Tuesday, 24 July 2007

My dream Set!!!

(Picture download from http://randomcalliope.blogspot.com/)
I saw this Gorgeous set promotion when I was firstly know RC Design in Jan2006. RC design is one of my favorite jewelry collections branches. All his design not only on prim base but NO texture used! I adored his old limited editions set that I can't get lol Though I just have 1 pair earrings from him .. "Earrings - Spiral Dance " That is a very tiny lil spider earrings. Well it did have a necklace to match but RC just release 10 sets & I have no chance to get. I remembered when I want to his lil black shop that day, I saw this promotion board but well I thought that it was limited editions so I just told myself "what a shame... this is a really gorgeous set that I've seen.."
Until few days ago, my friend Mui Mukerji told me that "IT STILL AVAILABLE! Just need to finish the Mata hari Puzzle game & find all the hided pieces & you can get it!" I was sooo happy & I drop down all my work & go to the Crescent Moon Museum to start the puzzle game!
Woa, when I went to the fireplace inside the museum, I found the main clue box "memorabilia" above the fireplace.. & I see damn .. so many letters & postcards.. well I am not a Native English speaker.. I just knew a bit clue that lead me find the ring but nothing lol Random Calliope is just an intelligent guy I can say! He is a real artist! You can see how he design all the riddles, how he set up this romantic stories.. just a great game! But well...
I just said that my English suck so I find all the pieces in a tricky way lol Random may be very disappointed if he know how did I found his set lol... (Don't ask me how as someone complain about that in my comment so I delete how I found that hehe) Please forgive me Random as my English are really so suck that even I read all clues, I still have no idea what are they mean lol But well I finally used ONE & HALF DAYS to get this full set!

Look how gorgeous is this Mata Hari Set! It comes with earrings, necklace, armband, bracelet, navel ring & ring!!! All come so details & elegant. Even when you zoom in real close when you drop on the ground, you can see how details how neat how great they are! Well I can make jewelries but when you zoom very close to my jewelry, you can see it may not link that perfect as RC does. I can see RC are much more patient than me I can say lol
I love it sooo much. I can't wait so after I collect the full set.. I quickly open my wardrobe to see anythings I can match this gorgeous set & show off!!!
The babyblue dress in 2 style is *Solange!* Tequila Sweater Set ICE BLUE (M) from "Solange!". Her designs are neat as always with great textures, nice designs, nice primwork & ok flexi settings. Well thanks god that I don't like silk outfit, if not ... I know that I must BROKE lol
The hair I am wearing is Calla Pink Rose Reds (Copper) from Calla. Most her updo is very cute & few hair texture is ok too. Her style quite girly so if you like girly style hair, I think her updo hair might suit you.
The nails I am wearing is a texture nails that wear as glove, I bought it long time ago but still feel that is great lol (by Nevermore Studios)
This 2 pairs of shoes are what I wear & show on my 2 pictures with those lovely dress & jewelries. Last time I said that Shiny things is one of my favourite shoe designer & the other one is .. Sylfie's Prim Seduction by Sylfie Minogue. These 2 pairs of shoe are her designs. I love this designer since Sept2005. She did a awesome & details boot! she did have few good designs of heels. look the 2 I show on picture. Touch it & you can see how details they are! No matter the heels parts or the ribbon parts, just awesome & details! Before the show have sexywalk that the only thing I hate but now she make another one that have no sexywalk! But if you get one that have sexy walk & you don't like, just im her she is very nice & will give you the one with no walk in it :D Go & get some now lol
Left - *SM* "Tropicana" White Wedgie
Right- *SM* "Embraced" Silver/White Stiletto


Morrigan said...

Yes, the Mata Hari set is really gorgeous. You complain that you had to spend one and a half days finding it? Well, people who didn't cheat spent far longer than that. I get that English isn't your first language, and it's your own decision to solve the puzzle the way you did (and honestly, I can see that making sense for a non-native speaker of English) BUT - to put instructions for how to do it in your blog? Why on earth would you do that, when you even say "and I may upset Random". He's given us such a wonderful gift in this set, and to tell people how to just grab the prize with minimal work is...really sad.

Your jewelry is lovely, and I own a fair bit of it. Think how upset you would be if you created a puzzle like the Mata Hari and someone posted how to basically ignore all that work and just grab the goodies.

Alienbear Gupte said...

Hehe , me bad bad. I will delete that part for how I use the tricky method. I understand how upset he would be if he know that but hehe I am just too stright forward & always forget others feeling, really so sorry about that..

Btw, thanks so muck that loving my design :D I will keep designing more :D