Wednesday, 31 October 2007

To my Dearlest Update Group Member....

Finally done this Halloween Member Gifts for my group members! Yes every season I love to design something special for my dearest member only. Since this month (1 Oct 2007) is my 2nd year Anniversary of my store, I make a very special gifts for them^^ What are they.. Umm.. ok before I pack them & temp close my group, let me show you a bit..

I designed Locket since Dec 2005 , I've been making many type of lockets, In the early Jan I even design a music locket for my Cameo line. To celebrate 2 year Anniversary & the Halloween, I designed This "Forever love" coffin Locket for my LADY's Members. When you type commands:-

- the glass cover of coffin will open & inside will see a prim skeleton hand holding a red heart
- Have a music box style "haunted" music
- spread out rose

This "Demon" coffin music Man necklace sure is design for my man members. It can open also & with music too.. when type commands, it will:-

- glass cover of coffin can open & inside will see a prim skeleton hand holding a cold blue heart
- you will hear the music of "horror"
- Spread out a skeleton ghost

Finally this "Trick Or Treat" Necklace is for my cute kid members. yes it can open. when you type command:-

- the cover of this cute pumpkin witch will open & inside you will see many prim candies
- will hear the "trick & treat" with part of "Nightmare of Christmas" music
- Spread out pumpkin head face

They are sweet & cute? Sure they are, they are design for my lovely member ^^
I think I will temporary close my update group once I pack all of them & prepare all the pictures. & then I will send my members one by one by hand.. omg 619 members lol But never mind, they are deserved to have these nice gifts. I know some member even in my group started. Someone even are my 2 year die hard fans. Really love you all my members so much. I promise I will design more & more nice design for all of you !!

O yes, Do miss the pumpkin hunt I prepare this year!!! Good luck!2007 Halloween Pumpkin Hunt

4:40pm sl time.. I really so tired, been up for whole night (yes my time is 15 hours faster than sl time.) Okies my dearest members, I promise I will pack them & send to you all when I wake up.

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Brandon Davis said...

I dont know if I read that right but do you or some one that you know make custom lockets? I am trying to find one for my girlfriend, she loves vampires, zombies and well... just about any thing that has to do with violence and gore and horror but at the same time enjoys love and comfort. Do you have any ideas?