Thursday, 31 January 2008

Interview with Ewing Fashion Agency

I am so happy & feeling honor in having an interview with Harriet Gausman of Ewing Fashion Agency. Please read Friday Feature - Alienbear Gupte if you are interesting on it ^^ My English is not really good so wish not scare you guys away lol

Thank you Harriet & thank you Ewing Fashion Agency for this interview.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

I want to back to SL... O_o

Ali is looking at her bears in SL though her door hole from RL. She miss SL so much when she have no idea how she can draft the layout for her rl project about making her webpage... MISS SL SO MUCH! In the meanwhile, she keep checking some cool flash website for reference...

Then she find a very cool one!!

Flash Fight!! hahahah Animator Vs Animations!!!

Check it when you are boring & sucking like me !

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Miss SL Universe 2008 Live show!

The Second Life Cable Network finally finishing their editing on the Miss SL Universe 2008 show!! Check the belows links:-

Miss SL Universe - Part 1
Miss SL Universe - Part 2
Miss SL Universe - Part 3

Enjoy the show!!

Friday, 25 January 2008

What next?!

This Jewelry set & Hair accessories are the one i designed for Mui in her Miss SL Universe competition to match her National Costume by Nicky Ree. I was planning to make more colours after I done my Miss SL Costa Rica Memento Sets. But then my real life need me! I need to hand in a web page layout on 30 Jan 2008 for my real life homework!! But I did nothing yet lol So I need to back to real life for few days :(( So now let's post here & let you see my Luxury Tang design before I place out for sell ^^ You can touch the pictures to see the details.

See you all later after I hand in my project in real life.

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Never Forget this day!

2008 Miss Universe Pageant finally finished on yesterday night. Thanks Mr. Frolic Mills in giving me an unforgettable night. The stage is fantastic, the show is the coolest one I watch in second life. It is my honor to design & sponsor them the Crown , the Scepter & the Necklace & Earrings Set for Miss Universe 2008; and the Crowns for Miss Universe Finalists. It is my first time to see my crown design in the size of 10X10 placing on the top of the stage. This is really will be one of my good memory in second life. This happiest covered all the drama happen on that night. They even have a live TV showing on Second Life Cable Network that night! The sim was full & since I was so laggy, I can't take any picture about this pic lol Well, I will show you more official pictures later if I can.

Another happy thing is my evil twins Mui Mukerji that represent Hong Kong win the Miss Congeniality & the 4th runner up of the Miss Universe 2008. Congrads Mui! She looked so pretty on my custom made Jewelries & Nicky Ree 's costume, swimsuit & formal dress. She really did very professional on that night even it is so laggy. Same as all 12 contestants, I can't believe they can move in a straight line in that laggy time! Good job & good show girls. Thanks for giving me this UNFORGETTABLE night!

Saturday, 19 January 2008

A SL Drama by Chantal Harvey

*Picture get from

My talented friend Chantal Harvey make another new sl film to enter the sl film contest! Well she didn't win but still a cool movie. Can see she use heart to make. Click Here & watch!

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

More "Tang Empress" coming?!

Been so busy in rl & sl. Yes rl for preparing my final project for my short course about multi media graphic design while sl for designing the Crown for Miss SL Costa Rica 2008 and Crown for Miss SL Universe 2008. Receiving so many request asking me if I will make the jewelry set for the Miss SL Universe & if I will place the Miss SL Costa Rica set out for sell. The answer of both is "YES!" except the crowns. Cause I promise 2 pageant's organizers that the crowns will be just design for their Pageant. So the scepter, the necklace & jewelry sets with more colour of gemstone will be release soon!

At the same time, Nicky Ree make more colours of her Tang Empress outfit!! I love the Tang so much! I can say it is the best modern x Ancient Oriental design & graphic work I find in sl! Personally love ancient Chinese stuff so much! Do you remember my Oriential Tang Dynasty Empress Jewerly Set & Hair accessory that I designed to match with Nicky Ree Tang outfit & Rei Gully ancient Chinese hair? I am now making more gemstones to match her new colours of Tang!! The one I am wearing now is the blue set!

BTW, My friend Mui is one of the finalist of the coming 2008 Miss SL Universe. She will represent Hong Kong! I am from Hong Kong too so I designed a Luxury version of the Tang hair accessory & Jewelry sets for her!! Woa, she is so elegant & showy with that tailor made set!! Want to see? Hehe, SECRET!! But you can see it in the day of the MISS 2008 SL UNIVERSE pageant! Mui will wear that! Mui Mui, I am so proud of you & I bet you will be so lovely & showy on my tailor made hair Accessory& jewelry set!

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

LAST DAY 50% off SALE!

Just remind you that 50% off sale on my design at Le'bear Castle will be end in today night (1 Jan 2008) 11:59PM. Do the last min shopping now^^

Don't forget our Luckychair gifts ( Dec07 LC Aputsiaq Platinum sets & Dec07 LC Aputsiaq Gold sets )& our XMAS 07 Surprise Four - DEC 07 MOBVEN SETs for this month!!! More mobven sets that with our entire lucky chair gifts beside the Landing point are coming soon!