Sunday, 30 December 2007

Woot! Shine set all sold!!!

I am so happy that all 100 sets limited edition Princess Christal (70 platinum & 30 gold), that designed for SHINE to raising fund for Doctor Without Border , are all SOLD!! Totally collected $200,000L for SHINE! I received so many request asking me if this set are still available for sell these days. but I am sorry to say "it's all sold out" for those who are late for buying this set. Thank you so much for your generosity & loving this design. I will try to make more & more nice design in the future :D

**31Dec2007 Update:-
Since many imed me & have the same idea that "why not let the charity have that extra money/benefit? '
If you love this set & want to buy, just im me in sl before 1 Jan 2008 midnight & I will sell one to you! It is $2000L. Waiting for you :D

** 1Jan2007 Update:-
Shine set close. 3 more sets sold. So we help collecting $206,000L for shine in selling this limited edition set. Well, My 4 auction sets help collecting few k too. Happy that my design can help raising fund. This is a really good new year gifts for me - "happy in helping others".

Miss SL Costa Rica!

I am honored to be invited by Giancarlo Takacs in designing the Crown & Jewelry set for the Miss SL Costa Rica 2008 & be one of the Judges in yesterday 29 Dec 2007 Pageant. This is my first time being Judges in SL. I was very exciting & very nervous since it is really hard for me to select the Miss SL Costa Rica 2008 from the 7 sweet finalists. They firstly have a sexy swimsuit show & then we asked them questions in their formal dress showing part. Some really have a very good answer on our Judges tricky questions. They really well done in the show but we must have the winner to enter the coming Miss Universe 2008 Pageant. After discussing a while & we finally selecting 3 finalists- Miss Colleen Bracken, Miss Maxie Daviau and Miss Pup Witherspoon.

Miss Colleen Bracken

Miss Maxie Daviau

Miss Pup Witherspoon

The audiences were so exciting & keep shouting the name of the 3 finalist. In answering one of our judge final question, we finally have the same conclusions! The winner is... MISS PUP WITHERSPOON. The second runner up is our Miss Maxie Daviau while the runner up went to Miss Colleen Bracken. Here I want to say Congratulations to all three beauties and Good luck to our Miss SL CR in her entry to the coming Miss Universe 2008 Pageant.

Well I will try to get more pictures to show here since I was so laggy in the show & can't take too many pictures. I am honored to take a picture with Miss SL CR. Show you the pictures later. & now after designing the Miss SL CR Crown & Jewelry set , I need to start designing the crown for the coming Miss Universe 2008.

Wednesday, 26 December 2007


My friend Mui showed me her Solange gift, the gorgeous red dress, today at my workshop. I just fall in love with that since that look alike one of my dress get in Solange so I leave her in my workshop & then go find & find...

But I can't find it :(( so I tped Mui to come here.. see her dress? I love the design & the texture of the top. but well... The designer already took away :( can I buy from you designer of Solange?

P.S. my gown from Nicky Ree, shoulder fur from EMA, Hair from ETD , Jewelry from me lol
Mui's gown from
, Mask from Nicky Ree , shoulder fur from EMA, Hair from Celestial studio.

GHOST?! love my mobven set also? lol

Something weird happen in my castle! few days ago, I saw a girl stand steady in the air beside my mobven. I was busy so didn't talk to her or say hi to her...

then yesterday, I saw this girl in same dress, same pose, in the same place .... but since busy in rl , so I didn't talk to her still...

Today, I go to my shop to reset something, & then.. I SEE THE SAME GIRL IN ALL SAME POSE< SAME DRESS.... in the SAME PLACE! I start thinking... how come this girl don't change clothes & keep standing in the same place without moving... (she is smelly ahhaha j/k).. and i can't PASS THOUGH HER !!! OMG!

Then one of my customer told me that she saw this girl 4 days ago. she find that the girl didn't move, didn't reply, didn't do anything but just looking at my mobven lol so I imed her but .. NO REPLY .... can't eject her, can't ban her.. she keep staying there..... funny lol

I start thinking.. is she really love my mobven set but no money to buy so no eat, no change clothes, no bath, no drinks but keep waiting... (j/k).. ...

HAHAHA think it must be the "GHOST" form of this girl when she was crashed. & then I just rent the land so can't restart my place lol hahaha


LE'BEAR GHOST!!!! hahahaha

Monday, 24 December 2007

Merry Christmas by ali

P.S. Gown from Nicky Ree, Hair from Calla Salon, Skin (fall series) from Celestal Stduio

OMG!!! what a fun SL Video!!!

My Talented friend Chantal Harvey send me some link about her film making in Secondlife today. It is just absolutely amazing & funny! I absolutely recommend you to check the following link out!

SLLoonie and the seven dwarfes

She made many other film in sl too, check her at You tube!( Chantal Harvey)

Thursday, 20 December 2007

My RL first project PASS!!!!

Remembered this picture & my previous post "Can I get a pass??" about my 1st real life project in making a leaflet by using my sl jewelry design? Woot I get a pass!!! Well the result not really too good, just get a "B+", But already make me like put a stone off from my shoulder & heart. The first project is pass, so the next mission is coming.. I need to hand in my final project on 20 March 2008 in making a "Webpage". Well yes, just like my 1st project, I will keep using my design as the project. I want to make a webpage to gather all my design up for a real long time. So this time is a very good chance for me to do that.

But well more worst than making a leaflet, I know nothing about the dreamweaver, the flash or 3D max. These few lesson in learning the basic usage of dreamweaver really drive me nuts. It really make me crazy when my teacher teach us how to make a simple form like the one in Yahoo sign up. But I know I will try my best to learn so I can have my own webpage to show all my entire designs.

OKies need to back to sl now ^^ since I still have many works to do. O yes, don't miss out the Shine Charity fashion show! Check Metro Models for details :D

P.S. The dress (Nicky Ree) & the hair (ETD ) I am on in the pictures are still my favorite lol

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

LAST set of Luckychair jewelry sets...

I started designing something UNIQUE & LIMITED for Lucky chair gifts since Sept 2006. Already a year & 3 months. Every sets I spent many time & imaginations to creat And never creat trashes. Some even spent me a month to creat & design. Did you get them all? Did you get any compliment when wearing them? In every moment when I changed new lucky chair sets, it always make my traffic go over 5-14k. Same as before, This month ... my lucky chair sets attract many hoopers come & wait for it.

I am here to thanks all guys & girls keep supporting my lucky chair designs even I didn't get any award, even I didn't social much, even I just keep staying in my workshop design & design. Thank you so much for those who collect all my entire Lucky Chair sets. But well, my friends always said that:-

"Ali, do you think that you spent like few weeks or even a month to design something, but then just place for 2 months is really waste of your designs?"

"... Some people create tons of alt & camp for your design & resell.. I feel they seems take advantage from you..."

Well I keep thinking & thinking about their every words & yes I really feel I got so much stress in keep enforcing myself to design something special for Lucky chairs every two months. & then those designs just place for 2 months. Yes seems really waste. But well, I am weird lol I am happy that there is someone who creat alts & then hoop for my luckychair gifts & resell or gift to someone. Since that means my design is worth for money & means people love my designs. & they are willing to spend time in my place to hoop for the lucky chair gifts. They make me really appreciate since they help my traffic keep raising & keep building up my confident in keep designing jewelry in sl. & Everytime when I see people wearing my design, I feel so happy really so happy & smile in my heart.

I think of this for a long time till this month, I really feel tired in designing something but just for 2 months. So the Dec 2007 Luckychair sets will be the Last LuckyChair sets. After 31 Jan 2008, I will temporary stop designing any lucky chair jewelry set till further notice.

Because this is End of 2007 & because Dec 2007 LC sets are the last sets of lucky chair jewelry sets, I plan to set up some mobvens & then placed out all my ENTIRE LC SETS in my castles till 31 Jan 2008.

Yes I am now setting up.. ... "SEPT2006" & "OCT2006" sets are already in 2 of the mobvens. I will keep setting out others entire LC sets. If you miss out some of my entire Lucky chair sets & want to have it, don't miss these coming mobvens in my place.

& sure This month Luckychair gifts ( Dec07 LC Aputsiaq Platinum sets, Dec07 LC Aputsiaq Gold sets ) still working till 31 jan 2008. But Kid luckychair sets already close this month to save more prim in my place.

Keep checking my design blogs to see more release & more holiday surprise.

Friday, 14 December 2007

UNABLE to link AGAIN?!

Yes this is an unfinished jewelry. :( It is suppose to have a big teardrop diamonds hanging down & then it suppose have some more round diamonds.. & it suppose to have 2 layers metal chain at the back.. I spent half day to craft the above necklace till I check the prims... OMG it already in it's 256 Prims... That's means this design can't be finished :((

I hate the Prim limit :(( Think I really really need to learn how to use 3D software after I finish my short course of Multi media graphic design ... CRIED...

Think I need to think another design to match my Princess Yukiko Bracelets & Ring... TOO BAD..

* Princess Yukiko Bracelets & ring (coming soon)

Thursday, 13 December 2007


I am so silly & careless! I mis-set My Limited edition Platinum "Princess Christal" that Design for "SHINE" set 29 as "SELL AS COPY"! I don't know that till today I find that OMG I sold TEN set of set 29 ! After deleting the remaining set at my Platinum store, there is still overselling 5 set of Platinum.. so I finally got an idea! Take away 5 sets of GOLD & that means..
This limited Edition sets will be 55 Set Platinum & 45 set GOLD in world finally!

& yes so NOW wooties! ALL Platinum Princess Christal (Shine set) SOLD! Thank you so much for those who donating money in this set! & So sorry I make the big mistake.

So How many GOLD remaining? 27 Set remaining only!

Stop by BijouxOr Design Main Store & get one now! Buy a set & can save more people!

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Ali the Blue "Pixeldolls"

PixelDolls released a very cute & cool avatar sets with eyes, lashes, shape, skin, ao, full outfits, boots, hair! I love the dress so much so I bought it after I read their blog. In the picture, I just wear the dresses, the AO & the blue eyes inside the sets; then I set my Freebie hair at ETD Salon; wear my boots from Maitreya . Use my own avatar shape & "fall" skin from Celestial City.

The texture & shading of this dress is just so good. I especially love the AO & the overall design of this dress. The Prim of the dress setting is good too. The torn part of the lace socks & the glove is really so cool! I love it so much! Well, the shape & the skin including in the set not really suit my taste. I love the boots style including in set but the prim seems still have room to improve. I love Maitreya boots more. Maybe the boot including in the set just fit the shape it included. But well the whole set is just $400L, so even just for the eyes, the AO & the dresses; it is still very worth to get! There is 3 more colour for your selections too. but personally I love blue so I select the blue one.

The jewelry sets I wear is one of my coming release the Princess Krystelle. The Snowflake in the middle was my early 2007 snowflake design. Love it? no worry, keep checking my update group or Blog. Will release soon ^^

Christmas is coming!

Remember them? They were some of my 2005 & 2006 Christmas jewelry designs that placing out for sell. They have Bells, snowflake, snowman, Christmas tree, candy cane, Christmas socks, angel & Ribbons! Before I placing out my 2007 new Christmas collections, I placed these cute & delicated jewelries out in my Ground Floor level Promotion level (PLATIUM JEWEL - Alienbear Design)!

For 2007 Christmas, I firstly placing out my "Princess Christal" that help raising fund for Doctor Without Border. So what I will place out next?! What surprise is coming up?! What is the LC set for this Christmas?! What event I gonna have?! What Member gifts I gonna gift to my lovely members?! Keep checking my blogs !!

Happy Holidays!

Saturday, 8 December 2007

I am so happy today!!

When I log on today, My sl mami AZULL ASH told me that she bought one limited edition set GOLD "Princess Christal" that I designed for raising funds for Doctor Without Border! & then she told me a very generous guy Stroker Serpentine send me $10000 L for the donations! I already put into the "donation box" in my store!!! I am so happy that they are really nice for helping in raising fund. Here I want to thank you so much for all your donations & all who purchase my Princess Christal sets. But this is not yet end, there are still having couple of sets available in BijouxOr Design Main Store & Alienbear Design Main Store at Le'Bear Castle!

Let's Buy a set & save more lives. Thank you so much ^^

Don't Miss them!!

Remember the above cool sets? Yes they are my Oct 2007 Lucky Chair Gifts & my Mobven sets. I will replace NEW LUCKY CHAIR SETS & NEW MOBVEN SETS in coming week! So if you love them & didn't collect the full sets from my 10 lucky chairs & 3 mobvens yet, HURRY! Go to Alienbear Design main store , BijouxOr Design main store & KID JEWEL - Alienbear KID Design to collect them now! They are transferable so you can ask your friends to help you to collect. Yes not for sell now & forever so don't miss it!

GOOD LUCK! Keep checking my blog to see more surprise & new released! :D

Btw the limited edition sets Platinum "Princess Christal" just remained 12 sets while the GOLD "Princess Christal" remain 39 sets only. All money collected from these sets will donated to "SHINE" the charity fashion show that raising fund for Doctor Without Border. They are transferable so it is a very nice Holiday gifts for your love or yourself. Buy a gorgeous set & can save more lives. You will be one of the MOST beautiful lady in the world. Not just your appearance but deep inside heart.

Friday, 7 December 2007

*Alchemy* give me New Dreams!

My friend Mui know me seeking for help on finding New Talented SL Fashion Designers so she show me her Free Christmas Dress from Alchemy by Constanza Volare. She is just too cute on that dress so I beg her bring me there to have a look. I then look around, I just got attracted by the pictures of Gowns hanging on the wall. Few of the dress designs look elegant & nice. The Colours are very rich & so I got demos of some gowns & try on. For a new designer, she really make good on the textures & shading. Even the Prim of the dress are not really good but I can see that she try her best to make the textures on the prim look real. Just maybe still very fresh in crafting Prim in sl. Normally I don't buy any "PAPER LIKE" & "BAD FLEXI" dresses but since her texture & shading work really good comparing with most fashion designer in SL. Also the design of the dress she choice/design is really sweet & elegant so I finally do a try in buying this dress "Silver Dreams". Mui bought the gold one too lol

Well for a $250L, this is really a not bad dress. Even the neck part & the Prim dress part still have room for improvement, I can see this designer Constanza Volare has potential to be the Next Nicky Ree! Maybe can do much better than her if she keep improving her Prim crafting skills. The good thing is even she is very good on graphic skills, her dresses show on the pictures are still look the same when wearing on avatar. I appreciate her honesty. I love her colour using on the background on her ads, it is just so professional & stunning. The good things is her dress in reasonable price & have demo for me to try on.

To match this dress, I select my
Oriential Tang Earrings Silver version (Ivory Moonstone). Well I just placed out the Gold Jade version in my store only butwill place out more gem stone colours & silver version in my store soon. If you love it & can't wait, you can im me directly in world & I can sell you one first lol

The heels I select is Tesla (Silver) from Zhao Shoes while hair from ETD Salon.

Thursday, 6 December 2007

"Blaze" give me new selections

Remember my Previous post "Need your Recommandations!!" with a nake & bald me?! lol Maybe I am not too social or maybe people think I am mean so just few generous people reply me or drop me their designs. Thanks those who send me your proud designs. You all are so generous in helping me. Well, Maybe I am too picky & have a weird taste. Those Formal gowns I received mostly good on picture but not really good when wearing Or some design not really suit my taste. Maybe next time I will request people sending me pictures first before I considering I will go to get one. Yes I am not reviewer; I am not try to judge or critical on anyone; I am not beggar; I just want to wear perfect in sl since I am not perfect in rl. I willing to pay even it is so expensive if it is perfect.

Well... among those I received from these generous designers, there is one that I think good in design but not really good on Prims & textures. (Will show you later since I really like that design & maybe it will suit those who never care about the prim or textures but just the designs. )

AND There is one that surprise me since I can see his effort & improvement within his 2 years business. Well, He is already famous in sl & have his own fans; but his designs never suit me for many reasons until he sent me message, told me he read my blog & he wonder "why he is not on my list". Who is he? He is the designer of Blaze. Well, I agree from day one when Blaze start his business that he make awesome texture & shading of his gowns. But I don't like his "paper like" prim dresses part (especially machine made skirt give a paper like dress), & at the beginning his design really just suit "no hip". "no boob" girl to wear. Since his picture really attractive, I always checked his blog but never bought any since I saw how weird they were when my friends or families worn.

NEVERTHELESS, Blaze dropped me two style of his new dresses on the day when I post "Need your Recommandations!!" on my blog & when I tried them on. WOA! He improves the Prim dress part a real lot! No more PAPER LIKE. His dress can suit Huge Boob huge butt girls now! But still have space to improve the flexi settings. Even is that, I still love it since I like simple, clear design. I adore his good hand-drawing works on the clothing textures. See the Below pictures. You can touch to check the details:-

Most designer not really do many works on the "pants", "underpants" , "socks" part. But Blaze not only concern about the outside cover but also the pants, underpants & socks. I specially like the back of this dress & the glove. When I took off my Scarf, my shirt, my pants & my skirt.... woa it is a very neat lingerie! See how sexy I am!!

This gown come with many colour selections. I like the white, red, purple, babyblue haha. I bought the white colour!! Gonna save money & buy some more for my "Blaze" Wardrobe.

To match this gorgeous gown, I select my Fresh new limited edition set "Princess Christal" that Design for "SHINE" & my April 07 Snowflake Crown design Little Princess Eira Crown. Then I wear my "Grace" highheels from Maitreya . Set my hair at ETD Salon. No more Bald & Nake ali anymore. More longer I wear, Much I like this dress!!

Thanks Blaze for letting me know he has this nice release & gift me this dress. wootie, I have more selections now!!

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Who is Coming?

Knock Knock ... Who's coming?!
.... Miss Santa!!

*SM* Merry Xmas 2007 Stiletto gifted by Sylfie's Prim Seduction. Yes! it's free! But I can't ensure it will cost nothing after Christmas. Prim Queen Sylfie Minogue made a nice Miss santa boots in Last Year Christmas too but after Christmas, it back to normal price. So ..
HURRY go to Sylfie's Prim Seduction & get one home. Miss santa need shoes!

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Need your Recommandations!!

Finding perfect formal Gowns & good hairstyle are always a "huge headache" issues for me. Since My Jewelry designs are mostly tends to Elegant , Cute, fantasy Or Mysterious. To make a good pictures of my designs, I always need Gorgeous but simple Gowns/hairs , Fantasy & cute Princess look gowns/hairs Or Gothic but elegant Style gowns/hairs. Another major problem is I am so picky, I always want to find Special Designs, Awesome Textures, Nice Shadings, Good Prim works, Good Flexi Settings... It is really hard for me to find those in sl. Well I do have some shops on my regular shopping lists like ...

Formal Gowns:- Nicky Ree (this is the one which make me more & more picky lol), Solange
Fantasy & Princess Gowns:- Allure , Silver Rose Design, DiamonX Studios, Rebel hope
Gothic & Elegant Gowns:- FallinAngel, Allure , Rebel hope

Hairs:- ETD Salon, Inari Salon(Princess style hair) , Empyrean Emporium (Victoria style) , Zero(cute hair only), Kin (Cute Hair only)

But well, sometimes I am really tired of just wear their designs. Second, yes they are good but not always have all good in their shops. Third, I really want something new. I know there are so many unknown good sl designers hiding but I really hardly have time now to do a search. Forth, I don't want to waste money in buying a "try" since I find that 99% of shops in sl take awesome pictures of their gowns/hair but once try on body, they are so suck & then they just keep placing in my inventory now & forever.

So if you know any good Stores or you think that your designs are good. It will be generous for you to:-
- leave a slurl link of the shops in my comments
- send me a notecard writing the links of the shop your recommend
- drop me your gowns (or wedding gown) or hair designs with your shop lm (If they are good & fit my jewelry, I will use as my jewelry ads & list your shops direct link to my blogs. And will gift you that jewelry that I use on my ads with your gowns/hairs) [20 Dec 2007 update:- since someone think that I am beggar after reading this message... but well I am not, so please send me pictures of your designs with your lm in a folder say [your name] designs. I will contact for your help to show me your design on your body if I like.If it is perfect, I will buy. And sure if it really fit my jewelry & I use it for ads, I will send you that jewelry set afterwards for thanking your generous helping.]

I really need your recommendations. My coming jewelries need nice hairs/gowns to match for ads. Thank you so much for your kindly help!