Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Golden Shimmery Shimmer


Jewelry Expo finally finished & my SL life back to normal again. I opened my wardrobe today & found that I have tons of beautiful dresses & fashion never worn. Yes just like all ladies, I like shopping, shopping & shopping. But always throw all my "Victory shopping items" throw into my never fulled wardrobe. Really feel exhausted today so I throw away those over 40 customer's orders & then picked up one of my gown from my "Nicky Ree Collections" Wardrobe.

This elegant gown called "Shimmery Shimmer Gowns (Gold) (Deco)". Personally I don't like gold but this gold gown really catch my view when I was looking for some gown to match my gold jewelries. Texture of Nicky Ree's new collections are the MUST awesome! See the top, how real it is! Then zoom to the prim skirt, Apart from the SL odd flexi settings, all just perfect! I specially like the transparent prim skirt style. When I stand & smile, woah! what a simple but elegant gown. I love it so much. This gown come with glove & some other combinations in the pack. But today I want natural & elegant, so I wear like this.

With this gorgeous dress, how can I wear nothing on my neck. So I selected my "Gold Celestial Necklace & earrings". Well same design as the Platinum Celestial Bride Set , there is 2 little diamond stars hanging at the back. Suddenly want to wear ring, So I wear my "Gold Celestial Rings" to match this jewelries set. Yes all by Primary Prims. I like details & elegant. This ring is in same design as Wedding Ring Celestial. Well, The gold ones still not yet pack for sell, but want to show you how it look like first hehe.

After that, I opened my shoe Wardrobe... okies, I select a simple but elegant high heels from my Maitreya Shoe shelves. This High heels called "Grace Heels Pearl". Well yes I like elegant & simple. This heels match this gold dress so perfect. Think my leg muscle in the similar size of the designer in Maitreya, So this heels fit me so well. But I recommend that if you love this design, try the demo first, as some of my friends told me that their leg too big to wear this heels lol

Perfect match, Perfect night.. Can sleep now! Good night all:D Will show you what's in my wardrobe in my later diary.


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