Thursday, 12 March 2009

My first oil painting ^^

My first oil painting- 20090313

Been sick, been rest for couple of month after I traveled Kyoto. Today I finally get back to drawing class. Yes this is my first time learn oil painting. haha yes already feel boring in pencil drawing so try to play with colour. I love snowman, so I select a snowman photo & draw this out. It is more difficult than I expected. but really so fun. I will finish it in my next class. and show you the final product.

So tired today, think I will rest from sl right now and back tommorrow to keep working on my clothing fair designs. Oh yes, I join clothing fair this year. I designed a jewelry set for RFL in matching Nicky Ree RFL gown this year. Sure will have a little gift for you in my clothing fair counter too ^^ Will show you later. When is the clothing fair? 16-23 March2009. I will take a shoot of my shop once I done. oh yes this year have 8 sims!!! I am in sim2~~ will also have some new designs release in clothing fair too ^^ okies talk to you all later. night for now :)

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