Friday, 30 November 2007

CHRISTAL the Ice Crystal

Few months ago I received a generous lady Alaska Metropolitan 's invitations about designing something limited/ one kind for collecting money for charity purpose. I always support Charity event so I accept her invitations. I think if you keep checking news on sl fashion planet, you must heard about "SHINE". The proceeds from the event will be donated to Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders. This non-profit agency delivers much needed emergency medical relief to impoverished and war-torn countries. Well, It started from November 10th till December 15th. But since I was so busy in rl, I didn't make anything till now. Really sorry for that Alaska. I will try my best to see what I can do for "SHINE".

Winter is coming, so this time I get inspiration from snow, ice & Christmas decorations to design a gorgeous formal set named as Princess Christal. Right now I just finish the necklace, I wish I can have the full set done in this couple of days so it can help collect more money for "SHINE". It will be sold as limited edition sets & if I still have time, I will make an auction set for this event.

Btw, Christmas is coming. I will design few sets for this big holiday too! If I have time, I may hold a hunt before Christmas. Urgh.. I still haven't got any time to decorate my place yet. Wish I can prepare all before Christmas coming.

4am in my place now.. think I really need to sleep. If you want to donate some money to "Shine" before buying this coming limited set, Just stop by my PLATIUM JEWEL - Alienbear Design, you will see a big poster of "shine". Just feel free to donate some money to the box beside. Even $1L is good for them. Thanks all.


Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Sexy Ali Get ready for "FIGHT"!!

All know that Prim Queen Sylfie Minogue is very good at making creative details prim shoes. She play prims so good though suck at pictures taking lol (Don't kill me Sylife.. hehe) Most of her boots, heels or products look fantastic on body than on pictures! Well yes! She now go into Prims Armour costume! I bought all her two Black ladies Costumes ("Dragoon" & "Succubus") & the male "Dragoon" Black Costumes! Finally got time to take some pictures. This time let me show you the "Dragoon" female black Fantasy costume first!

Since it contains SO MANY prims work parts, I take few pictures for that so you can see how details & awesome primworks she make! Just Touch the pictures to check the details!

cool? The cloak, the mini skirt & the strings on the boots are flexi!! It is just so cool & Fantastic!! I will take more pictures for other boots & costume I bought from Sylfie Minogue later! Love this costume? Go to Sylfie's Prim Seduction with your partner now! The male version is also very cool to match this sexy lady costume! Be a couple warrior now!!

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

~ Purple Fairy ~

This is the Freebie dress "Mana" I got from "*DG* Innovation" yesterday. The design of this dress is cute & simple. If not count the prim work & the flexi settings, it look sweet & nice. My friends told me that it looks much better on body than on pictures & it seems just place as freebies for a limited time. So if you love simple fairy style dress & short of money, this is nice for your wardrobe.

To match this cute fantasy dress, I wear my "Moonlace" Flexible Faery Wings from "Chaospire" & change the wings colour to lavender. O yes I love the Wings & outfits from "Chaospire" so much since 2005! Then I set my hair at Calla Salon. Do a Lavender highlight on my hair tips. Select my high heels from Maitreya .

How can such a cute & elegant little fairy ali wear nothing on her neck.. So I select my $10L SassyII sets that including earrings, necklace & ring. Am I look cute?

Monday, 26 November 2007

My "*DG* Innovations" Wardrobe

Yesterday Mui told me that she is in a model contest of a shop name ""*DG* Innovation" . She showed me her dress that gonna wear in the contest- Enchantment (Crimson). She is just so gorgeous in that dress so I begged her to bring me there. That's a huge shop with many formal dresses. At first I didn't find any good (You know... Nicky Ree make me more picky than before so you know how hard to find some nice dress from other shops lol). But then Mui pushed me to try on her freebie dress. (hehe will show you later once I find a nice shoe to match). When I tried on her freebie dress "Mana", I said "Oh, It is not bad. Maybe I can try to buy a dress from her!" I checked around & then find a dress named as "Moon River". I am not a flower lover but this dress really attract me. It just look like snowflake. See on the picture? Am I look pretty & elegant? It is just so sexy! Look at my leg. I really like the flowers pattern of this dress. Simple but gorgeous. If the prim dress parts can set better & with better shading on the clothing textures, that will be perfect.

I then wear my Princess Calanthe Necklace & earrings Set to match this dress. Set my hair at ETD Salon & grab my Maitreya's high heels. GOOD! I get ready for my ball tonight!

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Happy Birthday to me...

Happy Birthday to me.. Happy Birthday to me.. Happy Birthday to me.. Happy Birthday to me!!! 25 Nov is my real life birthday! Wish I can have chance to travel in my coming year! & Wish all people in sl world & rl world happy!

Friday, 23 November 2007


After handing in my first rl homework about my "leaflet", I have a week vacation back to my rl. Since 25Nov is my rl birthday hehe. Because of that I went to see many 3D & 4D movies these days. O yes, Hong Kong finally have 3D & 4D cinema! For the 4D one, I watched the Beowulf! It is just awesome, I typically love the Grendel's Mother & the Dragon characters. The CG of this movies just so cool. Especially with the 4D , it is just more than cool! I can't wait & check the Beowulf Offical site after I home & find that they creat a SECOND LIFE BEOWULF area in second life! I can't wait & log in to check!

There is a free Beowulf avatar there. but too bad that there isn't any other avatar for sell other than this. & the Island just have the party house in the movie only. But still cool. Here is some pictures:-

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Can I get a pass??

yawn... after using two weeks days & nights practice, try & test. I finally finish my rl homework my first project"leaflet"!! As I said I use my second life jewelry designs to work on this leaflet. Not kidding, I really use my design on this lol Give me some comment! This is my first time making leaflet. My teachers are so picky & I wish I can pass this time. Here's the picture, you can touch each picture to see the close up:-

Front View:-

I don't know how to draw, so I search image from Googles & find a castle door image. Then I modified it by using PS & come out this picture.

When you open the door in the middle, you will see the next page:-

I used the Opera house in second life as my background, sure I did some edits on it before I used as background. Winter is coming so I select my Snow Queen Nevada Set & Crown & my Queen Heidi rings from my JULY-SEPT 2007 LUCKY CHAIRS GIFTS. The gorgeous gown sure is from Nicky Ree. She is one of my favorite now. I even bought her Limited edition "shine" pink dress named as "Mara" at her main shop too! hehe this dress I added a diamond brooch in the middle & make it more elegant & real. Real hair look sure the must to select ETD. Real & lovely skin I choose Celestial Studios this time. Who is "Wendy Au Yeung" in the right hand bottom corner?! hehe that is my real name !!

When you open the middle, it comes a 8 min pages inside:-

These are my Snow Queen Nevada Set & Crown , Princess Nieve Jewelry set & crown & my Queen Heidi rings from my JULY-SEPT 2007 LUCKY CHAIRS GIFTS. Since I want to make them look as a Royal Winter Bridal Series, I named all them to Queen Nevada & Princess Nieve. hehe. Look ok?

This is the back view of the leaflet:-

Did you find that there is a hotline? hahaha sure it is not a real telephone number. I just want to make the whole leaflet more real.

So do you think that I will pass in this project? Pray for me please!

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Stuck in RL

Hey all, you miss me? Well yes I am so busy in my rl to prepare my rl first project "leaflet" for my Multi media graphic design class. It really drives me nuts. The above picture is one of the page gonna place in my leaflet. Yes I select my second life product as my rl homework. Sound crazy? lol Well I apply this course for enrich my graphic skills in second life so I sure need to use my sl designs for my 1st project.

Yes the background of this picture is taken from sl opera house & I do some edit on it. & yes this gorgeous dress is from Nicky Ree. I add the diamond brooch in my chest. The hair is from ETD lol

Sigh, I planned to hand in my leaflet in today class but It is really more hard than I expected. I find that different paper comes out different colour. My printer never give the same colour as the one on my screen. & then when I asked why my print out of my jewelries are that fade comparing with the one in my PS. My teacher said "your dpi is too low for print out!! For print out, it need 300 dpi at least..." OMG.. what the hell is that dpi? Think I need to redo all my pictures & drawings since all pictures I took from SL were in 96 dpi only when I checked. Is that mean I need to use my computer to draw them out? OMG OMG OMG.. anyone can help me? I already spent whole week day & night working on my project but now... sigh.. I really don't know how & what to do... Is there any method I can take a over 300 dpi pictures from SL?


Friday, 2 November 2007


Halloween Pumpkin hunt finally finish, Thanks for for joining this event! Congratulation to all who find all 20 pumpkins! You are so smart!! I am happy that all of you enjoy my hunt. Witch ali & her naughty Pumpkins say thanks to all & see you in the next Halloween!!

So what's next? Yes you know that.. Big Holiday is coming!! Santa ali will arrive to Alienbear Design soon!!

Thursday, 1 November 2007


The Pumpkin Hunt will be off in today 11:59PM! HUNT FOR IT NOW! It maybe in an items form instead of a pumpkin so don't just find pumpkin! Go to Le'Bear Castle to get the FIRST CLUE now! Then follow the rules from every pumpkin you get & you will find the next one! GOOD LUCK! Part of jewelries design for this hunt will be sold at original price after the hunting. So Don't miss this chance!

Btw finally sent all the MEMBER GIFTS- Halloween 2007 to all my members! Wish they love them! Really need to take a rest, these days really so tired in preparing the Halloween event & designs. See you all around!