Sunday, 30 January 2011

Virtual Hong Kong PolyU

Nearly 6 years! Finally the place I am from.. Hong Kong... has University make use of SL in Education! nearly 6 years, no one around me know what is SL. even Graphic design school teachers or jewelry design teachers, they didn't know about this! I always thought that it will be great if sl can be used as a platform in marketing/ business/ architect or design school. But well I am nobody in rl so I don't know how to bring this concept to HK. Even though I know a newspaper keep reporting sl cases in few years ago but in a very small corner of the page. but no one really concern about this platform. What I did was just using my sl creations in my real life graphic design homework in 2008 & showing my SL work to my jewelry design class teacher & use my SL work to apply jewelry design school in HK. & wish one day there might be someone in education industry will know this virtual platform.

Today when I am having a dinner in a resturant, I suddenly heard few people taking about sl just beside me! 2 forigner & a chinese lady.... I was very happy as this is something impossible to happen in HK when there is very very less people playing sl. I was so happy & excited and asked if they played sl also. Then they told me they are from PolyU, where I graduated from in around 10 years ago! They are trying to bring real life education into SL! They will have a conference about this tommorrow! It is just amazing! They invited me to listen to the conference. I sure will be attending!

Then when I back home, I did a search & you know what?! I find my school PolyU Virtual campus!!!!

Finally ! Finally have some group of people in HK believe this virtual world not just a game but is something for expressing your creativity & can make use of it in education! hurray!!!! I am so happy today! you know?!~