Friday, 23 January 2009

Nicky Ree Catsuit photo contest!

Nicky Ree, one of the famous sl fashion designers, keep designing awesome designs and leading the fashion trend in sl. Many creators keep following, learning or even stealing her awesome illusion work in Second life these days. And in this Virtual world, many A貨 (a Cantonese slang means fakery product which copy exactly or partly from the original product .) appear in world and some even marked in much higher price saying that is their work without any shame!! Want to tell everyone you are not that CHEAP to buying A貨? It's time for you to show off!! Nicky Ree held a photo contest in shoting her 2006 design catsuit! You may have chance to win her $20000L prize! Go to her store & get this $1L catsuit and click the board to check the detail regulations now!

DNR Catsuit Photo Contest 2009 Pic2- Alienbear Gupte

30 Jan 2009 12pm slt

Where to get the details?
Nicky Ree main store and find this board

Who can enter the contest?
one who buy Nicky Ree Catsuit legally with transaction record

DNR Catsuit Photo Contest 2009 Pic1- Alienbear Gupte

Stop being stupid in beliving 奸商 (a Cantonese slang means an unethical merchant; an unscrupulous merchant; a profiteer; a dishonest trader) now!

Share with you one of my favorite pictures that join this contest!


Monday, 5 January 2009

Castle Extension

Thanks all in supporting the annual sales in last year. In this beginning of 2009, we planned to extend our castle to share more of my designs to all of you. So start from today, we are going to do the reconstruction of our main store. Some part of store will still running during the reconstruction project. Here is the temporary landing point of the main store:-


You can also buy my designs at onrez shop:-

There are still one Lucky chair running at main store in geting the 2009 party crown for man & lady. Transferable. It just place at the temporary landing point. Good Luck

2009 new year crown lady
2009 new year crown man