Thursday, 26 March 2009

GREAT news for those who want to step into modeling industry!!

My assistant Mui Mukerji, one of the well-known Supermodel in Secondlife since 2006, is going to start her modeling school in SL!! Before she annouce the timeline of the modeling classes, she tailor made a Modifable Supermodel shape and sell in Xstreet SL right now! This is an absolutely good news for those who want to enter the modeling industry in SL.

Already in modeling industry but never have designers contact you for show? Want to get into modeling industry but never can make a perfect shape?! Our Avatar Surgeon and Modeling Stylist Mui Mukerji can help you! Buy her Supermodel shape from Xstreet SL NOW! Or Contact Mui Mukerji for tailor making you a perfect modeling avatar and providing consultation of your personal image specially for the modeling needs. You may be the NEXT TOP SECONDLIFE MODEL!!!

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