Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Who read my book?!

I was so busy in finishing those custom made orders today before the SL maintenance. & then sudden I received an IM.. that is Mui Mukerji , the girl that addicted my designs & change from my customer to my friend! She IMed me & said "I am in your kid shop now." Well, I am the one who never run away from my workshop when I am working like crazy but today I really want some rest & Mui call me in a right time. I met her & then bring her to my forest. Talk with her & my other friend JJ kenzo. & then She sat on my pillow & read my book lol See that is Mui Mukerji in the picture. OMG she gone crazy & change to a 13 years old teen when she meet me. hehe May be I am TOO cute so she want to be children like me lol

What a wonderful day! Thank Mui & JJ for that Call :D

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