Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Who read my book?!

I was so busy in finishing those custom made orders today before the SL maintenance. & then sudden I received an IM.. that is Mui Mukerji , the girl that addicted my designs & change from my customer to my friend! She IMed me & said "I am in your kid shop now." Well, I am the one who never run away from my workshop when I am working like crazy but today I really want some rest & Mui call me in a right time. I met her & then bring her to my forest. Talk with her & my other friend JJ kenzo. & then She sat on my pillow & read my book lol See that is Mui Mukerji in the picture. OMG she gone crazy & change to a 13 years old teen when she meet me. hehe May be I am TOO cute so she want to be children like me lol

What a wonderful day! Thank Mui & JJ for that Call :D

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Playing piano at home!

Ali love my room soooo much! Ali back home & play piano today hehe! la la la la...

Can't take off my dress!~

OMG I really like this dress... my cousin, my bad cousin.. I really really love this dress ~~ thank you soo much.. bunch of kissess!

Monday, 14 May 2007

Lovely Fairy dress!

OMG my cousin Lilprincess snowdrop make another cute fairy dress Princess Fiorella Flower Fairy Pink Dress! She gifted one to me & requested me helping her to design some jewelry & hair decorations to match her dress. I finally make the Princess Fiorella KID Hair Flower & earring/ necklace set & placed out for sell today! Now I need to finish my customed orders , maybe after that , I should reject any more customed orders on lockets & name chain. As I find that more people having these designs in SL now. I made lockets & name chain since Dec 2005. Think time for me to make something new & bring to SL again hehe!

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Ali will be back!

Woot, I will be back to SL in the coming Monday. My kitty is much better so I can come back to SL again. Too bad that can't catch the mother's day:( Sorry mami Sexy, But ali will be celebrate with you when ali back! Happy mother's day mami! Sending you bunch of kissesss ...

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

The last Kitty -- DEAD

Well, my queen kitty spent 2 days to give birth to all her baby, but well to bad that all dead. My Queen is too week so I need to keep my eye on her & take care about her this week. wish I can back to sl in the coming week. see you guys

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Grandkids died T_T

My real life kitty give birth to her first 2 kids this 9am & 1pm Hong Kong time today (6 May 2007). But sadly both died... We are now at 1:39pm hk time & waiting my last grandkid kitty baby born.. I wish both Queen & little baby will be healthy.. Really sad .. :(

See you guys later in my SL life.

Urgent Leave!

Little Ali need to back to real life for few week start from today. & My dairy of my sl life will be stopped till I back. What happen to my real life? Well , I will be Grandma for my future kitty babies. My kitty suddenly have blood coming out today but seems not a natural symptoms. I am so worry if the baby will be dead in the Queen's tummy. So I need to urgent back to RL. I will pray for god & wish my 3 little kitties grandkids gonna be all good & the Queen can be healthy give birth to her babies.

Because of this all custom orders need to be deferred few weeks start from today. If you want to cancel the order, please im me in SL or just leave a comment here. Sorry for causing you any inconvenience. See you when my grandkids born!

Friday, 4 May 2007

MY new pets!!

I love animals & all kind of inserts, creatures in ocean..etc in RL. & I love detail prim work in SL! That's why I build a small Zoo in my Le'Bear Castle . Remember I bought so many animals from a SL famous sculpture & animals creator Starax Statosky. But as all from him are so expensive , they are like 800L & above for each animals. So I worked very hard to earn money to buy them one by one. Till one day when I saved 16000L to buy his magic wand .. I found that he LEFT the game!!! I felt what a shame.. but I then thought maybe it is good for me as I no more need save money to buy his animals anymore. Plus I owned few of his animals which all people want to own them! as they are rares now.

But today you know what! I find a place that have so many cool animals & creatures at CREATIVE FANTASY HOME & GARDEN!!! I fall in love with that place & creatures. I know this place when I first bought my cool dragons in a garden little fountain. But well as SL not good to me, I have no more prim in my place to place all them out lol

I visited that place again today & I see omg ! It's just an art work ! so real so cool. But yes .. Awesome items = $$$ !! So I finally empty my pocket & bought:-

The Mountain Lion ~ His ears can move & with lion sound!

The Leopards ~ one with tree & one buy it single (the ground one)

The one I put on the grass , his eyes can open & close & with a moving ear. Sure with his roar sound! so real !!! I love it like crazy.

& then when I zoom to the one on the tree!! OMG , not only having open/close eyes & moving ears, But also have a moving tail! OMG so cool! I love it like crazy. Look at them, They are soo real!!!

Want to see what else I had in my Zoo? Why don't you come & have a look & take some picture with them? Keep in touch with my dairy! Gonna save money & buy more other cool animals & creatures lol... Umm think need to ask my landlord if there is any more land for me to rent beside my castle!! hahah OMG I gonna broke.. well already lol

I sit on a tree!!

I climb on a tree today!!! I sleep on tree, I sit on tree & fall from tree... I got this tree few days ago in Pillow Talk! & place in my cool Zoo . It is sooo cool. I bought the swing also. What an amazing tree! Here below is the heaven shop that I got the tree from. Look how amazing is that!

Thursday, 3 May 2007

My Advertising Pictures!

Recieved Tanya Book notecard about Advertising hud few days ago but have no time to make any advertising board till today. Well I have 4 design branches so I make 4 textures lol Don't know if she will place all of them out.. I wish she will lol Are they look ok? My aunti Beautifull Princess , a Professional SL photograher that work in Angelic Wedding, said that I improve a lot & it look like reading magazine! woot! I wish I can make more better in the future lol


I feel no mood to design anything these few days, so I dressed up like an snow princess Fairy flowergirl dress & walk around. I dress this as a flowergirl in my mami sexy Plymouth's wedding. & then I never want to take it off, it is soo cute! I love it so much! It is designed by a new kid outfit designer lilprincess snowdrop. She is my cousin! Her store name is LilSnow Kids Design . The crown, necklace & earrings is designed by me to match this dress! Am I look cute?
You can find this cute set at Alienbear KID Design, Le'Bear Castle Bratz !

I feel so boring today, & then my papa Iceslayer Columbia suddently call me & say he built an awesome playground & game arcade in abc adoption center! OMG yes my papa is genius ! He built awesome playgrounds. Look the picture below, that is my own playground, my unique playground that built by papa!

Then papa tell me that I can set up my room! OMG I love taddy teddy like crazy! Look these are my room & bathroom! Most bought from my other cousin Abby Callisto's store Abby's Lane ! She is just a creative & talented kid funiture creator!