Thursday, 29 October 2009

Mui super model shape II

After Mui's Supermodel shape, here is another tailor made shape by Mui Mukerji for those who want to be a model in sl. If you want further model styling from Mui Mukerji, just contact her for details!

Where to buy?

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Flower girl ali

Flowergirl Ali

It is fun to be an child sometime and forget every stress, pressure, sad and drama. I love wedding so flowergirl is a must for me if I change back to little kid. Am I look pretty in this flower girl dress?

Jewelry:- A kid jewelry set that I forget to release lol Alienbear's

Hair:- BP*Folded Braid hair @ BP

Flowergirl dress:- Amber @ LilSnow Kids

Flower basket:- cala lily flowergal basket blue @ jade Opel

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Victorian Princess

Yuriko- Abelia

Been long time didn't take pictures with my wardrope. Today let me be a while the Victorian Princess.

Jewelry:- Ambroisa II set, Pearl Tiara & Le'Fleur ring @ Alienbear's

Hair:- Vanya @ Sparkle Skye Designs

Gown:- Abelia @ Silver Rose Designs (more colour can read blog at Miss abelia )

Yuriko- Maverick

Yuriko- Maverick off skirt

Jewelry:- Pearl Double necklace & earrings (Release soon -- Alienbear's Oct 09 hunting gift @ My Precious)

Hair:- Helena @ Sparkle Skye Designs

Gown:- Maverick @ Silver Rose Designs (more colour can read blog at Miss Maverick )

Monday, 17 August 2009

WHERE is Alienbear?!

okies hey all, got many offline messages & Mui told me that many asked where am I & WHEN will I come back to sl?!

So.. WHERE am I?!
I was busy in real life for my friends' wedding preparations; my new born kitty baby that its mom not caring of; and my illness- inflammation of the fingers/ hand joint again on both of my hands. Now I am still taking care of this poor lil kitty baby and my hands are in recovering period.

WHEN will I come back?!
Many asked Mui if I already leave sl? SURE not! How can I leave you all lovely guys and this creative SL world?! No way!!! I will be come back as soon as possible once my hands feel better. Appoximate in 15 Sept 2009 maybe, depending on how my hands feel. I really miss you all and miss my workshop in sl. ^^

Share with you some pic of my new born kitty baby CYRUS (2 months old now):-

If you want to see more video of this kitty baby Cyrus, feel free to check my YouTube page at:-

See you all later & miss you all. Take care all.

Alienbear Gupte

Monday, 15 June 2009

Temp Urgent Leave from SL

From today till further annoucement, I will back to real life for a while due to real life issues.

I have to prepare my friend's real life wedding this month and some sudden thing happen tonight. My cat Silver suddenly born 2 kitty tonight. One dead and one alive but Silver seems don't even touch it or taking care of it. We even don't know she pregnant. The worst thing is we don't know if there is still any babies left in her belly. It was a very terrible night since we don't even know how and what to do. I think I have to take care of this poor baby & the poor mommy Silver. So start from today, I will stop taking any custom orders or design anything new. Any quires on my designs, please send notecard with your name to our CMO MUI MUKERJI. She will help you to take care of it. Thank you so much for your understanding. See you later when I back. Please help to pray the cat mommy & the kitty all well. If you have cat that born baby before, It would be so nice to share your experience with me here. I am so worry right now. Anyway wish all of you have a nice & fun rl & sl. okies got to back to my kitties.

Alienbear Gupte

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Bring me home!

My SL mother AZULL Ash make prim babies and kids in SL, some even can walk with you. This one is her new release. He can talk. You can change his skin colour, hair colour, clothes, .. play with him and more. Sweet & easy control. Visit AA Beautiful babies and bring him home now!

More cute babies @ AA Beautiful babies

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Mui 's Supermodel shape @ Alienbear's

After I blogged GREAT news for those who want to step into modeling industry!! in late March 2009,I got many ims asking me where can they buy that Supermodel shape made by my assistant Mui Mukerji.

Because of this, I asked Mui to place her one & the only one super model shape in my main store @ Le'Bear Castle. Just a tailor made shape as a guide for those who want to be a model in sl. If you want further model styling from Mui Mukerji, just contact her for details!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

My Second oil painting

My second oil painting

Share with you my 2nd oil painting that finish today. I am fall in love in drawing now. It is really so lucky for me to find a good teacher. What do you feel? I use a photo as reference to draw this out.. ( What do you feel? Next time I plan to draw... Lizard !!

For my virtual life, after my few days vacation (Holidays in hk), still not really have mood to continoue my never ended work in sl. Maybe tommorrow lol oh yes, what I am making now? I am making more gemstone selections for my Eostre series. Share the pictures with you later ^^

Thursday, 30 April 2009

OMG ! 09' Newest Summer Makeup!!!!

Clown Mui!!!

Share with you the next top biggest mouth Mui!!! Thanks Linden god chane the RC mode. Poor Mui. Don't cry haha.

(Female pig wear Earrings)

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

13 hours left!

Seven eggs

Find all these Seven eggs from Alienbear's selected shops? Not yet?! Go for it now!!! Just remain 13 hours and the event will end!!!! Details please read Easter Hunting 2009.

Alienbear's 2009 Easter hunting poster

This hunt is super easy but still got many ims about lose in clue 005. Okies, the egg 005 is at VictoriaV Island sim 2. That is opposite to the VictoriaV main store. Good luck ^^

Don't forget to share your pictures with us if you collect the full set!!! You can post your pictures to our Flickr group- Alienbear's Jewels Mania.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

GREAT news for those who want to step into modeling industry!!

My assistant Mui Mukerji, one of the well-known Supermodel in Secondlife since 2006, is going to start her modeling school in SL!! Before she annouce the timeline of the modeling classes, she tailor made a Modifable Supermodel shape and sell in Xstreet SL right now! This is an absolutely good news for those who want to enter the modeling industry in SL.

Already in modeling industry but never have designers contact you for show? Want to get into modeling industry but never can make a perfect shape?! Our Avatar Surgeon and Modeling Stylist Mui Mukerji can help you! Buy her Supermodel shape from Xstreet SL NOW! Or Contact Mui Mukerji for tailor making you a perfect modeling avatar and providing consultation of your personal image specially for the modeling needs. You may be the NEXT TOP SECONDLIFE MODEL!!!

Friday, 20 March 2009

Share with you my new poster by ZOE DEMAR

Alienbear's April one page ads for mag

Can you see the story behind my designs Kielo necklace and earrings set in this poster? Many thanks to Zoe Demar this great artwork to bring my designs alive in this poster.

My first oil painting .... continous

My first oil painting finished version

This is my first time in learning oil painting. This picture is a finished version. Please don't laugh hehe

It was a very tough work for me who is a newbies to painting. Since the gallery
shopkeeper lost the snowman photo!!! my teacher said, "ok try use your logic to finish this!!!" Omg, I even don't know how to draw. I was just looking at my unfinished painting for 5 mins... don't know what to do lol then I suddenly think ok ok just play with those colour & see what it will look like...

Then teacher saw me this helpless lady and he said, there is some reflection on the snowman, Oh yes, I suddenly find that I always miss out many tiny things. I am bad in observation lol ... so I start paint the shadow, reflection.. OH I CAN DO IT!!! I never know that I really can draw!!!

haha see the little scarf & sun glass hahahaha.

But sure for the one who even don't know how to use the painting equiment, pigment/ dyestuff (don't know if it call this in english lol) , I can never paint the trees like this lol so the trees here are helped by my teacher, he help me to add some more colour on the trees. He is just amazing, he change my shit to magic!

Thursday faster come!!! so I can draw more & learn more!!!

Previous unfinish version can read my previous post :- My first oil painting ^^

Back to sl, did you visit the Clothing Fair 2009, I designed two limited edition sets for the clothing fair RFL team. One is RFL2009 ALMOST FREE gifts - Zivanit special. Another one is Kielo RFL special set . 100% money from these sets will go to Relay For Life that benefit to Amercian Cancer Society. This clothing fair will last for 3 more days so don't miss it!! Total 9 sims this year!!!

And don't miss the silent auction, many generous designers designed one of the kind gown for this clothing fair!!! My favorite one is Nicky Ree's gorgeous one of the kind goddess gown "Adephagia" representing gluttony in 7 sins. The bid will end at 6:00 pm SLT Sunday, March 22, 2009. Go to "" to bid now!!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

My first oil painting ^^

My first oil painting- 20090313

Been sick, been rest for couple of month after I traveled Kyoto. Today I finally get back to drawing class. Yes this is my first time learn oil painting. haha yes already feel boring in pencil drawing so try to play with colour. I love snowman, so I select a snowman photo & draw this out. It is more difficult than I expected. but really so fun. I will finish it in my next class. and show you the final product.

So tired today, think I will rest from sl right now and back tommorrow to keep working on my clothing fair designs. Oh yes, I join clothing fair this year. I designed a jewelry set for RFL in matching Nicky Ree RFL gown this year. Sure will have a little gift for you in my clothing fair counter too ^^ Will show you later. When is the clothing fair? 16-23 March2009. I will take a shoot of my shop once I done. oh yes this year have 8 sims!!! I am in sim2~~ will also have some new designs release in clothing fair too ^^ okies talk to you all later. night for now :)

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Passed away

Passed away

Picture took at 25 Feb 2009 in Second life;
Dress from - Nardcotix -;
Hair from Truth;
Heels from ZHAO;
Skin from Tuli;
Pose by Striking Pose;
Jewelry from "Alienbear's Designs

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Happy Mardi Gras

Before today, I don't know what is Mardi Gras. Until one of my talented friend Greenthumb Magic sent me a Sculpted flower gift called !!! HAPPY MARDI GRAS !!!!. Then she is so nice & said making another sculpted flower gift for me to place in my shop in sharing with my visitors and customers. Isn't it lovely? You want to have one to celebrating Mardi Gras, come to my main store to get it right now!

How to get it?
Right click & buy at $0L


Saturday, 21 February 2009

Monday, 16 February 2009

Lost in the forest...

In the forest

Been sick since Jan 09, don't really know why I keep weaker & weaker these days. Expecially after moving my home to this new place... Maybe China really too polluted and blow the polluted air to Hong Kong. I keep coughing and very weak these days. Doc said I maybe having Asthma.. if yes , that will be a nightmare for me. I remember the pain my 2 brother had when they had Asthma in their young age. The illness make all my sl schedule slow down; make most of my plan terminate; dispointing some of my sl partners.. really want to use this moment to say sorry to those designers who I promise to design jewelry for but finally design nothing.

Today I have no mood when my respiration system really feel uncomfortable. I checked my inventory and see this flower gown. This is designed by my friend Nardya Rousselot. A brand new sl designer who is very talented. I love many of her innovative designs. Well, Personally I am not a flower lover, but don't know why at this moment, I really want to run into forest, and smelling the fresh air. I want to hide in the forest and becoming a flower. No more polluted air and let me hide in this forest pretending flowers for a while.....

Pray for god to give good health to me.....

Picture took at 16 Feb 2009 in Second life;
Dress from - Nardcotix -;
Hair from Curl up and Dye Salon;
Heels from ZHAO;
Pose from Reel Expression;
Jewelry from "Alienbear's Designs

Friday, 23 January 2009

Nicky Ree Catsuit photo contest!

Nicky Ree, one of the famous sl fashion designers, keep designing awesome designs and leading the fashion trend in sl. Many creators keep following, learning or even stealing her awesome illusion work in Second life these days. And in this Virtual world, many A貨 (a Cantonese slang means fakery product which copy exactly or partly from the original product .) appear in world and some even marked in much higher price saying that is their work without any shame!! Want to tell everyone you are not that CHEAP to buying A貨? It's time for you to show off!! Nicky Ree held a photo contest in shoting her 2006 design catsuit! You may have chance to win her $20000L prize! Go to her store & get this $1L catsuit and click the board to check the detail regulations now!

DNR Catsuit Photo Contest 2009 Pic2- Alienbear Gupte

30 Jan 2009 12pm slt

Where to get the details?
Nicky Ree main store and find this board

Who can enter the contest?
one who buy Nicky Ree Catsuit legally with transaction record

DNR Catsuit Photo Contest 2009 Pic1- Alienbear Gupte

Stop being stupid in beliving 奸商 (a Cantonese slang means an unethical merchant; an unscrupulous merchant; a profiteer; a dishonest trader) now!

Share with you one of my favorite pictures that join this contest!


Monday, 5 January 2009

Castle Extension

Thanks all in supporting the annual sales in last year. In this beginning of 2009, we planned to extend our castle to share more of my designs to all of you. So start from today, we are going to do the reconstruction of our main store. Some part of store will still running during the reconstruction project. Here is the temporary landing point of the main store:-


You can also buy my designs at onrez shop:-

There are still one Lucky chair running at main store in geting the 2009 party crown for man & lady. Transferable. It just place at the temporary landing point. Good Luck

2009 new year crown lady
2009 new year crown man