Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Prize chairs back!

Eight Camping Mushrooms & Two Camping thrones are now back to Le'bear castles for you to camp for treasures- my jewelry prizes!! You can select the prize you want to camp for now. Simply teleport there & then touch the arrow to choose prize you want to camp for --> Touch the board to check the details of the instructions --> sit on the mushrooms or the throne until last minute it show on the floating test --> then you will receive the prize show in the picture above the mushroom/throne!!

More is coming! All camping prizes are transferable! The camping mushrooms are at the Mobven & Prize chair Area so you may have chance to wait the mobven to reach it's lowest price!!

Eight camping Mushrooms at Mobven & Prize chair Area
Two camping thrones at Alienbear Design main store, 3/F

Good luck!

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