Monday, 28 April 2008

Designs matching Lingeries!

I feel honor to be invited by the owner of a real life & second life company Carnal lingerie to design jewelry in matching their monthly lingeries release in sl . Before I official release this designs, let me show you the picture of this cute & lovely design. ^^ Officially planing to release this design with their new lingerie on 1st of May. Keep checking with us. (defer to 7 May)

Royal, Generous, Charity, Love...

Been a while didn't write my blog since kinda busy in selecting some gowns, hairs to match my coming release - the Princess Carita Jewelry collections. Well, actually you can now buy the separate pieces in my Alienbear Design main store, 1/F. You can find necklace, earrings, bracelets, crown and scepter. I still making the poster for the 2 styles of rings that match this designs and the posters like the aboves one for the sets ^^ Comparing with my entire poster, Do you find any improvement on my poster work? hehe . I know still not yet professionals but I promise I will keep taking more graphic designs course in rl to enrich my skills !! Well, Just keep checking my designs blog at Will do an official release once I make all the posters.

Miss you & love you all :3

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Share your love

We are lucky to have a good health, good family, good life; but in somewhere in a corner, there is a group of people suffer from Cancer. They may lose their life & their family may lost the family living support. To help these group of people, Relay for Life 2008 help the American Cancer Society in raising funds. I am happy to join one of the Relay for life team in sl - The Relay for life Designer in Seduction team, a group of talent true sl designer/ creator that group together to help this RFL. We design something & donate to the RFL & wish to help raising more funds with our talent. Just go to RFL DIS donation vendor place. Let's have an International fund raising to help these American Cancer Society!

These are my design that typically for this event- the Princess Carita RFL Limited Edition Set. You can donate money to the vendor at the above mentioned place or at my castle mall that In between Alienbear Design & BijouxOr design main stores till 17 June 2008.

Or you can donate few bucks to the Koisk we placed in our stores. thank you so much.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008


Busy SL life make me so tired....

Ali wearing Celestial Studio fall 3 skin, Nicky Ree dress, Zhao heels, ETD hair with Alienbear designs jewelry standing outside Zero hair shop relaxing.

(using Muse windlight setting & face light)

Pearl teardrop promotion poster

Prize chairs back!

Eight Camping Mushrooms & Two Camping thrones are now back to Le'bear castles for you to camp for treasures- my jewelry prizes!! You can select the prize you want to camp for now. Simply teleport there & then touch the arrow to choose prize you want to camp for --> Touch the board to check the details of the instructions --> sit on the mushrooms or the throne until last minute it show on the floating test --> then you will receive the prize show in the picture above the mushroom/throne!!

More is coming! All camping prizes are transferable! The camping mushrooms are at the Mobven & Prize chair Area so you may have chance to wait the mobven to reach it's lowest price!!

Eight camping Mushrooms at Mobven & Prize chair Area
Two camping thrones at Alienbear Design main store, 3/F

Good luck!

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Great Video for a SL mall

check this out! I love it..

Attract you to go there shopping?

go shopping at THE BEST OF SL BOULEVARD now!

I have a small shop there too at THE BEST OF BOULEVARD (213, 46, 25). They have a Relay of life team there in helping American Cancer Society to raise funds and I donate a set to this team. You will get the thank you gifts "Miss SL Universe Memento Black Set" if you donate the koisk $L3000+.

Monday, 7 April 2008

Yay Hunting!

Woot I finally hand in my real life project & finish the real life course. Finally can back to SL! Miss me?! Been few months didn't take care of my business in sl, really have a lot of things to do lol

The first event after I back to SL is the April 2008 hunting that held in HAUTE COUTURE SIM. Joining with other 13 designers & do a few days hunting event. See the above pictures? The Pearl teardrop necklace is my hunting gifts place in my mini shop there. It has totally 16 gifts in the sim that prepared by 14 designers including:-

CALLIE CLINE (two $1L hunting gifts)
ZHAO (2 hunting gifts)

I found some hidden boxes too & took the above picture. You can click on it to enlarge & see who are the designers of the gift. Please note that the hair, the wing, some jewelry... etc I wear on the pictures are not from the hunt hehe.

Where is the hunt? HAUTE COUTURE SIM
How to play? find a tiny little black & white boxes in the above listed shop
when? last till 8 April 2008 at 8am

Good Luck & enjoy ^^