Wednesday, 9 January 2008

More "Tang Empress" coming?!

Been so busy in rl & sl. Yes rl for preparing my final project for my short course about multi media graphic design while sl for designing the Crown for Miss SL Costa Rica 2008 and Crown for Miss SL Universe 2008. Receiving so many request asking me if I will make the jewelry set for the Miss SL Universe & if I will place the Miss SL Costa Rica set out for sell. The answer of both is "YES!" except the crowns. Cause I promise 2 pageant's organizers that the crowns will be just design for their Pageant. So the scepter, the necklace & jewelry sets with more colour of gemstone will be release soon!

At the same time, Nicky Ree make more colours of her Tang Empress outfit!! I love the Tang so much! I can say it is the best modern x Ancient Oriental design & graphic work I find in sl! Personally love ancient Chinese stuff so much! Do you remember my Oriential Tang Dynasty Empress Jewerly Set & Hair accessory that I designed to match with Nicky Ree Tang outfit & Rei Gully ancient Chinese hair? I am now making more gemstones to match her new colours of Tang!! The one I am wearing now is the blue set!

BTW, My friend Mui is one of the finalist of the coming 2008 Miss SL Universe. She will represent Hong Kong! I am from Hong Kong too so I designed a Luxury version of the Tang hair accessory & Jewelry sets for her!! Woa, she is so elegant & showy with that tailor made set!! Want to see? Hehe, SECRET!! But you can see it in the day of the MISS 2008 SL UNIVERSE pageant! Mui will wear that! Mui Mui, I am so proud of you & I bet you will be so lovely & showy on my tailor made hair Accessory& jewelry set!

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