Friday, 12 October 2007

Last Minutes!!

Remember these 2 Queen Heidi sets & this two cute Kid gifts? Yes they were my July-Sept 2007 Lucky chair gifts. But well I will be take them down & change to NEW LUCKY CHAIRS GIFTS in this afternoon. So if you still didn't collect them all from my 10 chairs? Go to Alienbear Design main store , BijouxOr Design main store & KID JEWEL - Alienbear KID Design to collect them now! Well I can't promise when I will take them away. Since once I get all ready of the new ones I will get ready to take away them. They are transferable so you can ask your friends to help you to collect. For the First two sets, you can even buy them from mobven! Yes not for sell now & forever so don't miss it!

For the July 2007 Member gifts the armbands that use to match the Queen Heidi set will also be taking away from member discount shop once I exchange new lucky chairs items. So if you like it, just join my update group " Alienbear Design & Le' Cameo Lovers", wear your tag & then go to Member discount shop to get it. Since this one is member gift so sure no transfer.


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