Sunday, 30 December 2007

Miss SL Costa Rica!

I am honored to be invited by Giancarlo Takacs in designing the Crown & Jewelry set for the Miss SL Costa Rica 2008 & be one of the Judges in yesterday 29 Dec 2007 Pageant. This is my first time being Judges in SL. I was very exciting & very nervous since it is really hard for me to select the Miss SL Costa Rica 2008 from the 7 sweet finalists. They firstly have a sexy swimsuit show & then we asked them questions in their formal dress showing part. Some really have a very good answer on our Judges tricky questions. They really well done in the show but we must have the winner to enter the coming Miss Universe 2008 Pageant. After discussing a while & we finally selecting 3 finalists- Miss Colleen Bracken, Miss Maxie Daviau and Miss Pup Witherspoon.

Miss Colleen Bracken

Miss Maxie Daviau

Miss Pup Witherspoon

The audiences were so exciting & keep shouting the name of the 3 finalist. In answering one of our judge final question, we finally have the same conclusions! The winner is... MISS PUP WITHERSPOON. The second runner up is our Miss Maxie Daviau while the runner up went to Miss Colleen Bracken. Here I want to say Congratulations to all three beauties and Good luck to our Miss SL CR in her entry to the coming Miss Universe 2008 Pageant.

Well I will try to get more pictures to show here since I was so laggy in the show & can't take too many pictures. I am honored to take a picture with Miss SL CR. Show you the pictures later. & now after designing the Miss SL CR Crown & Jewelry set , I need to start designing the crown for the coming Miss Universe 2008.

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