Tuesday, 16 December 2008

When pumpkin meet lemon

My 7th drawing

After I back from traveling, last Thurs was my first day back to my drawing class. See what I drew! This is my 7th pencil drawing in my drawing class. In the first day when I start drawing, I never think I can draw something out. But now in my nearly 11th lessons, I start finding ways to improve my drawing skills. How fun. I can draw a little now! Happy happy! Will show you more of my drawing soon ^^

My featuring designs on runway @ day of fashion Haute Couture

When I was traveling in Japan in Nov, Timeless agency ran an awesome fashion show for the Haute Couture sim's designers. I was one of those who featuring jewelries for the show. Thanks Mui Mukerji helping me selecting my jewelries to fit the models. Though I can't watch the show but the sim owner Moxie Polano (designer of Haute Couture MP Haute Styles) told me that it was an excellent show. Timeless Agency CEO SerinaJane Loon share few of the photoshoots at her flickr. You will see how professional their models are & how great the photographer they have!

RUNWAYLooks - Day of fashion Haute Couture with Mui Mukerji3

RUNWAYLooks - Day of fashion HAute Couture with SJ Loon6

RUNWAYLooks - Day of fashion with Alaysa Lombardi3

RUNWAYLooks - Day of fashion Haute Couture with Anne Daumig4

RUNWAYLooks - Day of fashion Haute Couture with Helianthus Mesmer3

Sunday, 9 November 2008


Kyoto ali_002

Kyoto ali_003

Kyoto ali_005

Just Visit the Kyoto in second life! Really want to know what it look like in real life! Yes!!! I will be having my Vacation to Kyoto , Japan in real life from today till 1 Dec 2008. So if any quires on my designs, Please just send your notecard with your name to Mui Mukerji, she will help you. Thank you. See you when I back :)

Take care all
Alienbear Gupte


Jacket from BP*;
Ear muff from BP*;
Dress from *ALCHEMY*;
Legwarmers from BP*;
Dress from Draconic Kiss


Monday, 3 November 2008


Rarely see me have that much colour on face? Thanks "Celestial Studios"for their generous!! Mui Mukerji brought me shopping there! Guess how many skin I bought?
........ 40!!

How can I bought nothing there when each just cost me 100L$ or 500L$ ?! Yes they are on sale now!!!

What are you waiting for?! SHOPPING TIME!

Gowns from Nicky Ree;
Jewelry from Alienbear's Designs
Hair From ETD ;
Heels from Maitreya

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Come on babie...

Come on babie...

Dress from DeLa;
Jewelry from Alienbear's Designs:- Princess Amaterasu Ring, mini crown, necklace, earrings, bracelets and Prince Abioye Ring;
Hair From Curl Up ;
Heels from Maitreya.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Day Dreaming...

Gowns from Silver Rose Design (not release yet but coming soon);
Jewelry from Jewelry from Alienbear's Designs
Hair From Curl Up (bride) & 69 (bridemaids)
Heels from Maitreya
Bouquet from designer Jade Opal

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Share with you

My 6th drawing

My hand recovered a lot so this week finally can attend the drawing class! My hand still a bit painful but really like to draw since I start learning. Here is my 6th drawing that sharing with you:) improve a bit?

Sunday, 5 October 2008

A very tough decision....

alienbear's designs Logo sept08

After resting my painful right hand for a week and back to SL, I recieveing many ims asking me

"Alienbear, I walk around jewel expo but not see your spot! Where are you?"

Yes I finally make a very tough decision on 3 Oct 2008 that I got to deduct most of the project in sl since I can do nothing with just a Left hand. I am right handed person and it got inflamations in between the finger joint & the hand... The doc said my hand must rest. So I contact Miriel that I select quit this year jewelry expo. So yes.. I am not in the expo.... Sorry to dispointing some of you who love my designs. Wish all vendors in the expo have a great success this year.

But well, friends always the first for me. So I will still try my effort to processing few of my projects including design jewels to catch the release day of Silver Rose designs' wedding gowns series (Christine the bride, Chiara the bridesmaid of honor, Carmellia Flowergirl). We are planning to release next week. and will release my Princess Amaterasu series as soon as I can.. Well... I will try my best to design a special ring for you Mui Mukerji , one of my best friend in sl and my ever the best CMO forever, for your engagement. Good things need times you know ^^ Plus you know one hand work real slow lol

Wish all the best and wish all still remember me after I recover and come back to SL.

~Alienbear Gupte~

Wednesday, 1 October 2008


What a bad luck days in my bad mood period. I hurt my right hand yesterday after badminton. Think got inflammation of the fingers joint again. It is damn painful now & can't move.. :(((

Wish I can recover soon so I can keep designing .... and catch up the jewel expo this year :((

Before I back, let you see see my newest design for man that matching the Princess Carita II and Princess Carita rings design. Yes finally have man ring! ^^

Ring Prince Carwyn white

Want one for your man? Or for wedding? need to wait for me recovered first.....

Monday, 29 September 2008

Carmellia Flowergirl

Carmellia flowergal

Alienbear's Designs X Silver Rose Design brought to you Carmellia flowergirl...
Coming soon...

Friday, 26 September 2008

Bad mood....

These days many asked me "where are you ali?" "When will you release new jewels?" " are you ok ali?" "come on ali, don't lazy like that..."...

No idea why after moving in real life, I keep sick... and not feeling very well... also keep feeling lazy to do anything. Jewel expo is coming and I feel that I really have no mood to do anything.. I am really not sure if I will contribe in this year expo. Anyway wish I can since this year they do Charity auction again. Really want to join... Let see...

So in this period, other than keep having illness what did I mostly do in Real life?

Keep learning how to draw.... the followings are my 4th & 5th drawings...

My 4th drawing

My 5th drawing

For me the newbie of art, do you see any improvement comparing my first draw in July08? ^^

So when will I release new jewels? ... I don't know but I will try working hard. Maybe really a bit tired of SL dramas. But well... recieving Thank you certificate in real life from "Doctor without border" (Last year Alaska charity event), recieving some compliements in sl, having a little fans who know me since 2005 asked me taking pic with her in sl , a real life jewelry industry person asked if they can introduce my designs in their speech....etc. All make me feel a bit better now ^^

Oh yes, Make a poster in using my favorite "LUTH" pose ^^

ALienbear's poster

When will this jewels release? Trust me.. SOON!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Chiara the bridesmaid of honor (continue...)

Chiara the bridemaid

How can Christine has no bridesmaid?

Yuriko Muromachi, the designer of Silver Rose Design, tailor made a gown for Christine's bridesmaid. "Chiara" is my coming jewels set release to match this bridesmaid gown....

Release soon....

Christine the Bride (continous..)

Walking towards....

Belongs to you....

Christine the bride

My sis Yuriko Muromachi, the designer of Silver Rose Design, imed me one day and said....

"I designed a wedding gown!"

When she showed me, I like it so much. It is a Victorian modern style wedding gown with a long tail. So I designed a set of antique gold jewelry set "Christine" to match her gorgeous gown!

Is there any more colour? When will it release? ...

COMING SOON! Just keep checking with us ^^

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Chiara the bridemaid of honor

Chiara draft

Sept 08 design in matching Yuriko Muromachi's coming release bridemaid gown.

Coming soon...

Friday, 19 September 2008

Christine the bride

Christine draft

Christine earrings draft

Sept 08 design in matching Yuriko Muromachi's coming release Modern Victorian style wedding gown.

Coming soon...

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Chinese hot pot rice?!

My third drawing

Chinese hot pot, gingers, chinese green onions, a bowl of eggs....

Okies I will buy some pork, Chinese sausage, sweet soya sauce today & make a HongKongese style Hot pot rice - "pork and Chinese Sausage with egg hot pot rice" 腊腸滑蛋肉片煲仔

Monday, 18 August 2008

Elegance, Kawii, Dark....

Princess Amaterasu ali

Gold Princess Amaterasu ali

Dark Princess Amaterasu ali

Which style are you?

Our June08 designs "Princess Amaterasu"

Monday, 11 August 2008

Carnal Angel of August

What will the Carnal's Angel of August going to wear in SL? Love it? Just keep sticking with us. Will release SOON!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

My 2nd Artwork

My second drawing

Been a month didn't see you all. Miss me? I finally settle down in my new home in real life. And my computer finally done her surgery & back home! Before I back to my Second life business, let me show you my 2nd pencil drawing. How do you feel? I start falling in love in drawing. Can't wait to my 4th drawing class!

See you all in Second life. Miss you all :)

~Alienbear Gupte~

Thursday, 10 July 2008

My FIRST Drawing!

處女作- My first Drawing

Miss me? Yes my computer go to do her surgery so I can't log in to SL :(( but what I do within this period? Preparation of my Movement to my new apartment, take care of my cats, cooking for my family, &... YES learning drawing! I start my first drawing class yesterday! It was so fun! This is the drawing I drew yesterday! My teacher said it still have long way to go before this drawing finish.. yes it is unfinished work. But with my Zero drawing skills, what do you think? Is it pass? I fall in love in drawing now! Can't wait to attend the next class! Will show you more of my drawings ^^

Love you & miss you all

Alienbear Gupte ^^

Monday, 7 July 2008

Princess Amaterasu ali

Due to my real life movement and computer issue, I will be having an urgent leave from sl & back to real life until all fix. Think I will be back in around 20 July 2008 if my computer no need to do any serious "surgery" lol. So any enquiry about my designs please contact our CMO Mui Mukerji. She will help you :)

See you all after all my real life things fixed. Love you & will miss you all :) Take care & have a fun sl life & rl :))

Alienbear Gupte

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Sinful Desire

Princess Amaterasu in Sinful Desire

Picture took at 1 July 2008 in Second Life;
Jewelry from "Alienbear's Designs"- release soon ^^
Gown from Sparkle Skye Designs;
Hair from etd;
Heels from Stiletto Moody

Princess Amaterasu Necklace draft

Pretty? Amaterasu is my coming release! I wear the aboved lovely gown "Sinful Desire" when I designing this necklace in matching my mini Princess Amaterasu crown. I am a little fans of Sparkle Skye Designs for long time since they were named as "Allure". If you love silk, fantasy gowns, Princess costume, there is a must to shop! With every lady dream heels from Stiletto Moody, am I look like a princess?

Btw tell you something, I finally apply the drawing classes! I will have my first lesson in next Thursday! So exciting!! I will share my first ugly drawings to you here when I start my classes ! hehe why I said it will be ugly ? since my art background is totally Zero! hahaha But really love art! Can't wait to start my first lesson! *ali dancing happily*

Sunday, 22 June 2008

KING Hinamori and QUEEN Serenity

22 June 2008 4:00 pm slt
The one of the Kind King & Queen Crown with 400 above prims each setting up at gym room of Memory Lane High School ! Getting Ready for Auction!!

The King & Queen crown Display

22 June 2008 4:34pm - Auction of King Crown
"10k..." "25k.." "...60k"...
Hinamori Burleigh: 80k"
A Very Generous & sweet Man Mr Hinamori Burleigh win the KING Crown at 80k lindens!!!

King Hinamori

22 June 2008 4:52pm
"Carla Chandrayaan shouts: Alienbear's limited edition, one of a kind"
"Serenity Semple: 120k"
"125k...." ....
[2008/06/22 17:07] Hinamori Burleigh: 225k :D
[2008/06/22 17:08] Stephen Hilra: 250
[2008/06/22 17:08] Hinamori Burleigh: 255k :)!!!!

OMG 255k!

Our King Hinamori Burleigh win the Prom Queen Crown at the bid of 255k lindens!! My RFL 08' KING & QUEEN crown help RFL raising 335k lindens!!!

355k donation to RFL!

"Who is the LUCKY QUEEN?!" when we all guessing....
We saw a Beautiful Queen Serenity put on her Gorgeous Queen Crown stand beside King Hinamori!

Queen Serenity

Cheers!! Congrads to our New RFL2008 King & Queen in winning this Royal & Gorgeous Pair of Crowns!! Sure I can't wait to take pictures of this Royal couple!

King and Queen 2

22 June 2008 5:00pm
Auction end! I designed a mini crown for the guests who come to support this Charity Auction!

RFL auction memento crown

Including other jewelry designer's Crasher Queen & King Crown that win by Miss ZoeAnastasia Aeon, we help RFL in raising total 410k lindens!!

Great job Relay for life team 2- Designer in Seduction team!!! Thanks DIS Team members & leaders in doing that great job & help promoting this event. And thank you so much for all Generous guest who join this auction! Here I am especially thanks King Hinamori Burleigh to donate that 335K lindens to RFL in bidding one of my favorite designs! *bow* and thank you so much for my update group members, my friends who come to support this auction event!

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Glamour Vs Kawaii!

Glamour!! (Mui Mukerji)


Kawaii! (J0rdan Smythe)
little JOrdon in mini crown

Love this crown? details read June08 Member gift.

(Two pictures is picked from my new Flickr group Alienbear's Jewels Mania)

Monday, 2 June 2008

What will "Carnal Angel of June" gonna wear?!

After designing the CARNAL SERIES - Floretta for the real life company Carnal lingerie 's SL angel of the month in May, many asked me what next will I design for the Carnal angel of June?! Here you are the Moscou Necklace & Earrings set! Cute? Not sure when will release but can't wait to show you ^^ Love it? Keep checking my gold jewelry design blog at GOLD JEWEL - BijouxOr Design.

Friday, 23 May 2008

Simple 18th Century

Simple but elegance... a bracelet that design for 18th Century ladies. Designed to match the Le Fleur set. Well yes still not yet release ... I still working on the full set pictures.

The China Earthquake make me feel sad, everyday TV in HK keep reporting what's happening there... really make me can't concentrate in working on anything... Can't stop crying everytime when I saw the TV news. When all people in HK keep help raising fund for this tragedy, it makes me think I must do something to help. Maybe in next weekend...

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Once upon a time.. there is a Prom Queen...

Thanks VictoriaV Fashion design a Prom Queen Gown to match my Princess Carita Jewelry set ^^

Prom Queen gown buy at :-
VictoriaV Fashion design

Princess Carita can buy at :-
Alienbear Design main store, 1/F

Have rings to match this design & can buy at:-
Alienbear Design main store, Basement.

Friday, 16 May 2008

Will you marry him?

Gold Le Fleur ring pic

"Be my Queen.." a handsome man hold the Le Fleur ring and asked when the first music start in the 18th century dancing ballroom.

you reply....

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Get ready for BALL!!

Am I pretty? I am getting ready to Nicky Ree & Fleur Skin 17-18th Century Spring Ball on 17 May 2008 noon!! The necklace & earrings set is my coming release - the Le Fleur Necklace & earring set. It will come with 11 gemstones colours with both antique gold & silver. One Necklace TWO style. Take away the chain & you can wear with a less formal dress ^^