Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Sinful Desire

Princess Amaterasu in Sinful Desire

Picture took at 1 July 2008 in Second Life;
Jewelry from "Alienbear's Designs"- release soon ^^
Gown from Sparkle Skye Designs;
Hair from etd;
Heels from Stiletto Moody

Princess Amaterasu Necklace draft

Pretty? Amaterasu is my coming release! I wear the aboved lovely gown "Sinful Desire" when I designing this necklace in matching my mini Princess Amaterasu crown. I am a little fans of Sparkle Skye Designs for long time since they were named as "Allure". If you love silk, fantasy gowns, Princess costume, there is a must to shop! With every lady dream heels from Stiletto Moody, am I look like a princess?

Btw tell you something, I finally apply the drawing classes! I will have my first lesson in next Thursday! So exciting!! I will share my first ugly drawings to you here when I start my classes ! hehe why I said it will be ugly ? since my art background is totally Zero! hahaha But really love art! Can't wait to start my first lesson! *ali dancing happily*

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