Sunday, 2 December 2007

Need your Recommandations!!

Finding perfect formal Gowns & good hairstyle are always a "huge headache" issues for me. Since My Jewelry designs are mostly tends to Elegant , Cute, fantasy Or Mysterious. To make a good pictures of my designs, I always need Gorgeous but simple Gowns/hairs , Fantasy & cute Princess look gowns/hairs Or Gothic but elegant Style gowns/hairs. Another major problem is I am so picky, I always want to find Special Designs, Awesome Textures, Nice Shadings, Good Prim works, Good Flexi Settings... It is really hard for me to find those in sl. Well I do have some shops on my regular shopping lists like ...

Formal Gowns:- Nicky Ree (this is the one which make me more & more picky lol), Solange
Fantasy & Princess Gowns:- Allure , Silver Rose Design, DiamonX Studios, Rebel hope
Gothic & Elegant Gowns:- FallinAngel, Allure , Rebel hope

Hairs:- ETD Salon, Inari Salon(Princess style hair) , Empyrean Emporium (Victoria style) , Zero(cute hair only), Kin (Cute Hair only)

But well, sometimes I am really tired of just wear their designs. Second, yes they are good but not always have all good in their shops. Third, I really want something new. I know there are so many unknown good sl designers hiding but I really hardly have time now to do a search. Forth, I don't want to waste money in buying a "try" since I find that 99% of shops in sl take awesome pictures of their gowns/hair but once try on body, they are so suck & then they just keep placing in my inventory now & forever.

So if you know any good Stores or you think that your designs are good. It will be generous for you to:-
- leave a slurl link of the shops in my comments
- send me a notecard writing the links of the shop your recommend
- drop me your gowns (or wedding gown) or hair designs with your shop lm (If they are good & fit my jewelry, I will use as my jewelry ads & list your shops direct link to my blogs. And will gift you that jewelry that I use on my ads with your gowns/hairs) [20 Dec 2007 update:- since someone think that I am beggar after reading this message... but well I am not, so please send me pictures of your designs with your lm in a folder say [your name] designs. I will contact for your help to show me your design on your body if I like.If it is perfect, I will buy. And sure if it really fit my jewelry & I use it for ads, I will send you that jewelry set afterwards for thanking your generous helping.]

I really need your recommendations. My coming jewelries need nice hairs/gowns to match for ads. Thank you so much for your kindly help!

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