Monday, 30 July 2007


Sigh.. SL is SO good to me today. Weird that my money record keep showing "Loading.." even I tried to relog & relog. Then ...

I can't TP,
I can't send group IM,
I can't buy anythings,
I can't search,
I can't load friend's profile,
I can't see anyone buy things from my stores -maybe just no one like my design today :(
I can't .....

Btw, when I can't do all of that listed above, & I have no mood to do my custom orders... I made belly rings & belly chain today to match my Gemstone Star Set (Modify from Apirl 2006 Design) . Then I tried to take pictures for ads. BUT It kept crashing & crashing & then ..

OK I GIVE UP NOW! SL force me to back to RL... :(

What a bad SL day today ...

Saturday, 28 July 2007

Kawaii Doll!

OMG, look at ali! Just like a very cute japanese doll on this!

I am fans of Mischief since I start to be in SL 2 years ago. Yes all her outfit is just so real & cute. This blue little top is her new design just $85L!! The flexi lil skirt is from her too but I forget how much lol I bought that long time ago. yes she make nice prim, nice texture & nice flexi setting! Just can say perfect , special & CUTE! If you are in kid av, here you can find some that can be modify to fit your avatar :D

I am nice BOOTS collectors! Well, in SL, really not too many shoe designer can make real & nice boots. Other than Sylfie's Prim Seduction (just few boots) & Shiny Things (umm.. 1 to 2 boots only..), I find a NEW boot designer! Yes Look at my boot in the picture! Just awesome YES? So real, good colour tons... OK yes just perfect! This is Maitreya Bloom (Wide) from Maitreya ! I saw few bloggers blog this boot in other colour before so I went to her store few days ago. I even get a fatpack of this boots! I also bought her Maitreya Dune (Wide) - Earthpack! (will show you once I find nice outfit to match hehe)

To match this cute outfit, I select a very & special hair Tsuyayaka-blackw/bluehighlights from Kin. She is one of my favourite cute hair designer. Few of her hair just awesome & Very suit cute style girl OR kids! Texture good, Some style with good prim, Special hair style. Ok the accessory I select this time is my Gemstone Star Set (Modify from Apirl 2006 Design) in Babyblue Saphire. Tiny little star just make me more cute with this outfit :D


OK! need to back to my work! Show you more in my wardrobe later :D
Cheers :D

Thursday, 26 July 2007

An email...

Funny that I recieved an email from a real life company named Luckychair today, it said,

Hello Alienbear,

FYI - Your product name matches our existing company name. To avoid confusion with our company's products and services, we strongly request that you consider changing the name of your jewelry line.

Thank you,


lol hahaha I can't keep laughing as I have no product name as luckychair. But just list out the monthly chair gifts in SL as XX/XX Lucky chair gifts & mobven gifts,.. hahaha The creator of this Lucky chair in sl will be in danger too? What can I do?

*PS ... May be they should thx me as I paste the email here so is another method to help him promote hahaaha (may be they bug me is because they want me to help promote like this hahahah)

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

If one day I get marry...

If one day you get marry.. You will need ring!

So many of my designs' fans keep asking me if I am going to make any rings. Well I designed a ring for my JULY-SEPT 2007 LUCKY CHAIRS GIFTS. So far The rings seems recieving good comments. So I am now planning to design some nice rings. But then A big problem I find..

1. Which hand for lady & man in wearing wedding rings?

2. Which fingers for lady & man in wearing this wedding rings?

3. How about engagement rings?

4. Other than these kind of rings, If a lady or man want to wear rings as accessories, what fingers & hands will they normally wear the rings?

5. Are there any different in every countries?

As when I was young, I always hear that man wear in left hand & girls in right hand. & then each fingers represent different meaning... start from thumb..

first finger means "successfully ask the girls be his gf"

2nd finger means "request a girl to be his wife"

3rd finger means "for engagement"

4nd finger means "already married"

last little finger means "desperated wife"

Can anyone help me to answer my questions please? Just leave the answer in my comment. Thank you so much :D

*Hair : Kin-Misa-[] by Kin

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

My dream Set!!!

(Picture download from
I saw this Gorgeous set promotion when I was firstly know RC Design in Jan2006. RC design is one of my favorite jewelry collections branches. All his design not only on prim base but NO texture used! I adored his old limited editions set that I can't get lol Though I just have 1 pair earrings from him .. "Earrings - Spiral Dance " That is a very tiny lil spider earrings. Well it did have a necklace to match but RC just release 10 sets & I have no chance to get. I remembered when I want to his lil black shop that day, I saw this promotion board but well I thought that it was limited editions so I just told myself "what a shame... this is a really gorgeous set that I've seen.."
Until few days ago, my friend Mui Mukerji told me that "IT STILL AVAILABLE! Just need to finish the Mata hari Puzzle game & find all the hided pieces & you can get it!" I was sooo happy & I drop down all my work & go to the Crescent Moon Museum to start the puzzle game!
Woa, when I went to the fireplace inside the museum, I found the main clue box "memorabilia" above the fireplace.. & I see damn .. so many letters & postcards.. well I am not a Native English speaker.. I just knew a bit clue that lead me find the ring but nothing lol Random Calliope is just an intelligent guy I can say! He is a real artist! You can see how he design all the riddles, how he set up this romantic stories.. just a great game! But well...
I just said that my English suck so I find all the pieces in a tricky way lol Random may be very disappointed if he know how did I found his set lol... (Don't ask me how as someone complain about that in my comment so I delete how I found that hehe) Please forgive me Random as my English are really so suck that even I read all clues, I still have no idea what are they mean lol But well I finally used ONE & HALF DAYS to get this full set!

Look how gorgeous is this Mata Hari Set! It comes with earrings, necklace, armband, bracelet, navel ring & ring!!! All come so details & elegant. Even when you zoom in real close when you drop on the ground, you can see how details how neat how great they are! Well I can make jewelries but when you zoom very close to my jewelry, you can see it may not link that perfect as RC does. I can see RC are much more patient than me I can say lol
I love it sooo much. I can't wait so after I collect the full set.. I quickly open my wardrobe to see anythings I can match this gorgeous set & show off!!!
The babyblue dress in 2 style is *Solange!* Tequila Sweater Set ICE BLUE (M) from "Solange!". Her designs are neat as always with great textures, nice designs, nice primwork & ok flexi settings. Well thanks god that I don't like silk outfit, if not ... I know that I must BROKE lol
The hair I am wearing is Calla Pink Rose Reds (Copper) from Calla. Most her updo is very cute & few hair texture is ok too. Her style quite girly so if you like girly style hair, I think her updo hair might suit you.
The nails I am wearing is a texture nails that wear as glove, I bought it long time ago but still feel that is great lol (by Nevermore Studios)
This 2 pairs of shoes are what I wear & show on my 2 pictures with those lovely dress & jewelries. Last time I said that Shiny things is one of my favourite shoe designer & the other one is .. Sylfie's Prim Seduction by Sylfie Minogue. These 2 pairs of shoe are her designs. I love this designer since Sept2005. She did a awesome & details boot! she did have few good designs of heels. look the 2 I show on picture. Touch it & you can see how details they are! No matter the heels parts or the ribbon parts, just awesome & details! Before the show have sexywalk that the only thing I hate but now she make another one that have no sexywalk! But if you get one that have sexy walk & you don't like, just im her she is very nice & will give you the one with no walk in it :D Go & get some now lol
Left - *SM* "Tropicana" White Wedgie
Right- *SM* "Embraced" Silver/White Stiletto

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Oriental Doll

Did you see any change on me?

Bingo.. I put a new make up & skin on my body. Well I was fans of Lost in Naughty Island. I like natural & I am in Kid avatar always so I used his "[ND] Skins by Lost - Makeup Pack "Natural Tones" Fair " (can't find in SL right now anymore lol) for over a year I think... But few days ago when I tried to took picture in this "Summer Breeze - Ivory (Deco)" by Nicky Ree with my friends, I found omg I can't see my face in far view.. So My friend Mui Mukerji recommand me to try the skins in !Celestial Studios. Personally I feel CS skin not really suit me as her skin too colourful for me & it like puting many many thick base on the face. I did love the lips from CS. But then Mui Mukerji keep telling me NO, try her spring collections, you may like. So I followed Mui & Picked the Demo of CS limited editions Spring & Summer skin to try on.

When I tried the Spring skin, I feel.. NO way.. I look like a toy doll more than natural. It is way too colourful on me but IT really impress me as I can see her eyebrow more details than before. (Most eyebrows in SL body shop look like painting more than real eyebrow.) But then...

I tried to put on The Summer skin...

O it impressed me as it is really more natural compare with her other skins. Though it is still look like a toy doll on me lol But It is so good when I try to zoom to far view for taking pictures. The shading on the skin is good; The Lips are perfect as usual; the eyebow are more realistic than before....So I bought the Fatpack lol..

The one I am wearing is (CS) Vogue Skins - Summer Series - 3. Do I look like an Oriental Doll?

The Dress is from Nicky Ree, It is just 280L!! You can see that no mater the top or the prim dress texture, it is just perfect! So details so real with nice shading. I think white & light colour is the most difficult to make good in SL. But those New designs by Nicky Ree is just too good on that! For the Prim setting, not bad, just maybe if the flexi setting can be fix a little bit so not to show my leg when walking, that will be perfect lol This dress comes with few colours too. You can see below is 2 of the colours my friends selected:-

For the heels, really hardly find any good & simple to match. So I chosed one from my wardrobe (It was a real old design.. I bought it in 2005 lol) "Color Changing Sunflower Sandal" by Asri Falcone. You can change the colour of this lil flowers on the shoe suface. Well, Don't ask me if you can find in sl anymore lol I really don't know haha lol

For the Hair, I select this elegant hair Ayva by ::fetish:: . Remember I was looking for some Top hairstylists? (See Are you on vacations? TOP HAIR STYLIST!!!??? & Where is the TOP Stylist gone?!! ) A lady replied me & suggested ::fetish:: to me. So I went to her shop & try some demos. Well I finally pick this one. It is a shame that there have no hair colour demo for me to try the texture of the hair :( But this hair is nice for me to take closed up picture for my jewelry so I finally buy a $500L fatpack of Ayva with 12 hair colours included. Umm.. The style look cute & elegant but not all the Hair textures are good. Personally I think The blonde pack is the best texture among all in this hair style. You can see the front & back view of this hair on the above picture.

For the Jewerly, as this dress is kinda simple & all white so I select my very simple Star Version in Double band Diamond Set (Modify from Mar2006 design) . Cute & elegant?

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Summer time

I saw this dress in someone blog yesterday & then fall in love with the dress design. So I went to that shop in checking if this designer got any other design. It is a mini store... Woa, on the wall, I saw so many nice design of spring/summer style dresses, cute babydoll tops... So I buy this dress style in green without asking the designer to show me before I buy this time. Hehe , I am perfectionist so most of the time I called the designer to wear it on body before I purchase. But this time I saw the price is just 195L & her designs' pictures give me a very fresh & energetic feeling. So I bought it without any hesitate.
I check my inventory to see which hair, shoes & jewelry to match it.... Then I picked my Diamond Heart Set (Mod from NOV2005 designs) & then the hair Annie by Celestial Studios. I checking the shoe in my inventory & finally chose the Spring stiletto by Shiny things.
I bought this hair in the hair fair. Well, I am hair collector but I never will buy the fat pack of the hairs before but Celestial Studios make me buy 2 fatpacks of her hair lol Comparing with her old hair, new ones are just perfect. You can see the texture on the hair is so real. I am in kid avatar more so this hair very suit my kid av lol
Well, For the shoes.. The folder of Shiny things is one of the name that occupied most in my adult shoe folder lol what is my other favorite of shoe? hehe.. Will show you once I have outfit to match. (I am shoe collectors also lol) Well, all in SL will know Shiny Things is one that good in prim works & artwork. Tell you a secret, I make jewelry but she is one that will make me buy her jewelry LOL She is my idol since 2005 hehe.
After I select all accessories to match the dress...
I am so exciting to try on my new dress...
SO I tried on the dress...
When I tried on..
Umm... I feel a bit disappointed.
Well the design is awesome to be honest if for causal wear. But well I may be too picky. I find that the top is so plain without any shading. umm the texture on the top look so fade comparing with the one on the picture (or when I took picture of this dress). But I can say the prim ribbon look so real. (If you are my jewelry fans, you will know I like ribbon lol) For the prim skirt part, if I didn't move, it look great & cute. But when I try turning around my camera, it look like many paper that cut into many piece & maybe it is due to the alpha setting of the dress that make the dress feel a bit weird. Well I think this is one of the issue that most SL fashion designer found when they try to edit the prim dress. Not really too many designer can make the prim dress look good. Not only this, but the flexi setting is a bit weird too. check the pic below:-

Well, To be honest, I like over half of the designs in her shop when I walk in but the shading, printing, texturing of the top ; the prim making of the dresses; the flexi setting make me stop opening my purse & shop like crazy lol Well , I REALLY want to wear her designs. I will looking forward to see this designer to improve so I can have some new , fresh fashions in my wardrobe.
Not going to list out the designer name & wish she don't mind my straight forward lol I don't know how to make great fashion but I am the one who love to wear perfect fashion. & yes I know she will keep improving as I can see she have good eyes but need practice on the skill :D
I will wait. ^_^

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

July2007 Member gifts - Queen heidi Armbands

To thanks all my "Alienbear Design & Le'Cameo Lovers" group members keep supporting me, This armband is design for all members. This arm bands are designing for matching the July-Sept 2007 Lucky Chairs gifts @ Alienbear Design (Platinum line) and BijouxOr Design (Gold Line). This time you can get these gifts from my group notice instead of I send out by hand or place in member & discount shop. So even new member who join my group will have opportunity to get this gifts till SL delete this notice. As this is for member so it is NO TRANSFER :D

Don't forget go to Alienbear Design main store & BijouxOr Design main store to collect the full lucky chairs gifts (5 Platinum Piece & 5 Gold pieces) Before 30 Sept 2007 so as to match this arm band!! Good Luck!!

Are you on vacations? TOP HAIR STYLIST!!!???

See how pretty I am! This is another colour of gown named Divine by Nicky Ree. Perfect texture make it look so real. It make me like a Chinese wedding bride lol


When I try to find a nice updo to match.. I just ....

OK again.. Where are all the top hair stylist gone?! I really want some nice updo or whatever that make me look elegant. But I can't find any... Well I did have some nice updo in my inventory but I am so boring to use them again & again....

O yes. look at my necklace, my ring , my bracelet & earrings.. Are they nice & elegant? you want it? Check my blog at GOLD JEWEL - BijouxOr Design to see what is including in this set & how to get it.

OK again.. I NEED TOP HAIRSTYLIST so I can have more hair to match & show my jewelry & my favourite outfit ...

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

OMG! the ring in gold version!

Love this? It will be placed in the luckychair of BijouxOr design main store at Le'Bear Castle! Wootie can't wait to place out!

Monday, 16 July 2007

Wootie!!! My First Royal Ring!

SO many customers, friends, my jewerlry lovers keep ask me "Make rings ali! It's hardly find a nice ring in sl".. since 2005. & Your request come true now! Look this is my ring design! It will be place as the coming lucky chair gifts in alienbear Design. It have 155 prim in total LOL

Is it look nice?

Queen Heidi

wootie the Crown of the lucky chair gift finally done!!! Here come Queen Heidi... Look royal? look gorgeous? well you may ask girly where did you get this dress.. it is from Nicky Ree.

Ok next I will make the armband OR ring.. Let's see what will the next gifts are lol

urgh.... "Unable to link this...."

look! Am I like a Queen? look at my unfinished crown.. Ok let's try link..

Ali select all prim on the crown & then Press "link"...

OMG.. a pop up menu say "Unable to link this 563 objects. You can link the maximum of 256 objects." AGAIN!! :(( everytime when I try to make a crown or a necklace, it always like that.. urgh.. I spent one whole day to craft this but then.. ok make again then..

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Start making LuckyChair gifts!!!

Been busy in rebuilding my castles & my old design.. I found that my castle is kinda quite these days. Think time for me to update my lucky chairs gifts set lol It supposed to be updated in June but well as too busy so try to make the gifts now lol So what is the coming lucky chair gifts in Le'Bear Castle in the coming August/Sept? touch my picture!!! I finished the necklace, braclet & earring gifts for alienbear Design lc gift chair. Yes ! The theme of the coming gifts are ROYALITY! The coming lucky chair gifts will be Queen Heidi set! So now show you first 3 gifts, what are others? hehe.. keep checking my blog or my design blog!!

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Perfect ladies!!

Ali get married? NOOO.. I just fall in love with this wedding dress from Nicky Ree . My Snow Queen Nevada Set & Crown perfectly match this dress! See how pretty I am!!!

These dresses are another design from Nicky Ree . See Mui Mukerji , Me & My new friend Anita Cassini. See how pretty we are!

Oh! 3 ladies in different wedding dress styles! OMG how gorgeous they are!

You may ask am I fans of Nicky Ree? No lol

Then why I show her dresses here?

Umm I am the one who never follow the trendy of the fashion, I hate to be crone of others. I just like finding some special , something with awesome in texture, primwork , flexi setting, perfect items or artwork .. clothes in sl is artwork for me! Yes, picky eyes I have lol or you may feel my taste is weird lol

I love outfit from Silver Rose Design; Chaospire; some design in barerose ; few royal design by Sparkle Skye @ ALLURE; few designs in Mis chief; the best lace pattern in Nonna Hedge; few in Solange; a bit in old dazzle; & sometimes from some mini shops that never been too wellknow in sl BUT few have awesome texture & prim patterns... For kids one , I love my cousin's Lilprincess Snowdrop dresses (LilSnow blog ) but umm I think still not perfect hehelol

I love the shoes in Shiny things; Boots from Sylfie's Prim Seductions, few from some other mini shops but it awesome prim work...

I love collect hairs but well not really too great hair I can see in SL now. I like Updo & some princess hair soo much, my inventory are full of different awesome designers design but few already closed their shops while few in Kin; !Celestial Studios; old design in naughty Island; updo design of old ETD (too bad that texture so suck), a bit updo in Calla; Sky designs; a bit in tickled pink, Empyrean Emporium.. etc but well I need TOP hairstylist!!! really boring for my hairs now lol maybe ETD can ask where !Celestial Studios get their hair texture lol

I made jewelry but I do collect awesome jewerly.. Shiny things, Old designs of Random Calliope, Spider Productions, & few from mini shops but in perfect & extemely well designs & prim work...

I love collect awesome animals & creatures .. Starx (already leave the game) & now is CREATIVE FANTASY HOME & GARDEN & few in Dak's Custom Creations ...

I love to collect just awesome primwork stuff & really good designs ...

Yes, to be honest, I don't like Nicky Ree design before even my friends always bought a lot from her & show me lol I felt that her design was kinda old woman style, prim so sucks, texture not really perfect TILL I saw her dress Spring Romance Short Dress - the orange one from the above pictures. I feel impress as her design start tends to younger. but then I saw omg it's 480L .. & someone told me that the prim was so suck when wearing so I gave up my mind. But from that day, i start keep checking her designs. Till few days ago, I saw her Divine - White Grandeur.. I just like OMG! forget to tell you I am the one who love wedding sooo much lol I like collecting wedding dress (but till now there still can't find any that impressed me , some have aweome clothing texture but really suck prim work. some have awesome prim work but really so so for the body texure patten. Those impressed me just few royal outfit that can be worn as wedding dress) But then Divine - White Grandeur I can say PERFECT. Just if the flexi setting of the dress can be improve a bit , they will be awesome! you can see that the top texture are VERY clear & details , her lace is the good, & then the veil is the best texturing I see in SL , if SL is more good to us about the alpha texture, it will be great as when you try to turn around your camera when zooming on the veil, it look a bit weird. but I can say texture & shape is the best I see in sl. the dress patern is so clear & detail than most i find in SL . You can see it is just VERY GOOD!! I am strongly recommand this dress if you are going to have your wedding! Her Grace one is ok too ! I also bought the Spring Romance Short Dress in orange & some other dress & find that it is so nice on texturing for the shirt part & the skirt part!

Really so happy today in having these gorgeous & great outfits . But still looking for hairss...

Friday, 6 July 2007

Where is the TOP Stylist gone?!!

These days I keep remaking & updating my old jewerly. When I start taking photo shot of my jewerly, I find OMGGG those hairs in my inventory are so boring.. well , yes I am sooo picky but I like collect nice hair but well... less & less nice elegant & young updo hair find in SL saloon. Come on where are those top hair stylist hiding!!! I need HAIR like crazy!!! #@*!!! so badddd...

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Princess Ali & Queen Mui

Look at us!!! This is My friend Mui Mukerji & me in big avatar!!! Are we look gorgeous? Our dress is by Sparkle Skye @ ALLURE . It comes with a cape too! Who make the crown, the necklace & earring?.. ME~~~ I make that into light gold & make us look more young :D You love them? Right now I do have Bright Gold & Platinum version in my castles.