Wednesday, 31 October 2007

To my Dearlest Update Group Member....

Finally done this Halloween Member Gifts for my group members! Yes every season I love to design something special for my dearest member only. Since this month (1 Oct 2007) is my 2nd year Anniversary of my store, I make a very special gifts for them^^ What are they.. Umm.. ok before I pack them & temp close my group, let me show you a bit..

I designed Locket since Dec 2005 , I've been making many type of lockets, In the early Jan I even design a music locket for my Cameo line. To celebrate 2 year Anniversary & the Halloween, I designed This "Forever love" coffin Locket for my LADY's Members. When you type commands:-

- the glass cover of coffin will open & inside will see a prim skeleton hand holding a red heart
- Have a music box style "haunted" music
- spread out rose

This "Demon" coffin music Man necklace sure is design for my man members. It can open also & with music too.. when type commands, it will:-

- glass cover of coffin can open & inside will see a prim skeleton hand holding a cold blue heart
- you will hear the music of "horror"
- Spread out a skeleton ghost

Finally this "Trick Or Treat" Necklace is for my cute kid members. yes it can open. when you type command:-

- the cover of this cute pumpkin witch will open & inside you will see many prim candies
- will hear the "trick & treat" with part of "Nightmare of Christmas" music
- Spread out pumpkin head face

They are sweet & cute? Sure they are, they are design for my lovely member ^^
I think I will temporary close my update group once I pack all of them & prepare all the pictures. & then I will send my members one by one by hand.. omg 619 members lol But never mind, they are deserved to have these nice gifts. I know some member even in my group started. Someone even are my 2 year die hard fans. Really love you all my members so much. I promise I will design more & more nice design for all of you !!

O yes, Do miss the pumpkin hunt I prepare this year!!! Good luck!2007 Halloween Pumpkin Hunt

4:40pm sl time.. I really so tired, been up for whole night (yes my time is 15 hours faster than sl time.) Okies my dearest members, I promise I will pack them & send to you all when I wake up.

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Kawaii Witch!!

Finally released the 2007 Halloween Pumpkin Hunt, was really my nightmare when preparing this event. But comes out so good & many people enjoy the hunt, it make me so happy & feeling so worth to afford that "nightmare" lol!

Because of this, I am so happy today so I select a VERY cute witches outfit from my wardrobe! Japanese really so creative! Yes! this outfit I got from a Japanese shop **Honey kitty** by +*+Nekoko Noel+*+ . I just fall in love with them when I saw this! I can't select which to buy so I get the FATPACK! It can be in many combinations. All part just too cute is all I can say! Don't know how to describe this cute witches outfit, just touch the picture & you will see all ! Especially the candy on the arm & on the leg! The wands even spread out many colorful hearts & stars. Just so cute! It comes with a ao version of wand too. When you wear, it like like a Japanese animation dolls holding a magic wand. haha so fun ! I love fancy, colourful, lace, ribbon & cute outfit! All I can say is .. this is the must to get if you love lolita, cute & fancy.

To match this cute outfits, I select cute hair From Zero by Rei Gully .

Watashiwa Kawaii ali das!! hahahaha

Saturday, 27 October 2007


So tired these days. After the lucky chair gifts ( Silver line /Gold line /Kid line) & the mobven jewelry sets, I was keep preparing the 20 pumpkins hunt jewelries.. All ready, just need to prepare the pictures, the clues, the settings... I wish I can get ready for the pumpkin hunts by Sunday morning. O yes I learn a bit basic of photoshop in my rl class! I think can make use of it this time wooties! Can't wait to release the hunt! But really so tired, been up for whole night. Yes these few days just slept like few hours in total. (Start feeling I am too addicted to this game & design... ) But well.. really so tired, I promise I will sleep a while & then wake up for preparing those pumpkins! urgh.. the member gifts.. Halloween 07 jewelries.. custom orders.. OMG seems my work never ended. .. (Am I over addicted?...) Zzzz.. My eyes can't open.. okok, I will see you guys later.. really need to take a rest... Nite nite..


Saturday, 20 October 2007

Halloween is COMING!!!

Wooties Halloween is coming.. this day been so busy in making Halloween gifts that placing in 9 Lucky chairs ( Silver line /Gold line /Kid line); placing in 3 Mobven (Silver version /Gold version /Kid version); placing in coming PUMPKINS HUNTs (still in progress); placing in MEMBER DISCOUNT SHOPS (Still in progress);& then the Halloween jewelries 2006 & 2007 (still in progress)... Decorating my forest nearby the castles (some are scary with many sound effect when touch hehe.. still under constructions) ... It's like I am already celebrating the HALLOWEEN!!! I like Halloween & Christmas so much!! See me on the picture in a cute lil witch hat, my cute lil necklace, my cute hair & a cute lil dress!! o yes this necklace is one of the pieces in my Kid store mobven! is it cute?

Btw I am so happy that many people love my Lucky Chairs & mobven gifts this month!! My castle traffic reached 14400!!! Omg first time see it's that high! I am so so so happy! Can't wait to see what it will go if I place out my coming pumpkin hunts jewelry hehe!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LOVING MY DESIGNS!

Cheers & good luck all!

Friday, 12 October 2007

Last Minutes!!

Remember these 2 Queen Heidi sets & this two cute Kid gifts? Yes they were my July-Sept 2007 Lucky chair gifts. But well I will be take them down & change to NEW LUCKY CHAIRS GIFTS in this afternoon. So if you still didn't collect them all from my 10 chairs? Go to Alienbear Design main store , BijouxOr Design main store & KID JEWEL - Alienbear KID Design to collect them now! Well I can't promise when I will take them away. Since once I get all ready of the new ones I will get ready to take away them. They are transferable so you can ask your friends to help you to collect. For the First two sets, you can even buy them from mobven! Yes not for sell now & forever so don't miss it!

For the July 2007 Member gifts the armbands that use to match the Queen Heidi set will also be taking away from member discount shop once I exchange new lucky chairs items. So if you like it, just join my update group " Alienbear Design & Le' Cameo Lovers", wear your tag & then go to Member discount shop to get it. Since this one is member gift so sure no transfer.


Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Victorian ali

Am I gorgeous? Silver Rose Design released a new Victorian dress named Melba Grows Up! Yuriko the designer start make use of Sculpties to design her dress. Drapings & the ribbons are representations of Yuriko's design & this time she make use of Sculpties to craft them out & make it more smooth & real. I love the hats & the cuffs so much. Yuriko release 6 colours of this design. This is just gorgeous & make me look like a Victoria style lady.

With this elegant dress, I went to ETD salon & set a hairstyle named "ETD Sofia" & do a "Smoke Burnt" highlight. My friend Mui told me that this hairstyle are so popular in sl now!!

Be an elegant Victoria style lady, how can I wear nothing on my ears & hand to match. So I picked one of my ring from my $10L simple pearl sets & a pair of Earrings from my Yuriko Pearl Set.

Okies "Cheeseee", good shoot ! Here comes out sweet VICTORIAN ALI!

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Scary Haunted house!!

You like Haunted house? This one is a must to visit!
Halloween Manor at DarkDharma Avatar Isle

Yes! I love this Isle so much. Apart from different themes in this place with many freebies packs & fantasy avatar/ outfit, there is a part with special themes in every season. AND sure this Halloween, the owner of this place created an awesome Haunted house.

In order to make your trip more scary, the creator recommend us to :-
* Force sun to midnight
* Switch off your music
* Switch on your sound

Inside the Manor, there are NINE TAROT BAGS for you to hunt. So make use of your "object edit" tools to left click on every objects inside the house. Once you see there is "Tarot Bags # 1 -9" in the content, touch to rez the bag out . And you will find a little tarot bags rezing above that. touch the bag to get the FREE Halloween items.

During the visit, you can touch everything you see in the house. It will run many cool & scary sound effect. The manor have 2 floor level & the grave yard. If you like the items inside the house, some can buy also. Well to make it more mysterious, I will not show too many pictures here. I strongly recommend you enjoy your visit slowly till all the items rez. & touch every items in the house & hear the awesome scary sound & effect. They are just amazing. Don't forget to make use of your camera to look around in EVERY LEVEL. Since those effect & sound will just happen when you pass though the sensor. So better go though every corner.

I just found 6 bags only, still finding the #5 - #7 bags hehe. I will check back later lol

The most amazing room is at the 2nd floor level. There is a little kid room. I bet it will make you feel fantastic if you like scary things! you see there is a door upstair showing in the below pictures? Yes , walk up the steps slowing & you will hear the scary kid sound & then open the door.....

Don't forget to find all NINE TAROT BAGS there. What are you waiting? Visit Halloween Manor at DarkDharma Avatar Isle NOW!

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Featured Model @ METRO MODELS AGENCY- Mui Mukerji

My friend Mui sent me this link this morning. She look so gorgeous on the pictures! She wore my Limited edition "Queen Galaxy Set" & the Swan Lake Dream gown by Nicky Ree . I am so pride of her, she is just so elegant & beautiful! I am always happy when see someone wear my jewelries when I can't wear them at once since I just have one neck lol I also need to thanks the one who take that picture for Mui! It is really so pretty!

Mui, I am so pride of you! You are the most top model in sl in my heart! 努力! 加油!!

Dragons Hatching!

I found a cool & fun place today! It is a nice & beautiful place that hiding some animating dragons. I think it has over 20 dragons hiding & need us to Hatch them.

To hatch them , we need to start from the egg nest. Pay $30L to buy one egg nest. Each egg nest can hatch one Dragon.

Wear the Egg nest you buy. Then start your adventure in that huge awesome place. Well, It really like a pokemon game. Don't forget to get the notecard from the stand that beside the nest. It tells you the hint, the clue, & the pictures of all the dragons on the land. Some are really cool.

I firstly attracted by this awesome waterfall with the mysteric statue. I follow the river & I jump into the water.

O, there is a cave under the water! My egg talk to me when I go into the cave.
"Egg: You feel a shift in the egg as it reacts to the spiritual powers of the area." you will read this in your chat history when you hit the right point. Please note that the point is so narrow so once you read this message, just keep standing in that point to wait for the egg coming response. It will give you few responses within around 40mins. During your waiting time, the egg will keep flashing. more energy it absorbs, more bright is the egg.

& then the last response will tell you the egg crack & you will receive a dragon of that point, a dragon hud that control the dragon & the command notecard. Yes the dragon can blow fire, can chat, can open eyes.. etc. it is so fun that it can do many things.

Woot this dragon called "Royal". I then named it as Anger! (hehe as I am not that patient to wait that long. but well it attract me when I know there is 20 & more hiding. lol)

Then I feel it is so fun & want to the egg nest to buy another egg. Then I fly through the land till I see a big tree.

The egg talk to me in this point! "Egg: You feel a shift in the egg as it reacts to the spiritual powers of the area." It's a very hard time to stable my locations. Someone teach me to rez a box & then sit on it. Then move it till I hear the egg talk in the chat history. lol

Around 40 mins, my egg cracks! I received a cute "Greenpae" Drake. I named it as Rainbow lol yes I can name it hehe...

I read my notecard & see at least 20 Drakes can be hatch in this sim! I must come back later when I have time! Yes this is a bit boring when sitting for over 40mins to wait an egg to crack but it is so fun to find the hatching point though lol Plus I like Dragon so much. $30L & can spent you at least one & more hours to get a Dragon is so fun & worth !! Good & Fun place to spend your time & collect some cute creatures. Well, I really want to get the one called "Spirit". Good luck to me ^^

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Cute lil HOMELESS witch!~

Too bad that my place down since 10:00pm sl time. I was so boring so called Mui . She told me that she bought the VERY cute "Death and Jack-O-lantern AV" at just $25L each in BareRose. (Read Ready For Halloween !!! ^^) So I can't wait to shop! I bought them & then I saw a cute Witches outfit named "Black Sorceress" including 3 colours (Purple, Gold & Pink) in a pack which just in $140L!! So I bought it & try the purple!

I then wore my boots (not yet release but Designed by Sylfie's Prim Seduction) , my Starflake earrings (Jewelry Expo limited edition 1L set) & pick up my flying broom (bought from Lauren Fox last year). Then flied to Mui's Island. Yes I am homeless now since my place still DOWN!!

I landed on her Pirate boat & take a few shoot. Am I cute? Well for $140L it is so cute & neat. Well other than the flexi settings of the prim part & her texture long boot in the pack, all goes so cute & good. Great for Halloween!

Look my hat! it is sculpties! Cute?

Poor me a lil homeless witch!!! Wish I can back home & finish my work soon!!!