Thursday, 10 July 2008

My FIRST Drawing!

處女作- My first Drawing

Miss me? Yes my computer go to do her surgery so I can't log in to SL :(( but what I do within this period? Preparation of my Movement to my new apartment, take care of my cats, cooking for my family, &... YES learning drawing! I start my first drawing class yesterday! It was so fun! This is the drawing I drew yesterday! My teacher said it still have long way to go before this drawing finish.. yes it is unfinished work. But with my Zero drawing skills, what do you think? Is it pass? I fall in love in drawing now! Can't wait to attend the next class! Will show you more of my drawings ^^

Love you & miss you all

Alienbear Gupte ^^

Monday, 7 July 2008

Princess Amaterasu ali

Due to my real life movement and computer issue, I will be having an urgent leave from sl & back to real life until all fix. Think I will be back in around 20 July 2008 if my computer no need to do any serious "surgery" lol. So any enquiry about my designs please contact our CMO Mui Mukerji. She will help you :)

See you all after all my real life things fixed. Love you & will miss you all :) Take care & have a fun sl life & rl :))

Alienbear Gupte

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Sinful Desire

Princess Amaterasu in Sinful Desire

Picture took at 1 July 2008 in Second Life;
Jewelry from "Alienbear's Designs"- release soon ^^
Gown from Sparkle Skye Designs;
Hair from etd;
Heels from Stiletto Moody

Princess Amaterasu Necklace draft

Pretty? Amaterasu is my coming release! I wear the aboved lovely gown "Sinful Desire" when I designing this necklace in matching my mini Princess Amaterasu crown. I am a little fans of Sparkle Skye Designs for long time since they were named as "Allure". If you love silk, fantasy gowns, Princess costume, there is a must to shop! With every lady dream heels from Stiletto Moody, am I look like a princess?

Btw tell you something, I finally apply the drawing classes! I will have my first lesson in next Thursday! So exciting!! I will share my first ugly drawings to you here when I start my classes ! hehe why I said it will be ugly ? since my art background is totally Zero! hahaha But really love art! Can't wait to start my first lesson! *ali dancing happily*