Monday, 26 November 2007

My "*DG* Innovations" Wardrobe

Yesterday Mui told me that she is in a model contest of a shop name ""*DG* Innovation" . She showed me her dress that gonna wear in the contest- Enchantment (Crimson). She is just so gorgeous in that dress so I begged her to bring me there. That's a huge shop with many formal dresses. At first I didn't find any good (You know... Nicky Ree make me more picky than before so you know how hard to find some nice dress from other shops lol). But then Mui pushed me to try on her freebie dress. (hehe will show you later once I find a nice shoe to match). When I tried on her freebie dress "Mana", I said "Oh, It is not bad. Maybe I can try to buy a dress from her!" I checked around & then find a dress named as "Moon River". I am not a flower lover but this dress really attract me. It just look like snowflake. See on the picture? Am I look pretty & elegant? It is just so sexy! Look at my leg. I really like the flowers pattern of this dress. Simple but gorgeous. If the prim dress parts can set better & with better shading on the clothing textures, that will be perfect.

I then wear my Princess Calanthe Necklace & earrings Set to match this dress. Set my hair at ETD Salon & grab my Maitreya's high heels. GOOD! I get ready for my ball tonight!


Grazia said...

ZOMG... Innovations has lovely gowns, I blogged the moon river a couple of months ago on second style, and it is still one of my fave gowns. So classy! You look lovely in it.

Alienbear Gupte said...

O cool! Yes?! I must miss your post. & yes this gown make me look so gorgeous.