Friday, 4 May 2007

MY new pets!!

I love animals & all kind of inserts, creatures in ocean..etc in RL. & I love detail prim work in SL! That's why I build a small Zoo in my Le'Bear Castle . Remember I bought so many animals from a SL famous sculpture & animals creator Starax Statosky. But as all from him are so expensive , they are like 800L & above for each animals. So I worked very hard to earn money to buy them one by one. Till one day when I saved 16000L to buy his magic wand .. I found that he LEFT the game!!! I felt what a shame.. but I then thought maybe it is good for me as I no more need save money to buy his animals anymore. Plus I owned few of his animals which all people want to own them! as they are rares now.

But today you know what! I find a place that have so many cool animals & creatures at CREATIVE FANTASY HOME & GARDEN!!! I fall in love with that place & creatures. I know this place when I first bought my cool dragons in a garden little fountain. But well as SL not good to me, I have no more prim in my place to place all them out lol

I visited that place again today & I see omg ! It's just an art work ! so real so cool. But yes .. Awesome items = $$$ !! So I finally empty my pocket & bought:-

The Mountain Lion ~ His ears can move & with lion sound!

The Leopards ~ one with tree & one buy it single (the ground one)

The one I put on the grass , his eyes can open & close & with a moving ear. Sure with his roar sound! so real !!! I love it like crazy.

& then when I zoom to the one on the tree!! OMG , not only having open/close eyes & moving ears, But also have a moving tail! OMG so cool! I love it like crazy. Look at them, They are soo real!!!

Want to see what else I had in my Zoo? Why don't you come & have a look & take some picture with them? Keep in touch with my dairy! Gonna save money & buy more other cool animals & creatures lol... Umm think need to ask my landlord if there is any more land for me to rent beside my castle!! hahah OMG I gonna broke.. well already lol

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