me to show you my jewelries on my body in the Jewelry Expo that show in my Shop 64. Just leave me a message in my blog or send me an IM in world. I will try to online to help you or answer or question.

O yes, My Lucky Chair gifts (Platinum Queen Heidi set (5 pieces collected from 5 chairs), Gold Queen Heidi set (5 pieces collected from 3 chairs) & Kid gifts (from 2 chairs) will be take away in 30 Sept 2007. And I won't be place out again. So if you still not yet collect all. Go to my Le'Bear Castle to collect them now. They are transferable. Want to collect them in a faster way, here is some hints:-

* Find the 2 mobVens in Gold & platinum store. TP 15 friends there fast & tell them to touch the mobvens. Then the price of the set will be drop from 2000L to 299L (the lowest price). Then pay the mobven as fast as possible, & you can get the full Platinum Or Gold set.

* Don't have that much money? ok, you can find some friends to stand beside the chairs on each of the floor level. Then TP your friends who have the same first letter of the chairs till you can see your letters & sit . It can make you faster to collect the set.

Good luck.

O while you waiting for your letters, you can take a sit on my Prize chairs, If you sit for 3 hours without got kick out, you will have luck to get my Special stars belly chain.

See you all later.

Monday, 17 September 2007

Awesome Sculpties jwelry designer!

I really love this Jewelry Expo (15 Sept -22 Sept) you know!! Here the followings are what I bought from Siyu Suen of Illusions. I didn't know there is such a great sculpties jewelry designer out there in SL till this expo. Her spot is in Shop 33. Her pendant in sculpties are so great. She make a good texture on them too. Just maybe need a bit more practice on the chain part just like mine. lol chain part is always hard to make good to fit the neck. But for the Pendant, These four I show below is just great. You can touch the picture to zoom in.

Yes I have a booth here too at Shop 64 !! Just few limited edition set remained. While few details stars theme 1L/5L gifts place in the middle of my booth waiting for you. I even place out some new designs like Celestial Bride Set and the Bridesmaid set, Pearls & Diamond stars forehead tiara, Wedding rings like Wedding Ring Celestial, Wedding Rings Victoria, Veronica & Vicki; Oriential Tang Dynasty Empress Jewerly Set & Hair accessory. Or you want something special & Unique, you can check out the Auction booth & add a bid for my 3 Unique Queen Galaxy Sets Or other designers' auction set. All money gain will donate to American Red Cross.

See you there ^^

Jewelry Expo 3rd day

Suddenly find that I am so boring when I stop all my design & crafting work lol So I can't wait to try all jewelry I shopped in Jewelry Expo (15 Sept -22 Sept) in my previous 2 days. This shop I really need to talk about as she is really a great scripter & prim maker. She is Kandace Commons from Vertically Challenge. I know her because of her first 3 kid shoes that scripted with changeable colour & the ribbon can even took off from the shoes. She make really cute shoes. & then these days she go into making some lamps, some furnitures & now jewelries! See this cute ads? Well, it is so cute but you never can know that Kandace even can script the necklace to make it show 16 facial expressions!

Touch the pictures above & you can see closer of the picture. I just need to wear the necklace, & then I touch the pendant. it will give me the menu. & when I touch one of the button on the menu, the pendant change to next!! it including 16 facial expression!!! How talent Kandace is!!! Well I even own her Harp necklace. Yes I like Harp so much. Her Harp necklace is so cute & details with tiny prims. you can find these both in her booth Shop 81. Well I even bid her auction set too ! It is just lovely. I wish I can bid that!

Will show you others I bought in the show one by one later.

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Jewelry Expo 2nd day

This is 2nd day of Jewelry Expo (15 Sept -22 Sept). An Event that give over 80 designers a place to show off their design. Luckily I am in too. I designed 3 Charity Auction sets, total 45 limited edition sets & few affordable $1L/ $5L jewelries for this Expo. Sure I place out some new release in my booth Shop 64 too.

Did you know my
limited edition set? If you love it, hurry now. The gold & the platinum set just REMAIN FOUR SETS of each!! While the black remain NINE SETS only!! They are transferable, so it is good to gift yourself or gift to the one you love as this is special & royal. Each set come with Crown, earrings, necklace, bracelets, & ring. The picture below is taken in the expo. Good that I can have this chance to meet my jewelry lovers & some new lovely people. Good time for me to relax as I was always stick my ass in my workshop keep design & design day & night lol

O yes, tons of customer told me that they miss out the $1L & $5L limited edition gifts in my booth Shop 64. Okies, here I take a picture of the gifts I placed out. So you can know where to get them. Yes don't miss this if you like this designs as they are designed for this expo (this year theme is "Celestial") . & these colour stones on this design will be JUST PLACE IN THIS 8 DAYS EXPO. after this expo , I will just place out one new colour of gemstone for each of them (the 1L /5L gift) per week. So this is the start of the gifts collections!! If you miss these, you can never get this again. as these 1L/5L jewelry are NO TRANSFER (necklace can be modify). Even it is in low price but I still use heart to make :D they are still details as always :D

You don't like my design? no worry, there are over 80 jewelry designers out there in the expo. There should have one suit your taste. I spent many lindens on other designer booth too!! Show you later in my blog after expo. Here even have a TREASURE HUNT!! find the 17 hidden boxes & you will get all the jewelry inside!!

If you have some money, it will be generous for you to donate some money to American Red Cross Or bid our Auction set in the Auction booth. I have 3 unique sets out there too! So many customer said that my sets are much beautiful on body then on pictures. So if you want to see it on my body before you decide to bid/buy it, Just go to Shop 64 , I am always there during this expo :D I will show whichever jewelry you want to see. Or you can come to say hi to me , even give me some comment on my jewelry :D


**NOTE: To minimize the lag there, the Exposition rules claimed that NO bling there & take off all attachment as you can. So all can shop happily & crash lesser. Enjoy your visit & good luck in the Treasure hunt.

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Jewelry Expo OPEN!!!

Yes the Jewelry Expo (15 Sept -22 Sept) start today!!! This is my My corner booth Shop 64 at Expo.

The 10 little boxes in the middles are the $1L & $ 5 L jewelry gifts. On one side of the wall is my limited edition set. Woa, Just the first day, but already sold out few limited set. The Platinum set just remain 6 sets; Gold one remain 8 sets ; & Black one remain 9 sets only!! If you love them, bring your wallet & buy it NOW! not sure how it look like on body? Please feel free to im me , I can show you on my body. As I know my photoshop skill suck lol I met one of my customers in the booth today & she asked me to show her these sets on my body. & then she said "How come it look much better on body than on picture lol" yes my bad, I am now trying to learn how to make better graphic. give me time please hehe *giggle*.

You can check out the details of what I design for the expo in my design blogs at :-
** PLATIUM JEWEL - Alienbear Design 2007
** GOLD JEWEL - BijouxOr Design
** KID JEWEL - Alienbear KID Design

This is the entrance of my corner shop. See the little logo on the floor? You can just touch it & check all the landmark of my stores in main castle . my blogs web page, & my Onrez shop link.

This is the Charity auction area . I have 3 unique auction set place out this year. All the money collected will go to American Red Cross. The bid start from today & end on the last minute of 22 Sept 2007. The highest bider will get the jewelry he/she bid for. All bid start from $0L. I just check out there & saw that the bid of the Platinum one is now at $300L; Black one is at $1000L ; while the Gold is at $5000L!! Yes each of them just have ONE set now & forever. Each of them represent different stage of Kingdom of Galaxy. You can IM me in SL if you want me to show you on my body :D You can read the story & other pictures about this set in my blog at:-
- The lost Treasure in Galaxy...
- The lost Treasure in Galaxy... Part 2
- The lost Treasure in Galaxy... Part 3
- The lost Treasure in Galaxy... Part 4

Go to Expo & Check all this out now! Get the bid higher so not only you can be special but also can benefit to the American Red Cross. You don't like my design? No worry, there are other 91 designers work there. There must have one you like. My booth there is Shop 64!!

**NOTE: To minimize the lag there, the Exposition rules claimed that NO bling there & take off all attachment as you can. So all can shop happily & crash lesser. Enjoy your visit & good luck in the Treasure hunt.

Friday, 14 September 2007

Happy bday to me..

Happy birthday to me ..
Happy birthday to me...
Happy birthday to meeeee..
Happy birthday to 2 years old ali...

Yes today 14 sept 2007 is my avatar birthday. OMG already 2 years!? My SL mami's Real life birthday is today too! Here send many kisses to her & wish her healthy now & forever & can come to Hong Kong to meet me in RL after she recovered from her coming surgery.

Woot this remind me my design lines gonna be in her 2 years too! yes 01 Oct 2007 is my Alienbear Design 2 years birthday.. really need to think how to celebrate!! Any suggestion? lol

Okies back to my preparation of Jewelry Expo (15 Sept -22 Sept). I am so exciting! O yes, one black limited set already sold! just 29 sets remained now. Love my limited edition sets? save money now & run into my Shop 64 and fight with others to get the sets lol & if you have extra money & love my auction sets, it will be generous for you to bid my auction set in higher rate so we can connect more money for the American Red Cross. & in the auction area, there are so many other designers donate their unique sets for you to bid too. Don't miss the expo tomorrow! total 92 jewelry designers waiting for showing our designs to you!! Jewelry jewelry & jewelry!!!

I already posted the limited edition sets on my 3 design lines blog:-
** Alienbear Design
** BijouxOr Design
** Alienbear Kid design

Keep checking my blog, I am going to post the new items I will put in the expo too.

Happy birthday to me again!! hehe....

Thursday, 13 September 2007

The lost Treasure in Galaxy... Part 4

...The lost Treasure in Galaxy... Part 3... Continues..

In last post we talk about Queen Galaxy meet the designers of the three elegant & mysterious jewelry sets while she accept Alienbear Gupte, the designer, request in donating that three unique set to the Charity auction in the coming Jewelry Expo , a large fair that gather 92 jewelry designers in a place to show of their creations their art; that all the auction money with donate to the American Red Cross... & then she order Alienbear to crafted 45 more sets in all diamonds & pearls (15 gold/ 15 silver/ 15 Black) as limited edition sets for the Jewelry Expo. ..

Alienbear finally get ready for the sets & the Queen Galaxy kept 5 sets of each & plan to gifts to her relatives & friends. Therefore during the Jewelry Expo, there will be only 10 of each available only in the Expo.

(touch the picture to check the details)

The theme of the Jewelry Expo is in the theme of "Celestial". This is a very familiar name for Alienbear as she used to design a modern royal jewelry set for a wedding dress designer Sparkle Skye. The Dress is named as Celestial, so Alienbear use this name as her jewelry set name. Because of this, she plans to show the Celestial set in the Expo & planning to crafted the crown & rings to match it if she can catch the time.

Apart from this 3 auction sets & the 30 Limited editions sets, Alienbear designed few $1L & $5L jewelries for man, lady & kid that will be show in the expo. Keep checking my blog & you will see the designs of them.

Boring class...

Wooty.. today is my first lesson in studying Multi media grahic design. The tutor talk talk & talk... Well I have nothing knowledge regarding art/ design.. I feel that all he talk is so new but well.. I am kinda hyper.. Need me to sit for 3 hours & listening listening & listening...

Zzzzzz.. I miss my SL working.. Jewelry Expo is coming.. but still have a lot of work not finish yet lol ahhahah but okok.. I know after this course, I think at least will know how to use photoshop lol ..

Okies ali.. pay attention to your class... ahhahah

The lost Treasure in Galaxy... Part 3

...The lost Treasure in Galaxy... Part 2 Continues..

Last post we talk about The Queen Galaxy tried all 3 Royal jewelries Sets in that 3 jewelry boxes & discovered that 3 jewelry sets have it's own power own magic that change Queen Galaxy to 3 different characters. She feels these 3 unique sets is really attractive & gorgeous. She picked up the Jewelries & the Jewelry boxes & keep looking at it...

"How amazing the craftsmanship & the designs.... " She keeps talking to herself. Suddenly, She saw some text crafted on the surface of the boxes. She read & find that the designer of these Gorgeous sets are Alienbear Design and BijouxOr Design. She really want to meet the designers of these jewelry shops so she order all her army to find them...

In the next day, her army bring a young princess to the front of Queen Galaxy. Queen is so surprise that the princess stand in her front is the designer of all this 3 royal sets. Her name is Alienbear Gupte...

Queen Galaxy is so happy to meet this talent princess so she ask if Princess Alienbear want any reward.

Alienbear then requests Queen Galaxy to donate these 3 unique sets to the Charity auction in the coming Jewelry Expo , a large fair that gather 92 jewelry designers in a place to show of their creations their art. All the auction money with donate to the American Red Cross.

The Queen Accept Alienbear request & order her to craft another 45 sets in all diamonds & pearl (15 silver, 15 gold & 15 black) as a limited edition sets for the Jewelry Expo. So more special & elegant lady can share the happiest, royalty, elegant & gorgeous with her.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

The lost Treasure in Galaxy... Part 2

... The lost Treasure in Galaxy... continuous

In last story, we said that the Lost Royal Treasures were found & Queen of Galaxy opened the boxes & see what is inside...

When she open the boxes... she finds that each boxes have a crown, necklace, earrings, bracelet & a RING. All of them have sign of Sun, moons & the stars. She is curious & can't wait to wear them.. but something happen...

When she tried on the sets inside the silver boxes, she feel of love, bright & happy. She then dresses up her gorgeous Celestial gown* . & ties up her Princess hair** . She figures that the major design of the crown is the same as the boxes with the sun stone ball in the middle & moon shape cat's eye stone on the side. At the top, there is a bright diamond stars. The crown full of diamonds, it just look like stars on the sky. All other parts of jewelry sets having the similar patterns of the crown.. she keep thinking what does it mean..

At this moment, she got attracted by the gold boxes.. so she open it..

She can't wait to wear & then suddenly feeling of royal, power & wealthy. She find her elegant & simple gold ball gown*** from her wardrobe. She find that the set is in same design of the silver one, but something change... not just the metal but also the stone.. she find that the middle ball change to black pearl with the ruby moon shape while the star remained unchanged. She finds that the draping tiny lil metal bars with diamonds on the necklace look like stars falling down in the galaxy. She then figure out that the earrings, the necklace, the bracelet & even the ring have the simple lil metal bars hanging down. They are just absolutely Gorgeous...

The dark boxes suddenly opened itself. The black magic dust floating around & change Queen Galaxy to Pale skin Princess...

She feel of death, power to rule the death side, the vampires & the night. The jewelry sets & the dark princess dress* are on Queen Galaxy pale skin. She sit on the Throne in the dark Castle. The dark set is exactly the same design as the silver & gold one. But it is no more shiny but full of mysterious. The pearl in the middle is stay as black pearl but the stone on the moon shapes change to raw moonstones. The stars on the crown no more diamond but a bloody ruby....

... to be continues

* from Allure by Sparkle Skye
** from Inari Boardwalk Shops-Curl up and Dye Salon
*** from Nicky Ree

All picture backgrounds took from the Snowcastle, sand castle & gothic castle at Occulto Rabidus .

The lost Treasure in Galaxy...

"Once upon a time... There were three unique Royalty treasures of Galaxy that lost in somewhere in our SL Galaxy. Each of them were boxed in a unique jewelry boxes. No one know where are they... but..."

They were all found today. They belongs to the kingdom of Galaxy. It lost for over hundred of years till now. Look at the top of the boxes. They have a same sign with different gemstone & colour... O that's the sign of Sun, moon & stars. The sign of Galaxy royalty. They represent the different period of Kingdom of Galaxy.. the Bright, the Gold & the Dark side of the Galaxy... NO one know what is inside the boxes, until Our Queen Galaxy open the boxes....

..To be Continues...

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Woot Video of Fashion show!

Hey guys, I just back home from my exam today. here is late 10pm at night, so tire now...

When I back home, I can't wait to check my everyday emails of my account. Woot! Guess what I received?! The video of the First Impression II Fashion Show that I joined is already finished! Read This link to check the professional video they make!!! Thx Ewing Fashion Agency!

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Busy Bee...

Been a week didn't write my dairy here, yes I am so busy in both rl & sl these days. How are you guys?

Remember my previous dairy regarding my youngest cat Teddy's injured knee? (read Where is my MOOD gone...) We finally make our decision to take him to have the surgery in last Friday 30 August 10:00am. (that is 29 Aug 7:00pm sl time). He stayed at the Vet clinic for nearly whole day. It's at night when I picked him home.

I bet he was so painful. My tears can't stop when I hear his screaming during transferring him from his cat hand-carried bag to his new cage. I know he is so painful. These few days I keep taking care of him. Vet said that he might have his loose knee bone in the future again but well at least we try to help him fixed again even the cost are real expensive. Think I must work hard in SL to earn more money for his medical fee. :(

O yes SL... I joined the Jewelry Expo (15 Sept- 22 Sept 07) that organized by a very generous person Miriel Enfield . As the theme of this expo is "Celestial", I designed a gorgeous jewelry set for this jewelry expo charity auction called Queen Galaxy. This set have Crown, necklace, earrings, bracelet & ring. I designed a Dark Queen, Gold Queen & Platinum Queen for this auction set. It represent the royal side of the Queen Galaxy who rule her Celestial her universal. Apart from this auction set, I will place out the 30 sets of the diamond version (10 black/10 silver/10 Gold) as a limited edition set. Will show the picture here before the day of the expo.

I also designed few sets that are in Celestial theme & will set as 1L gifts set! When you read the name "Celestial", you will feel so familiar since I have a set named as Celestial Bride Set & the Bridemaid set. Yes I will place this set in this jewelry expo too. I planned to make a gold set and maybe if I have time, I will make a ring, bracelet & armband to match it :D Just see if I have enough time. As I can't back to SL until 8 Sept 2007 evening since I need to take a whole day IELTS English test on that day so I need to have some practice before that. Okies see you guys later.