Sunday, 20 January 2008

Never Forget this day!

2008 Miss Universe Pageant finally finished on yesterday night. Thanks Mr. Frolic Mills in giving me an unforgettable night. The stage is fantastic, the show is the coolest one I watch in second life. It is my honor to design & sponsor them the Crown , the Scepter & the Necklace & Earrings Set for Miss Universe 2008; and the Crowns for Miss Universe Finalists. It is my first time to see my crown design in the size of 10X10 placing on the top of the stage. This is really will be one of my good memory in second life. This happiest covered all the drama happen on that night. They even have a live TV showing on Second Life Cable Network that night! The sim was full & since I was so laggy, I can't take any picture about this pic lol Well, I will show you more official pictures later if I can.

Another happy thing is my evil twins Mui Mukerji that represent Hong Kong win the Miss Congeniality & the 4th runner up of the Miss Universe 2008. Congrads Mui! She looked so pretty on my custom made Jewelries & Nicky Ree 's costume, swimsuit & formal dress. She really did very professional on that night even it is so laggy. Same as all 12 contestants, I can't believe they can move in a straight line in that laggy time! Good job & good show girls. Thanks for giving me this UNFORGETTABLE night!

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