Saturday, 20 October 2007

Halloween is COMING!!!

Wooties Halloween is coming.. this day been so busy in making Halloween gifts that placing in 9 Lucky chairs ( Silver line /Gold line /Kid line); placing in 3 Mobven (Silver version /Gold version /Kid version); placing in coming PUMPKINS HUNTs (still in progress); placing in MEMBER DISCOUNT SHOPS (Still in progress);& then the Halloween jewelries 2006 & 2007 (still in progress)... Decorating my forest nearby the castles (some are scary with many sound effect when touch hehe.. still under constructions) ... It's like I am already celebrating the HALLOWEEN!!! I like Halloween & Christmas so much!! See me on the picture in a cute lil witch hat, my cute lil necklace, my cute hair & a cute lil dress!! o yes this necklace is one of the pieces in my Kid store mobven! is it cute?

Btw I am so happy that many people love my Lucky Chairs & mobven gifts this month!! My castle traffic reached 14400!!! Omg first time see it's that high! I am so so so happy! Can't wait to see what it will go if I place out my coming pumpkin hunts jewelry hehe!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LOVING MY DESIGNS!

Cheers & good luck all!

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