Tuesday, 16 December 2008

When pumpkin meet lemon

My 7th drawing

After I back from traveling, last Thurs was my first day back to my drawing class. See what I drew! This is my 7th pencil drawing in my drawing class. In the first day when I start drawing, I never think I can draw something out. But now in my nearly 11th lessons, I start finding ways to improve my drawing skills. How fun. I can draw a little now! Happy happy! Will show you more of my drawing soon ^^

My featuring designs on runway @ day of fashion Haute Couture

When I was traveling in Japan in Nov, Timeless agency ran an awesome fashion show for the Haute Couture sim's designers. I was one of those who featuring jewelries for the show. Thanks Mui Mukerji helping me selecting my jewelries to fit the models. Though I can't watch the show but the sim owner Moxie Polano (designer of Haute Couture MP Haute Styles) told me that it was an excellent show. Timeless Agency CEO SerinaJane Loon share few of the photoshoots at her flickr. You will see how professional their models are & how great the photographer they have!

RUNWAYLooks - Day of fashion Haute Couture with Mui Mukerji3

RUNWAYLooks - Day of fashion HAute Couture with SJ Loon6

RUNWAYLooks - Day of fashion with Alaysa Lombardi3

RUNWAYLooks - Day of fashion Haute Couture with Anne Daumig4

RUNWAYLooks - Day of fashion Haute Couture with Helianthus Mesmer3