Sunday, 22 June 2008

KING Hinamori and QUEEN Serenity

22 June 2008 4:00 pm slt
The one of the Kind King & Queen Crown with 400 above prims each setting up at gym room of Memory Lane High School ! Getting Ready for Auction!!

The King & Queen crown Display

22 June 2008 4:34pm - Auction of King Crown
"10k..." "25k.." "...60k"...
Hinamori Burleigh: 80k"
A Very Generous & sweet Man Mr Hinamori Burleigh win the KING Crown at 80k lindens!!!

King Hinamori

22 June 2008 4:52pm
"Carla Chandrayaan shouts: Alienbear's limited edition, one of a kind"
"Serenity Semple: 120k"
"125k...." ....
[2008/06/22 17:07] Hinamori Burleigh: 225k :D
[2008/06/22 17:08] Stephen Hilra: 250
[2008/06/22 17:08] Hinamori Burleigh: 255k :)!!!!

OMG 255k!

Our King Hinamori Burleigh win the Prom Queen Crown at the bid of 255k lindens!! My RFL 08' KING & QUEEN crown help RFL raising 335k lindens!!!

355k donation to RFL!

"Who is the LUCKY QUEEN?!" when we all guessing....
We saw a Beautiful Queen Serenity put on her Gorgeous Queen Crown stand beside King Hinamori!

Queen Serenity

Cheers!! Congrads to our New RFL2008 King & Queen in winning this Royal & Gorgeous Pair of Crowns!! Sure I can't wait to take pictures of this Royal couple!

King and Queen 2

22 June 2008 5:00pm
Auction end! I designed a mini crown for the guests who come to support this Charity Auction!

RFL auction memento crown

Including other jewelry designer's Crasher Queen & King Crown that win by Miss ZoeAnastasia Aeon, we help RFL in raising total 410k lindens!!

Great job Relay for life team 2- Designer in Seduction team!!! Thanks DIS Team members & leaders in doing that great job & help promoting this event. And thank you so much for all Generous guest who join this auction! Here I am especially thanks King Hinamori Burleigh to donate that 335K lindens to RFL in bidding one of my favorite designs! *bow* and thank you so much for my update group members, my friends who come to support this auction event!

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