Tuesday, 27 November 2007

~ Purple Fairy ~

This is the Freebie dress "Mana" I got from "*DG* Innovation" yesterday. The design of this dress is cute & simple. If not count the prim work & the flexi settings, it look sweet & nice. My friends told me that it looks much better on body than on pictures & it seems just place as freebies for a limited time. So if you love simple fairy style dress & short of money, this is nice for your wardrobe.

To match this cute fantasy dress, I wear my "Moonlace" Flexible Faery Wings from "Chaospire" & change the wings colour to lavender. O yes I love the Wings & outfits from "Chaospire" so much since 2005! Then I set my hair at Calla Salon. Do a Lavender highlight on my hair tips. Select my high heels from Maitreya .

How can such a cute & elegant little fairy ali wear nothing on her neck.. So I select my $10L SassyII sets that including earrings, necklace & ring. Am I look cute?

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