Wednesday, 25 July 2007

If one day I get marry...

If one day you get marry.. You will need ring!

So many of my designs' fans keep asking me if I am going to make any rings. Well I designed a ring for my JULY-SEPT 2007 LUCKY CHAIRS GIFTS. So far The rings seems recieving good comments. So I am now planning to design some nice rings. But then A big problem I find..

1. Which hand for lady & man in wearing wedding rings?

2. Which fingers for lady & man in wearing this wedding rings?

3. How about engagement rings?

4. Other than these kind of rings, If a lady or man want to wear rings as accessories, what fingers & hands will they normally wear the rings?

5. Are there any different in every countries?

As when I was young, I always hear that man wear in left hand & girls in right hand. & then each fingers represent different meaning... start from thumb..

first finger means "successfully ask the girls be his gf"

2nd finger means "request a girl to be his wife"

3rd finger means "for engagement"

4nd finger means "already married"

last little finger means "desperated wife"

Can anyone help me to answer my questions please? Just leave the answer in my comment. Thank you so much :D

*Hair : Kin-Misa-[] by Kin


Phedora said...

In the US,
1) Wedding rings are worn on the left hand.
2) Wedding rings are worn on the "ring finger" (3rd finger, the one next to the pinkie/smallest finger).
3) Same for engagement rings - often there are two rings worn on this finger. Usually the engagement ring will be something with a larger gem and the wedding band will be just a simpler ring, and they will sometimes interlock to make it easy to wear them together.
4) Non-engagement/wedding rings are usually worn on the ring finger of the right hand, or the middle finger of either hand. Rings are sometimes worn on the forefinger/pointer finger (the finger closest to your thumb) or the pinkie/smallest finger too.

There are some other customs - like I think people sometimes wear their class rings (rings you get when you graduate from a school) on what is usually their wedding ring finger before they are married or engaged, or wearing rings on necklaces.

The Wikipedia entry is pretty interesting:

Alienbear Gupte said...

thx phedora for your great answer :D it will absoluting help me a lot :D