Sunday, 16 September 2007

Jewelry Expo 2nd day

This is 2nd day of Jewelry Expo (15 Sept -22 Sept). An Event that give over 80 designers a place to show off their design. Luckily I am in too. I designed 3 Charity Auction sets, total 45 limited edition sets & few affordable $1L/ $5L jewelries for this Expo. Sure I place out some new release in my booth Shop 64 too.

Did you know my
limited edition set? If you love it, hurry now. The gold & the platinum set just REMAIN FOUR SETS of each!! While the black remain NINE SETS only!! They are transferable, so it is good to gift yourself or gift to the one you love as this is special & royal. Each set come with Crown, earrings, necklace, bracelets, & ring. The picture below is taken in the expo. Good that I can have this chance to meet my jewelry lovers & some new lovely people. Good time for me to relax as I was always stick my ass in my workshop keep design & design day & night lol

O yes, tons of customer told me that they miss out the $1L & $5L limited edition gifts in my booth Shop 64. Okies, here I take a picture of the gifts I placed out. So you can know where to get them. Yes don't miss this if you like this designs as they are designed for this expo (this year theme is "Celestial") . & these colour stones on this design will be JUST PLACE IN THIS 8 DAYS EXPO. after this expo , I will just place out one new colour of gemstone for each of them (the 1L /5L gift) per week. So this is the start of the gifts collections!! If you miss these, you can never get this again. as these 1L/5L jewelry are NO TRANSFER (necklace can be modify). Even it is in low price but I still use heart to make :D they are still details as always :D

You don't like my design? no worry, there are over 80 jewelry designers out there in the expo. There should have one suit your taste. I spent many lindens on other designer booth too!! Show you later in my blog after expo. Here even have a TREASURE HUNT!! find the 17 hidden boxes & you will get all the jewelry inside!!

If you have some money, it will be generous for you to donate some money to American Red Cross Or bid our Auction set in the Auction booth. I have 3 unique sets out there too! So many customer said that my sets are much beautiful on body then on pictures. So if you want to see it on my body before you decide to bid/buy it, Just go to Shop 64 , I am always there during this expo :D I will show whichever jewelry you want to see. Or you can come to say hi to me , even give me some comment on my jewelry :D


**NOTE: To minimize the lag there, the Exposition rules claimed that NO bling there & take off all attachment as you can. So all can shop happily & crash lesser. Enjoy your visit & good luck in the Treasure hunt.


Laynie said...

Honestly, I think you're one of my favorite jewelry designers on SL. Amazing attention to detail, and you're just so darn NICE!

Alienbear Gupte said...

tysm Laynie. I promise I will keep design design & design more nice jewelry in the future.

Eyva Matova said...

You know, if I had a stall there I'd wanna be there meeting the customers face to face too! I think some people assume the worst and some people are just whiners, but really you seem to just want to make the customers happy and that's all that matters!