Saturday, 30 May 2009

Bring me home!

My SL mother AZULL Ash make prim babies and kids in SL, some even can walk with you. This one is her new release. He can talk. You can change his skin colour, hair colour, clothes, .. play with him and more. Sweet & easy control. Visit AA Beautiful babies and bring him home now!

More cute babies @ AA Beautiful babies

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Mui 's Supermodel shape @ Alienbear's

After I blogged GREAT news for those who want to step into modeling industry!! in late March 2009,I got many ims asking me where can they buy that Supermodel shape made by my assistant Mui Mukerji.

Because of this, I asked Mui to place her one & the only one super model shape in my main store @ Le'Bear Castle. Just a tailor made shape as a guide for those who want to be a model in sl. If you want further model styling from Mui Mukerji, just contact her for details!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

My Second oil painting

My second oil painting

Share with you my 2nd oil painting that finish today. I am fall in love in drawing now. It is really so lucky for me to find a good teacher. What do you feel? I use a photo as reference to draw this out.. ( What do you feel? Next time I plan to draw... Lizard !!

For my virtual life, after my few days vacation (Holidays in hk), still not really have mood to continoue my never ended work in sl. Maybe tommorrow lol oh yes, what I am making now? I am making more gemstone selections for my Eostre series. Share the pictures with you later ^^