Thursday, 6 December 2007

"Blaze" give me new selections

Remember my Previous post "Need your Recommandations!!" with a nake & bald me?! lol Maybe I am not too social or maybe people think I am mean so just few generous people reply me or drop me their designs. Thanks those who send me your proud designs. You all are so generous in helping me. Well, Maybe I am too picky & have a weird taste. Those Formal gowns I received mostly good on picture but not really good when wearing Or some design not really suit my taste. Maybe next time I will request people sending me pictures first before I considering I will go to get one. Yes I am not reviewer; I am not try to judge or critical on anyone; I am not beggar; I just want to wear perfect in sl since I am not perfect in rl. I willing to pay even it is so expensive if it is perfect.

Well... among those I received from these generous designers, there is one that I think good in design but not really good on Prims & textures. (Will show you later since I really like that design & maybe it will suit those who never care about the prim or textures but just the designs. )

AND There is one that surprise me since I can see his effort & improvement within his 2 years business. Well, He is already famous in sl & have his own fans; but his designs never suit me for many reasons until he sent me message, told me he read my blog & he wonder "why he is not on my list". Who is he? He is the designer of Blaze. Well, I agree from day one when Blaze start his business that he make awesome texture & shading of his gowns. But I don't like his "paper like" prim dresses part (especially machine made skirt give a paper like dress), & at the beginning his design really just suit "no hip". "no boob" girl to wear. Since his picture really attractive, I always checked his blog but never bought any since I saw how weird they were when my friends or families worn.

NEVERTHELESS, Blaze dropped me two style of his new dresses on the day when I post "Need your Recommandations!!" on my blog & when I tried them on. WOA! He improves the Prim dress part a real lot! No more PAPER LIKE. His dress can suit Huge Boob huge butt girls now! But still have space to improve the flexi settings. Even is that, I still love it since I like simple, clear design. I adore his good hand-drawing works on the clothing textures. See the Below pictures. You can touch to check the details:-

Most designer not really do many works on the "pants", "underpants" , "socks" part. But Blaze not only concern about the outside cover but also the pants, underpants & socks. I specially like the back of this dress & the glove. When I took off my Scarf, my shirt, my pants & my skirt.... woa it is a very neat lingerie! See how sexy I am!!

This gown come with many colour selections. I like the white, red, purple, babyblue haha. I bought the white colour!! Gonna save money & buy some more for my "Blaze" Wardrobe.

To match this gorgeous gown, I select my Fresh new limited edition set "Princess Christal" that Design for "SHINE" & my April 07 Snowflake Crown design Little Princess Eira Crown. Then I wear my "Grace" highheels from Maitreya . Set my hair at ETD Salon. No more Bald & Nake ali anymore. More longer I wear, Much I like this dress!!

Thanks Blaze for letting me know he has this nice release & gift me this dress. wootie, I have more selections now!!

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