Thursday, 3 May 2007


I feel no mood to design anything these few days, so I dressed up like an snow princess Fairy flowergirl dress & walk around. I dress this as a flowergirl in my mami sexy Plymouth's wedding. & then I never want to take it off, it is soo cute! I love it so much! It is designed by a new kid outfit designer lilprincess snowdrop. She is my cousin! Her store name is LilSnow Kids Design . The crown, necklace & earrings is designed by me to match this dress! Am I look cute?
You can find this cute set at Alienbear KID Design, Le'Bear Castle Bratz !

I feel so boring today, & then my papa Iceslayer Columbia suddently call me & say he built an awesome playground & game arcade in abc adoption center! OMG yes my papa is genius ! He built awesome playgrounds. Look the picture below, that is my own playground, my unique playground that built by papa!

Then papa tell me that I can set up my room! OMG I love taddy teddy like crazy! Look these are my room & bathroom! Most bought from my other cousin Abby Callisto's store Abby's Lane ! She is just a creative & talented kid funiture creator!

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