Friday, 12 February 2010

Want to know more about me?

Pic 1:- Photoshoot by
Amerique Silverspar & source from her flickr page

I was invited by dancer Dallagio of Radar Magazine to do a cover story interview. The magazine finally issued! I am the cover girl! haha.
Where did I get I inspirations in every of my designs ?
Do you know what is my first product made in sl?
Is my jewelry design going to be found in real life!?
Click this link & turn to page 33 and you will get the answer and know more about me ^^

In the magazine I take a few shoot in wearing some of designers' dress & hairs but I forget to credit them, Here please to thanks Nicky Ree (dress in the cover); Exclusiva® (red gown in page 36); Sparkle Skye Designs (Cover hair ; Green gown plus the hair in page 38). Thanks all of you making me that beauty. Oh my make up is from Dutch touch. & also to all of you, my English isn't that good. Please accept my appology for my bad English in the interview.

Check out this link & turn to page 33 right now!