Sunday, 8 July 2007

Perfect ladies!!

Ali get married? NOOO.. I just fall in love with this wedding dress from Nicky Ree . My Snow Queen Nevada Set & Crown perfectly match this dress! See how pretty I am!!!

These dresses are another design from Nicky Ree . See Mui Mukerji , Me & My new friend Anita Cassini. See how pretty we are!

Oh! 3 ladies in different wedding dress styles! OMG how gorgeous they are!

You may ask am I fans of Nicky Ree? No lol

Then why I show her dresses here?

Umm I am the one who never follow the trendy of the fashion, I hate to be crone of others. I just like finding some special , something with awesome in texture, primwork , flexi setting, perfect items or artwork .. clothes in sl is artwork for me! Yes, picky eyes I have lol or you may feel my taste is weird lol

I love outfit from Silver Rose Design; Chaospire; some design in barerose ; few royal design by Sparkle Skye @ ALLURE; few designs in Mis chief; the best lace pattern in Nonna Hedge; few in Solange; a bit in old dazzle; & sometimes from some mini shops that never been too wellknow in sl BUT few have awesome texture & prim patterns... For kids one , I love my cousin's Lilprincess Snowdrop dresses (LilSnow blog ) but umm I think still not perfect hehelol

I love the shoes in Shiny things; Boots from Sylfie's Prim Seductions, few from some other mini shops but it awesome prim work...

I love collect hairs but well not really too great hair I can see in SL now. I like Updo & some princess hair soo much, my inventory are full of different awesome designers design but few already closed their shops while few in Kin; !Celestial Studios; old design in naughty Island; updo design of old ETD (too bad that texture so suck), a bit updo in Calla; Sky designs; a bit in tickled pink, Empyrean Emporium.. etc but well I need TOP hairstylist!!! really boring for my hairs now lol maybe ETD can ask where !Celestial Studios get their hair texture lol

I made jewelry but I do collect awesome jewerly.. Shiny things, Old designs of Random Calliope, Spider Productions, & few from mini shops but in perfect & extemely well designs & prim work...

I love collect awesome animals & creatures .. Starx (already leave the game) & now is CREATIVE FANTASY HOME & GARDEN & few in Dak's Custom Creations ...

I love to collect just awesome primwork stuff & really good designs ...

Yes, to be honest, I don't like Nicky Ree design before even my friends always bought a lot from her & show me lol I felt that her design was kinda old woman style, prim so sucks, texture not really perfect TILL I saw her dress Spring Romance Short Dress - the orange one from the above pictures. I feel impress as her design start tends to younger. but then I saw omg it's 480L .. & someone told me that the prim was so suck when wearing so I gave up my mind. But from that day, i start keep checking her designs. Till few days ago, I saw her Divine - White Grandeur.. I just like OMG! forget to tell you I am the one who love wedding sooo much lol I like collecting wedding dress (but till now there still can't find any that impressed me , some have aweome clothing texture but really suck prim work. some have awesome prim work but really so so for the body texure patten. Those impressed me just few royal outfit that can be worn as wedding dress) But then Divine - White Grandeur I can say PERFECT. Just if the flexi setting of the dress can be improve a bit , they will be awesome! you can see that the top texture are VERY clear & details , her lace is the good, & then the veil is the best texturing I see in SL , if SL is more good to us about the alpha texture, it will be great as when you try to turn around your camera when zooming on the veil, it look a bit weird. but I can say texture & shape is the best I see in sl. the dress patern is so clear & detail than most i find in SL . You can see it is just VERY GOOD!! I am strongly recommand this dress if you are going to have your wedding! Her Grace one is ok too ! I also bought the Spring Romance Short Dress in orange & some other dress & find that it is so nice on texturing for the shirt part & the skirt part!

Really so happy today in having these gorgeous & great outfits . But still looking for hairss...

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