Thursday, 15 November 2007

Stuck in RL

Hey all, you miss me? Well yes I am so busy in my rl to prepare my rl first project "leaflet" for my Multi media graphic design class. It really drives me nuts. The above picture is one of the page gonna place in my leaflet. Yes I select my second life product as my rl homework. Sound crazy? lol Well I apply this course for enrich my graphic skills in second life so I sure need to use my sl designs for my 1st project.

Yes the background of this picture is taken from sl opera house & I do some edit on it. & yes this gorgeous dress is from Nicky Ree. I add the diamond brooch in my chest. The hair is from ETD lol

Sigh, I planned to hand in my leaflet in today class but It is really more hard than I expected. I find that different paper comes out different colour. My printer never give the same colour as the one on my screen. & then when I asked why my print out of my jewelries are that fade comparing with the one in my PS. My teacher said "your dpi is too low for print out!! For print out, it need 300 dpi at least..." OMG.. what the hell is that dpi? Think I need to redo all my pictures & drawings since all pictures I took from SL were in 96 dpi only when I checked. Is that mean I need to use my computer to draw them out? OMG OMG OMG.. anyone can help me? I already spent whole week day & night working on my project but now... sigh.. I really don't know how & what to do... Is there any method I can take a over 300 dpi pictures from SL?



Tymmerie Thorne said...

I hope this will help - Torley Linden just recently wrote out a guide to taking high resolution photos in SL here is the link:

The tips are great and he gives guidelines about setting your preferences for the best pics, too.

Tymmerie Thorne said...

...mroe to my comment - you won't need to draw things out instead - but you will have to retake your pics using these settings.

Go to his Essentials "chapter" for explicit instructions on how to set things to get High resolution images.

I hope this helps, Sweetie. IM me if I can help more.

Alienbear Gupte said...

Thank you so much Tymmerie, wootie I sure it will help.

Allegory Malaprop said...

The vibrance problem is not due to dpi, but the paper you are using. Regular paper soaks up ink, so everything ends up bleeding together around the edges, and colours look faded and worn. There are special papers sold as photograph or presentation papers, that keep the ink brighter and clearer (photograph paper tends to be glossier and heavier, presentation papers can be more of the weight of regular paper, and a bit matter finish).

DPI is how large your "pixels" will look on paper. Low dpi will make things boxy and look like you're looking at an image on your computer that's zoomed in to 300% or so (this will be substantially more obvious with photo and presentation papers, since they don't bleed at the edges). What Tymmerie said, but also do _not_ scale down your images unless absolutely necessary. Adjust the dpi first, _then_ adjust image size by mm/cm/inches etc. On the computer, the image will be _huge_, because it needs more information for printing.

Sans said...

dpi = dots per inch (it's how many little dots of ink go into one square inch of printed images)

You do need to retake your photos (or resample them, but that's complicated), but you also need to save your images in Photoshop at 300dpi and make sure your printer is printing at 300 dpi (look in your printer Page Set Up menu to set it to do that). There may also be some issues with color management, but that's something I can't help with because I'm a moron about stuff like that, heh. Good luck, the leaflet looks fantastic!

Alienbear Gupte said...

ah tysm allegory & sans.

Yes I did try many type of paper, normal one; glossy thick & thin photograph papers; less glossy ink jet paper. They comes out different. but I did try to follow Tymmerie recommended link's method, my friends Nicky , Sparkle & JJ method. Seems the graphic comes out better. But yes I was thinking why when I scale down the image, it comes out fade when print out. tysm Allegory for telling me that. I think I will use Corel Draw to edit the image to smaller instead of using photoshop so it won't reduce the resolution.

Woot still many to work on. I already used up the "yellow" ink in testing printout in my last week lol wish my first project can have better result this time. (My teachers are so picky .. more picky then me!!! )

Thanks all again ^^ send many kissess.

Allegory Malaprop said...

First: Your leaflet looks _fantastic_.

Second: the sizing thing is something you can do all in Photoshop, without Corel Draw, in the future. Some of the tools may be easier for you in Corel Draw though (adjust size in Image Size- click off the scaling, make the image size the proper size, and it will set the dpi to what works with that size without changing what you see in the computer, only what is printed out; fonts are size nonspecific, as they are vectors so long as you don't rasterize them; and any other vectors _can_ be done with shape layers so they are also size independent, clunky as that is). I haven't used Corel Draw in...gah, 15 years? so I haven't a clue what the toolset is there, but I'm sure PS can do almost all the same things, if differently.

I'm actually quite amazed they didn't go over DPI as part of the course if they expected you to be printing things out.

(p.s. Feel free to IM me in world if you need clarification on anything, I know I'm not always good at explaining things.)

Alienbear Gupte said...

tysm allegory for your informations. well yes in class, he did tell us what is dpi but just few words on that. since I apply a diploma course & just study for 6 months. so maybe that's the reason we just learn very few of each software (PS, Corel Draw, flash,dreamwaver.. etc) & some very basic skills about colour use, file types, graphic use etc. All just learn very basic & in a very tight schedule & bulk syllabus. I was thinking just learn this to enrich my skill for my second life designs ads but after I attend in few class, I really fall in love with this. Maybe after this, I apply some professional course on this hehe. but really need to attend drawing class first haha. tysm really tyty.