Thursday, 19 July 2007

Summer time

I saw this dress in someone blog yesterday & then fall in love with the dress design. So I went to that shop in checking if this designer got any other design. It is a mini store... Woa, on the wall, I saw so many nice design of spring/summer style dresses, cute babydoll tops... So I buy this dress style in green without asking the designer to show me before I buy this time. Hehe , I am perfectionist so most of the time I called the designer to wear it on body before I purchase. But this time I saw the price is just 195L & her designs' pictures give me a very fresh & energetic feeling. So I bought it without any hesitate.
I check my inventory to see which hair, shoes & jewelry to match it.... Then I picked my Diamond Heart Set (Mod from NOV2005 designs) & then the hair Annie by Celestial Studios. I checking the shoe in my inventory & finally chose the Spring stiletto by Shiny things.
I bought this hair in the hair fair. Well, I am hair collector but I never will buy the fat pack of the hairs before but Celestial Studios make me buy 2 fatpacks of her hair lol Comparing with her old hair, new ones are just perfect. You can see the texture on the hair is so real. I am in kid avatar more so this hair very suit my kid av lol
Well, For the shoes.. The folder of Shiny things is one of the name that occupied most in my adult shoe folder lol what is my other favorite of shoe? hehe.. Will show you once I have outfit to match. (I am shoe collectors also lol) Well, all in SL will know Shiny Things is one that good in prim works & artwork. Tell you a secret, I make jewelry but she is one that will make me buy her jewelry LOL She is my idol since 2005 hehe.
After I select all accessories to match the dress...
I am so exciting to try on my new dress...
SO I tried on the dress...
When I tried on..
Umm... I feel a bit disappointed.
Well the design is awesome to be honest if for causal wear. But well I may be too picky. I find that the top is so plain without any shading. umm the texture on the top look so fade comparing with the one on the picture (or when I took picture of this dress). But I can say the prim ribbon look so real. (If you are my jewelry fans, you will know I like ribbon lol) For the prim skirt part, if I didn't move, it look great & cute. But when I try turning around my camera, it look like many paper that cut into many piece & maybe it is due to the alpha setting of the dress that make the dress feel a bit weird. Well I think this is one of the issue that most SL fashion designer found when they try to edit the prim dress. Not really too many designer can make the prim dress look good. Not only this, but the flexi setting is a bit weird too. check the pic below:-

Well, To be honest, I like over half of the designs in her shop when I walk in but the shading, printing, texturing of the top ; the prim making of the dresses; the flexi setting make me stop opening my purse & shop like crazy lol Well , I REALLY want to wear her designs. I will looking forward to see this designer to improve so I can have some new , fresh fashions in my wardrobe.
Not going to list out the designer name & wish she don't mind my straight forward lol I don't know how to make great fashion but I am the one who love to wear perfect fashion. & yes I know she will keep improving as I can see she have good eyes but need practice on the skill :D
I will wait. ^_^


Gillian Waldman said...

Hi Alienbear - I think you probably read about this dress in my blog. I absolutely adored the dress and am still wearing it since yesterday in fact lol. I notice the skirt does look a bit different on you than me but perhaps our shapes are very different. I found the texture on the shirt in particular to be so well done. I personally like subtle and I adore the ruffles and subtle puckers to the texture. And, if I had found the flexi skirt to be odd, I would have certainly mentioned it as I do in all the clothing I cover. I make sure to walk around in everything first for example.

At any rate, didn't mean to lead you astray at all! I loved these particular dresses and they're very reasonably priced. Also, since they're transferable, you can move them on to someone who might like them better.

Hope I pick something that works out better for you next time :)

Alienbear Gupte said...

sure np, I love people giving comments on every thing I write or wear or make.

Umm think my english is not too good so you got some misunderstanding. well I love her design so much. I like the ruffles too & that's why when I see the picture I just bought it without hesitate.

The point is you can see that the "shading" & the texture of the top is a bit fade. You can check out nicky ree "Spring Romance" Or "Maritza" by last call, when you zoom on the top, you can see the shading & make the whole outfit look more real & 3D. umm how to say..

Like when you wear an outfit, there will be someparts that will darker, (like the part under your boob)..

while this dress lack of this. But I DO LOVE THE OVERALL DESIGN ITSELF. Just in my blog I said I love over half "design" in her shop but she just need more skill in making the prim dress & the texture of the top so it can make it look more real & 3D.
& that's why I said I will wait :D & i said this designer have good eye just need more skill in making the texture of the top & the prim.

Well for nice prim dress making & flexi setting, you can compare the prim making skill with "Abigail Lolita" by Draconic Kiss or "Summer Doll Chloe" by Silver Rose designs. you will know what I mean :D

But I agree with you that this dress designer designs so fresh & good. If she can improve the shading of the top as make it look more 3D Plus more good in making the prim dress setting, She will rock! :D