Monday, 17 August 2009

WHERE is Alienbear?!

okies hey all, got many offline messages & Mui told me that many asked where am I & WHEN will I come back to sl?!

So.. WHERE am I?!
I was busy in real life for my friends' wedding preparations; my new born kitty baby that its mom not caring of; and my illness- inflammation of the fingers/ hand joint again on both of my hands. Now I am still taking care of this poor lil kitty baby and my hands are in recovering period.

WHEN will I come back?!
Many asked Mui if I already leave sl? SURE not! How can I leave you all lovely guys and this creative SL world?! No way!!! I will be come back as soon as possible once my hands feel better. Appoximate in 15 Sept 2009 maybe, depending on how my hands feel. I really miss you all and miss my workshop in sl. ^^

Share with you some pic of my new born kitty baby CYRUS (2 months old now):-

If you want to see more video of this kitty baby Cyrus, feel free to check my YouTube page at:-

See you all later & miss you all. Take care all.

Alienbear Gupte