Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Dark & Bright Princess Twins

Is this a Gorgeous Gothic Chapel? Well this is one of the wedding theme of my First SL mami's AZULL Ash new wedding place. Yes she is now building her Dream & fantasy wedding place & plan to do offer many wonderful weddings to all SL couple to be. Right now she have like 5 main theme, will show you others later hehe. This Gorgeous Gothic Chapel is inside the Gothic Castle.

I remember Mui have a similar gown (from Allure by Sparkle Skye) like me but in different colour, So I TPed her to this grand new castles to take some pictures. On the picture, the white princess is Mui while the gothic one is me ! Dark & Bright Princess Twins lol

My gown named "*SS*Milady Gothic". Yes I bought this to match my coming release black jewelries hehe. These are absolute Gorgeous gown with nice design, nice texture, ok flexi setting. The cape can take off. The Jewelries set we are wearing are my Queen of Snow Neveda Set in rudy Platinum & red Black . Right now my store haven't got this 2 colours as I modify the gemstone of this Neveda set to match our gown.

The hair we are wearing is from Inari Boardwalk Shops-Curl up and Dye Salon who make awesome Princess look hairs. Personally I think her Black, Red pack & Brown pack is the best textures among her other colour pack. But you can buy the Fatpack too as the 2 hairs we are wearing have some hidden hair colour texture inside the fatpack. These hair texture in the Princess hair style is good. She have a very good prim work on few princess hair style.

I did bought few more gown & hairs, show you guys in my later post :D

Monday, 27 August 2007

Oriential Tang Dynasty Empress!!

OMG! Look at me! Nicky Ree make me as the Only Empress in China History - Wu Zetian (武則天) ~ my idol~ .. hehe Don't know how to spell her name in English lol Or you can say I am the one of the Top 10 Beautiful woman in China History - Yang (楊貴妃) !!!

Nicky Ree rock this time! She make a Perfect outfit! No more leg showing when I walk! Same as usual the texture is AWESOME! The outfit a bit like traditional Tang Dynasty royalty Woman's outfit. In adding some modern style, it make the whole design look perfect! I know Nicky Ree Work very hard on the prim & flexi setting. She did awesome this time. Just wish Lindens can make the flexi more smooth so no more bouncing of the prim & more easy for the designer to set up the flexi.

O yes! See my hair? Woot! I love China old style outfit & hair style so much! This hair is by a new hairstylist (for me is new lol)
Rei Gully ! The shame is I have no time to make some hair accessory on this hair. Yes In Old style Dynasty in Chinese history, Rich woman / royal lady will wear so many pretty hanging accessory on their hair. They sometime will put flowers on hair too. Rei Gully make many cute hair. His black hair texture is so real & good. He make many cute hair. The most impress me in his shop is the Japanese Traditional Man & Lady hair. This Chinese old style hair is his new creation. He said that it will be release in the coming week.

With all this awesome oriental combinations, I sure need to make an Oriental Jewelry set to match. Touch the 3rd picture & you can see the details of the set. Well, I am not really familiar with oriental old style jewelry even I am Hong Konger lol But I like to watch some old style television progamme in Hong Kong. According to my memory, the lady in royal love wear gold, jade, & flowers accessories. So by inspiration from Nicky Ree Dress, I design this elegant jewelry set to match the outfit & the hair. The green gemstone is the Jade while this time I use darker gold to craft this design out. Yes all by primary prim. Not yet release but I will craft more colour so I can place in my hong kong island shop for sell.

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Spilt Me to Gothic? lol

Too bad SL in maintenance again. Well I wake up late today. yes my time is 15 hours ahead slt. I slept at 10am my time & then wake up at 7pm. When I check my email, My friend Mui sent me many offline message & called for "help". I was worried & then I log in. She told me she got a new dress from Allure & can't find any jewelry to match & need to help to make her some other gemstones of my royal jewelry to match. Well I have tons of custom orders to work on but how can I reject my HUGE FANS. Yes she feeds me lol She is just so good as most of my friends. They always said if I don't pay you, how can you rent your store, how can you pay your premium account.. etc. So I modify her one of my set to red gemstones to match her dress. & then I show her the Modify version of Princess Diantha Set in black & red rose. She said "OMFG" & asked when I will release lol & then I sent one to my mami AZULL & have the same response said "OMFG". Because of this "OMFG", I know I must start turn my royal jewelry in black in Gothic style. Mui even said that "Ali, your royal jewelry in black is so good, I wonder you spilt to Gothics style." haha.

Mui is really nice & good to me.
She bring me smile when I feel frustrate & sad.
She cheer me up when I feel lost.
She teach me how to promote my store when I feel no one appreciate my work.
She even sent my designs to bloggers when I am too shy to sent.
She gave me confident to try my first time to sponsor my design to other fashion designers & few Bloggers
She cheer me up & support me when I feel my design suck as got rejected from or never see that designer use of my design.

Yes I am the one who is so EMOTIONAL- upset easy, happy easy, frustrate easy & crazy easy; who is lack of CONFIDENT; who is CONCERN about others COMMENTS; who want all people wear my designs in HAPPY & PRIDE feeling; who is STRAIGHT FORWARD; who is VERY PICKY & PERFECTIONIST.... So I am so happy to meet this Virtual friend Mui as she never lie on me & give me true comment of my design. Yes I need true comment no matter it is good or not. As I believe NO COMMENT NO IMPROVEMENT! Thank you so much Mui ! You really means a lot for me :D

Tell you some funny thing, I have no art background in rl, I know nothing about drawing, nothing about graphic design. My previous rl career is totally different to what I am doing in SL now lol I was working in construction industry before. But after playing SL, I find that I really love design. I am gonna to take a course about Multi Media Graphic design in rl ! Maybe If I find that I have talent on it, I will keep taking more course so I can bring more & more creative design in much more better skills to all you guys. Okies see you guys in my next dairy. :D

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

"Guess How Much?" Round 2

After showing my Very low price But awesome Princess dress in my previous post "Guess How Much?" Round 1 , finally have time to show other gorgeous gown I shopped that day. You can touch the picture & see how details, how awesome shading with awesome texture of both top & prims, & how creative & great the gowns are. The Quality are much more better than those who set their gown above $1000L but suck like crazy. The main point is "you never can guess right in how much it cost!" They are all designed by a talented Victorian dresses designer Raudf Fox of DiamonX Studios.

This gown named "Belle times". All perfect except the flexi setting. It still drive me nuts when walking. But when I know the cost of this gown, I have no more complaint lol how much do you think?


The hair I select this time is from Maitreya . Yes, you don't read wrong, it is from Maitreya . It is so cute & with not bad texture. Well much more better than most hair shop in SL I can say. The good thing is she make all demo for all colour so I can try all before buy. I wish you can make more hair that can show ear, so I can have one more hairstylist for selections when I keep waiting ETD modify her old hairs in new textures. lol I miss you ETD designer lol

This gown named "Romance time". Guess what? I can't control & bought 3 colour of this gown lol yes 3- the purple, the Babyblue & the light pink! hehe. It is just cost $200L! She have totally 4 vendors for you to selection tons of colours. You can see how details it is. Even the sleeves, they are flexi prims instead of texture. Just so neat. & the lace on the prim dress. Just can say PERFECT!

The jewelry set I select to match this dress is my Snow Queen Nevada set in purple (Read the post in PRINCESS OF SNOW)

This fancy gown named "Ball Times". Just like most old European gown with huge butt part. So details, cute & elegant. hehe, I get 3 colours of this too! The red, the green & the blue! Such awesome & details work just cost $200L again!!

This one is no flexi but still gorgeous. It just cost $100L. So why not get this & place in my wardobe hehe. I like the lace & the shape of this dress, it just make me look like a princess.

The jewelry set I selected this time to match this dress is my THIN BLACK VELVET CAMEO CHOKER SET in the cameo name Flora.

So tired today, will take picture on my last one I bought from her later. Keep checking my blog:D

Bride of Celestial

I love wedding dress so much. This wedding dress is one of my new, innovative & best collections in my wardrobe. This gown is Allure 's custom design for her client who want to be in star bride. See it is so gorgeous & innovative. The texture on the top is very details & nice. If you like Stars & Poofy gown, this is the must you need to get for your wedding. The set comes with 6 design of tops & then for the gown dress, it is flexi with 2 style of gown. The one I am wearing is the Reception Gown that is a shorter style of gown dress while the other one is the Long fancy Ceremony Gown. She even make the Prims stars with pearls at the front of the belly & back. You can see the sparkling lil diamonds on the surface of the gown dress. The one I really need to appreciate about is the flexi setting of the prim gown. It look so real when you walk. It just set a bit flexi just like the real big gown dress, it won't flying up high to see your leg when you walk. It is just about right.

Because I really love this dress, I even design a set to match this gown & the bridemaid dress she gonna design. That is my Celestial Bride Set & the Bridemaid set. (You can even check the close up pic in my previous post - New inspiration - Bride of stars & My *Evil* Black Star Set ).

Monday, 20 August 2007

Where is my MOOD gone...

Yesterday I received a bad news in rl. My youngest cat Teddy need to have a surgery about fixing his loosing knee soft bone (don't know the exactly name in English) issue. Vet said that he will be very pain for a month after surgery. But if he don't fix it, he will keeping worst. I keep worrying about him & thinking if I will let him do the surgery. Well the cost of the surgery is kinda high , it's like $1300USD & the vet even can't ensure he will be perfectly recovered after surgery. Sigh.. I can see he pick up his injured leg when he is walking.. What can I do? surgery or not? really don't know.. when I am using my adult avatar taking picture to let me forget this huge big news.. I received a message from someone call Danito Dagostino. Here is our conversation:-

Danito Dagostino:
hi there.. someone in the scripters channel recommended you make good jewelry.. im looking for somone who can make me full perm jewelry items
Alienbear Gupte:
hi umm what kind of jewelry are you looking for pls? plus what is the purpose or usage for the full perm jewelry you are going to use for please?
Danito Dagostino:
im looking for items to sell in my shop. cross chains, wallet chains, girl jewelry
Alienbear Gupte: sry about that , if for resell purpose, I can't give you full perm permission.
Danito Dagostino: kk

Don't know that why this conversation make me angry, maybe I am really in bad mood today. I am thinking why I spent 1 whole day, a week or even a month full day designing one jewelries while there is someone want to get your design to make money & so greedy that want even full perm of my designs or someone designs to earn money? If you want to sell items, why don't you make by yourself instead of asking others to give you full perm of their designs. But well, none of my business now as I already rejected him..

Anyway today really in bad mood. I wish I can make a decision if I really let my cat to have this surgery. If I plan to let him do the surgery, the other issue is need to collect enough money for my kitty surgery. urghh... Maybe close my in world shop to reduce expenditure in game or maybe .. I don't know... urgh.. time to stop thinking.. Maybe all will go fine. Please pray for my kitty if you read my today's dairy.

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Special Design For "Soko 1st Live Music Concert"

Yesterday 3pm slt, My friend Mui tped me to her friends' Anita Cassini Island & then she told me today their friend Soko Yoshiyuki, a sexy rl singer of a band with a VERY sexy voice, is going to have a Live concert in SL! She asked me if I can sponsor them like giving free gifts to their guest who come to the concert. & I said "why not, let me design a unique jewerly sets for those who come to Soko show!"

I then back home & make the 2 cute sets for man & lady:-

All crafted by primary prims! The inspirations come from music note. When you touch the picture, you will see each lady earrings & the necklace have different music note with controlable sparkling. For man one, Both earrings & the neclace are the sign of a quater (rest) music note.
Want to get them FREE?
Just come to hear the Soko Live Music Concert, & you will get both sets after the concert!

Details as follows:-

Who sing?:- Soko Yoshiyuki

Pre-Concert party at 12:00 noon SLT

Concert at 1:00 pm SLT

Post-Concert firweworks at 2:00PM SLT

Contests (best dressed in concert clothes, tropical dress, in IBM blue, and othe contests) with prizes from Random Calliope (jewelries), personalized 117 prim Guitars (men, women) and much more.

- Get a free guitar and Salsa Dress
- Get My Soko Music Note Man & Lady jewelries sets After the concert! (Just for those who come on or before 1pm & listen full concert)

Come to SOA Adventure and see the first Solo concert of SOKO. Do not miss this great event where Soko will sing and play the guitar for us. Come listen to him sing blues, music from the beatles and many more!

Saturday, 18 August 2007

"Guess How Much?" Round 1

I put my old stuff to onrez yesterday & then accidental see this gown on the page. I just feel omg it look gorgeous on web. Then I check the price .. It just shocked me .. Guess how much is this gown? ...

$150L Only!

I said OMG & thinking if it is suck when wear? Or it is business box? So I IM Mui my friend about this. & then we go to the shop DiamonX Studios & then I can't wait & buy this gown named as "Grace Time" in $150L & try on!

I just said OMG the quality of this Victorians Gown is much more better than those who set their gown in over $1k in SL! $150L gown can have that awesome texture, awesome shading, awesome primwork, awesome & creative design! Well the only thing drive me nut is still the "flexi setting".. again I hate see my dress flying backward & see my leg when I walking lol But when I just stand, it just look fabulous! What you can complain for a gown dress that just $150L but in that awesome work? lol

The designer is so nice!! Then I can't wait to check her other Victorian Gown dress. I can't stop you know , I got totally 10 gown there! Yes 10!!! only spent $1800L but buy 10 gorgeous gown! Her victorian gown are just priced from $100L-200L!! I keep telling my friend to go there & all of them love her princess gown so much! I got some even look better than the one I show on the picture!

I will post all I got from there in coming few days when I got time to take pictures!

Okies my hair is from Empyrean Emporium called "[Curio] Snood Hair - Brown" . It comes with the fishnet & lace thing & the back ribbon bow. I have few hair from her too. Few of her hair is so nice & in Victorian style. Ah , you see my kid pic in the profile of this blog? that hair is from here too :D

I used my new modified Black version of PRINCESS GELASIA SET to match this dress! Do I look elegant?

Keep checking my blog, I will keep posting the Victorians dress I bought from DiamonX Studios!

Friday, 17 August 2007

~ I start loving black ~

Remember the My *Evil* Black Star Set (actually it named as "Celestial Pearl & diamond Black Set")? Well I didn't release yet but already have someone contact me & ask about where can she find that ! It makes me VERY happy! & then I keep looking at that set, I suddenly think.. Maybe maybe.. if I change my previous designs to black, it maybe look good. Plus I spent too much on my Gothic look hahaha.. Time to make something gothic so not wasting my Gothic look items lol So.. I start trying to modify my PRINCESS GELASIA SET to black. & then...

I just shocked! It look so mysteric & nice. Okies, after I redo my old 600 designs , My next target is ... I will modify some to black! Yes Yes I start loving BLACK hahah. So if you are Gothic Gown Designer OR you know some Great place for Gothic Gown, Leave the store names in my comment please. I think I gonna need many gothic gown for taking pictures *giggles*

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

(~Continous~) My *Evil* Black Star Set

Wootie! SL finally open! Now I can continous showing what nice things I bought due to My *Evil* Black Star Set lol

I am lolita fans. I love lolita dresses in Silver Rose Design, TOHRU & Draconic Kiss . I remember Draconic Kiss have some gothic style items so I went there to see if I can find anything can match my New black star set. Then I see that they have victorian style gown now! & I bought this Theresa Purple. $500L can get the complete dress & silver hair & the cute hat! It is so cute with nice texture, nice prims settings all nice! ...but flexi setting still drive me nuts :( Again I hate my leg showing when I walk but well It's really nice if I just stand. See the rose on the neck? Personally I don't like rose but this really so real. It is crafted by scuplties! I love it. Ah I also bought an sexy lolita outfit in Barerose that have a sculpties ROSE too! Will show you later ^_^ hehe. I wish I can make sculpties.

O yes I did shopped at Barerose yesterday too when I was looking for the gown. Same again hehe can't stop when shopping. I admire most of June Dion 's designs so much. Just creative & with great skill on most of her work. The above outfit is what I love most in yesterday Barerose shopping. Just $135L & you can get 3 colour of that outfit with tops & then the hot jeans. Well, to be honest the jean here is kinda newbies but just when I think that $135L & can get the top with 3 colours --- VERY WORTH! hehe.

With this outfit, I then went to Canimal to buy all her 3 stockings packs! Socks (Mismatched old), Socks (ripped stockings) & Socks (torn)! I like special so Her 3 socking packs are very suit my taste! This time I select Ripped fishnet stockings - black to match my boots & my new outfit.

The boots! yes one of my favorite one name "*SM* "Intent" Silver/Black/Black" & yes this is from Sylfie's Prim Seduction. Touch the picture of my boot & you can see how details it is. The boots textures is so great & with awesome prims work! yes all by prims! even those lil circles are prim! Just PERFECT!

okies, I think I need to back to work lol I will keep showing you what I shop due to that evil black star set in my future post ...

My *Evil* Black Star Set

Do you remember this jewelry set in Platinum I made to match Allure new custom made Star Bride gown? (read New inspiration - Bride of stars ) Yes I crafted it in Black. Because of this black version, I spent like $10k L to find suitable Gothic skins & gown dresses to match for my future ads. yes $10000L lol Well not really all for this sets , just can't stop shopping when I visit some Gothic stores lol But the bad thing is NOTHING really match my necklace perfectly. I am too picky I know that but well I did get something not bad during these few days searching. What an *Evil* star set !!! It made me lost so much money .. lol

Anyway in this SL maintenance time, let me show you what I bought that I feel not really bad ....

The skin I am wearing on the picture is :: Whispers of Night :: Deathly Female - Blood Dusk by Zoe Llewelyn. Well I am not really familiar with Gothic thing in SL. But well the make up of this deathly female is good although the neck details a bit suck. Was thinking buying Max one but they have lesser makeup tones for selections so I finally got from Zoe. Well not bad.

Okies then I try to find a gown dresses to match my set... My friend Kate are so nice that sending me few lm for the Gothic dresses she think is nice. & I selected FallnAngel Creations by Azriel Demain. Azriel was so nice to show me her gowns one by one. & finally I bought few. The following are the gowns that I bought to try if match my sets:-

Well For the Gothic gown dresses, for those I know (yes, really didn't know many), FallnAngel Creations's gown is not bad. With ok textures & ok prim work just the flexi setting still a bit weird like most designer in SL did. I hate seeing my leg with all skirt flying up backward when walking lol But well for taking far view photo shot, these are not bad. Price are fair comparing to most gown stores , these gowns are just $600L each if I didn't remember wrong. But well, I really want a Gothic mysteries gown with details top so when take my ads it can show my jewelry set more elegant. Plus my jewelry have 2 stars at the back too while those dresses I like in FallnAngel Creations's are not in V-shape back. So I keep searching nice Gothic shop in SL...

Will show you guys in my next post, as SL maintenance & make me can't take any photo shoot of what I shopped these 2 days lol

Friday, 10 August 2007

Let's "Escape" ~

After watching the First Impression II, the Fashion show held by Ewing Fashion Agency, I dropped into the door of Escape. Kya Eliot is the designer of this store. If you are Mischief fans & you like a bit gothic style, you must like Escape. Most of her design are causal wear with nice textures on the top, nice prim skirt setting with nice flexi rate... & low price. See the outfits I shopped that day after the show...

"Roxette Red" Causal but cute with a little Skull on both top & the skirt. I like double layer mini skirt & Plaid pattern, that's why I can't control to put it into my wardrobe during the fashion show when the sexy model stand in front of me.

To match this "Roxette Red", I select Maitreya 's Maitreya Dune (Wide) - Black boots. I've post the comment about this shoe in other colour in my previous post ~*~ Pink doll ~*~ , So here no going to say anymore lol

O yes I shop in ETD today umm yes thanks god I am update group member of ETD. I got this hair Kiley II (Natural Pack) in just 75L !! Is it cute on me? I am always in kid avatar in world so this hair is absolutely suit me no matter I am in adult or kid hehe.

The jewelry set I select this time is my Halloween 2006 spider set in black pearl with earrings & necklace. As I am now trying to redo all my old jewerly, This sets can't find in world now but will redo & place out for selling soon :D I also made a spider ring too but was not feeling too confident to place out for sell, so it just keep placing in my jewerly box lol

Another plaid pattern double layer mini skirt named "Tanya Red". It comes with 3 styles of the tops- the full top (the one I am wearing now), Bra top & the corset top. It also have a black leggings for your legs if you feel cold haha.

Ok yes I select Maitreya 's boots again.. yes I feel boring but sorry I really like. Yes I posted the blue colour of this boots in my previous post Kawaii Doll! before. hehe

This time I select Calla's hair "Wisteria" a girly & sexy curl hair.

To make me more sweet, I select my Heart shape Locket with diamonds Necklace that released in last year (2006) August (read CUSTOM MADE DESIGN (OCT 2005 ~ DEC 2006)) . Beware, Don't come too close to me, I may feel heart beating & type command to let many hearts come out from my locket hehe. Well, curl hair always match big hoop, so I take out the earrings for my 2006 Alienbear Design diamond 10L set to match this hair :D

Mix & match this time with Strappy Halternecks (Light Pink) top & the pink flexi mini skirt in the "Mel" outfit. The top is very sexy! It just use 3 string at my back to tie my top up. If one string .... *whistle* It comes with 3 pink colour in the Strappy Halternecks with both undershirt & shirt so you can mix & match many other outfits.

Shoe ...Frisky by Maitreya 's again lol I bought the fatpack long time ago , finally have chance to wear. What make me buy this? well funny that in around seven years ago, I had a pair of sandal in jeans that is exactly the same as this one! It was broken. I am so happy I can have it again in SL hehe.

For the hair, I select !Celestial Studios (CS) "annie mayIII". The texture of her hair just awesome, expecially those colourfull hair colour. See how cute I am?

For the jewerly, I select my Christmas 2006 ribbon bow set in pink & a cute little ribbon belly ring. Although they are my old design but you can still find in my Alienbear Design Store at 2/F.

Thursday, 9 August 2007

The Truth...

Remember my yesterday post First Impression II Fashion Show ? I received the Brochure today! Think this time must be too many designs in the fashion show, it comes with 2 volume of brochures! It have all 4 designers' bio, & all the designs pictures that show during the show. Including in the brochures bag, there is all landmark of the designers that contribute in the show too! I can't wait & send to my update groups & friends. It look neat but I still feel a bit upset about my part of show that day. So I contact Una Ewing the executive director of the model agency that held the show & talk with her.

She told me that she did a very good fitting & practice many times with all models before the show. And told me that is impossible for the model to wear my jewelry that bad. As she remember when she first come to my castle & my first comment is " I hate to see my jewelries cut into people body or floating in the middle of the neck. I like all people who love my jewelry can wear my jewelry in fitted way". & then she sent me the link of SecondLife Style fashionist . I compare the picture that she took with one that I took, I find that omg, why on that picture the necklace is well fitted but on mine are all just like shit. I finally know that was just my computer. SL not good to me that day :( So all picture I took in my part "models' choice" was bad that all necklace floating in the middle of the neck plus crown hidden into models' hair..

When I heard Una explanations, I feel sorry about adding this mistake to her company. She show me how is the training schedule of her models; how she feel sorry that one model wear no jewelries during the show; how she feel sorry about one model hair not fix well . I can feel how serious she take care of the whole show. Here I would like to apologise for my mistake in thinking their models not wear my jewelry in fitted way. well just my connections bad so took those ugly picture :((

But well, I can say jewelry is really hard to show well in SL fashion show. But thanks god that This model agency have a plasma to show the pictures of every items during the show ; And with that beautiful & neat brochure for all guest after the show. Una ewing even told me she spent whole night & without any sleep to make these 2 brochures. Well for a new established model agency in SL , I really appreciate that they did just a nice show. I bet in my next show she sure will help me think better method to show good for my jewelries.

New inspiration - Bride of stars

Yesterday afternoon sl time , my early morning at 5am, when Second life just back from temporary closed.. My friend Sparkle, designer of Allure send me an Yahoo message & showed me her custom made star bride gown. An outline of a necklace suddenly come to my sleepy brain. But I was really sleepy so I went to meet my sleeping prince & then ... I woke up at 1pm my time. I can't wait to log in to SL & start to design & craft the set to match sparkle's star gown dress. Finally I spent 11 hours & finish the necklace & earrings that show on my picture! wootie. Just a shame that can't take a nice shoot for this set. But I really can't wait to share this design to all of you lol The set is craft by pearls & diamond stars. woohoo.. Twinkle twinkle little stars, How I wonder what you are.. Up above the world so high, like a DIAMOND in the sky.. not in the sky but on my body now! hehe..

Well, in my next few hours, I will try to design & craft other jewerly parts to match it. wooties! Thx Sparkle for giving me inspirations! Think I am going to stick my ass in my workshop again till I fell asleep .... Zzzzzz...

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

First Impression II Fashion Show

The fashion show "First Impression II" that is organised by FIRST IMPRESSIONS, EWING FASHION AGENCY and The Chocolate Runway on 7 August 2007 10:30am slt held in is finally completed. Thx the Executive director Una Ewing & her 4 well-trained models for making this show that success.

This show have 4 designers including me to contribute while just me is designing jewelries only that is the most difficult items to present in the show. Here is our Pretty faces:-

The models act very professionals in presenting the clothing for other 3 designers. They presents the outfit so well & make me shop in Kya Eliot stores lol Here is the link for you to watch the slide of the pictures I took.

Models on the runway Presenting the fashions by the first 3 designer

The last part of the fashion show named "Model's Choice" that is the models select their own outfits in their wardrobe to match my Jewelries. This is my first time in having a fashion show. Well I am so disappointed in my part to be honest. It's hardly to take good shoot on the models who wearing my jewelries but here's some shoot of them:-

Models' Choice (Model in my jewelries)

Why I disappointed?

- Some of my jewelries floating on the models' neck; 90% of the crown cut into the models' hair; some of my jewelries cut into the models' neck/ body that hardly show the full design of my jewelries..

- All guests just look into their outfit instead of my jewelries & make me so upset

- The outfit the models' selected were too sharp so catch all guest attentions to their outfit instead of my jewelries . Make me think "Is my jewerly that suck so no one like? & can't get their attention on?"

Well, the first 3 parts of the show really impress me as they have nice stage, nice executive, nice coordination, nice models.. but on my parts .. tell you the truth I really want to leave when I saw first model wear my jewelry like that. But well, this is good lesson for me though. Next time I will know what to prepare in order to make my jewelries show better in the future fashion show. Well, may be try more model agency if I know where to look for lol

But well This model agency is good for helding fashion show for clothings designers to be honest. This is just their second show but it can show quiet professional. The most attractive thing is they have welling organise with fair price. They even have booklet to show all designers bio, items that show during the fashion show, & landmark of the designers stores. The one more thing impress me is they even make a video for the show. Let's watch their video on their First Impression I -

Can't wait to see their booklet & the video for this First Impression II.

O yes, the sponsor goodies pack impress me too! That is a feather mask, animating fans with ao, feather tail.. etc. Will show you in my next blog when I get outfit to match them. Ah also will show you what I bought from Kya Eliot later :D

Monday, 6 August 2007

Fashion Show!

I am so exciting to announce that My jewelries will have a fashion show that is organised by FIRST IMPRESSIONS, EWING FASHION AGENCY and The Chocolate Runway in this coming Tuesday 7 August 2007 10:30am slt. It will be held in The Chocolate Runway @ 10 Kings.

This is my first time in having a fashion show to show my jewelries! There will be 3 other designers participate in this show, they are including:- Leezu Baxter (Clothing, Hair & Accessories), Jaxie Zabelin (Clothing) & Kya Eliot (Clothing & Accessories). While I will be participle in the final section of the show "Model's Choice".

I am really so exciting! Wish after this show, more people will know more about me & my designs :D

*Dress Code: Smart/No Bling and please detach unnecessary prim attachements - HUDS/AOs and other high prim items.

Saturday, 4 August 2007

I find my heels...

Remember my Thursday, 2 August 2007 post Woa! White Princess! But... Where's My heels?! when I was looking something for my feet to match Nicky Ree dress "Kelly -silver"? I can't find any so I wear up her other 2 dresses styles & see if it can cover my feet. Can you see I wearing nothing on my feet? :P

Then I finally remember my friend Sasy Scarborough. She sent me few links of shoe places & I went to one call enkythings. I saw nothing real good there until the last moment when I want to leave ... I found THIS!!

This heels named "Bonita White" by enkythings . Yes just simple, formal & with ok Prims. The best thing is this match my dress well & It have 2 individual huds - the walk sound hud & the sexy walk hud. It suprised me as other than one of my favourite heels shop Sylfie's Prim Seduction, this small shop enkythings have this cute walk sound hud too! Yes it is just so cute when you can hear knock knock knock when walking lol

Then I looking at myself.. I have a nice elegant dress; I have a heels to match; I need to find a jewelry set to match! I opened my jewelries boxes & then I finally select my Princess Diantha Set. Perfect! Am I pretty?

Let's say Y..E..S!

Thursday, 2 August 2007

Woa! White Princess! But... Where's My heels?!

To cheer me up, I open my wardrobe & try on my new Nicky Ree dress "Kelly -silver". Look at this bell shape flexi dress, how real it is! No matter the shading, texture of the satin, patterns on the prim skirt .. all great as usual. Ali now imagine wear this dress & then put on a veil... woa !! OK wake up ali, It's too early for you to dream.

This time Nicky Ree make many improvement on her prim dress making & the flexi setting. "Kelly -silver" have 5 styles, personality I like the bell shape style most as you can see that no more weird alpha prims when you turn around your camera; & when I walk, I can no more see my leg out of the dress when walking! good!

The design of other 4 dress styles are nice & elegant too. But for these 4 dresses styles, think Nicky still need to work more a bit to improve the prim work of the dress & the flexi settings. The flexi settings on the short dress is about right but the train one (the one that need to attach to the center & legs) look a bit weird when walking. Maybe too flexi or whatever. But if just standing or taking picture , they look awesome. Well for the prims making, If in deeper colour, it look ok, but when go to the lighter colour or the white on me, The top part of the prim skirt seems a bit odd in the other 4 styles. It look like many solid cone stick on my body lol But the lower part of all the prim skirt is just awesome & look so real. I can see Nicky want to make it look like some folds on the top of the prim dresses but umm.. it comes out look a bit odd. Well! But the sure is her works still much better than most fashion designer in SL to be honest... Let's wait for her next release to see if she can figure out how to make it perfect!

For the bell shape dress, I use my DEW DROP DIAMONDS LEAVES SET (white) to match. Hehe, I still not yet place the white diamond colour out for this sets lol Right now just have other colours of diamonds lol Okay okay , I promise I will place the white out as soon as possible lol

This is 2 of the other dresses styles. Pretty on me? *blush*

I use my Yuriko Pearl Set (Modify from Feb2006 design) (white pearl) to match my short skirt one. Look elegant? This short skirt is the other one I like in this "Kelly -silver" dress. It look formal but young & elegant. It can suit many occasions.

Ok time to find a nice shoes to match.. umm ... I open my shoes wardrobe.... DAMN! I have many kid shoes, I have many boots, I have many heels but .. can't find one that match this dress.. Come on any nice shoe designer here? I want a simple but nice & elegant white heels to match this dress! Your next challenge?! haha...


Look at these poor babies. They are all get forgotten by their buyers. Well, not only these I show on the picture but more in my workshop & inventory... yes So many unresponsible people send me an order forms in ordering a special & unique name chain OR Lockets for their friends their ownself their lovers their kids.. & then after I spent FEW HOURS using my heart to craft each of them & packed them in a gift boxes.. IMing them but they never response. & leave these poor babies in my workshop. Why I spent that much time on it? as they are not texture name but I use tiny prims to make every alphabats. & to make it look like shining & details , I make the textures on every prims of the alphabat keep moving. Well, I really don't care (but better not lol) if you cancel order after you waste my few hours in making them but PLEASE at least call me back & say you want to cancel the order instead of I keep waiting.
There is one even worst case is that she request me to take a picture of the necklace she ordered & then I sent her but she never contact me again. well I waste 10L plus few hours of my time in crafting them when I am thinking if she do some cheating like using my picture to make a texture necklace.. I don't know but feel not really good.
Honestly I make name chain is to earn stable money for paying my rents of all my land & mini stores, my premium account fee & uploading cost. It is so sad when I spent couple of hours on that & then never can contact you to pay & get them. Hey people, would you mind & can I BEG you if you are not planning to buy it, PLEASE don't send me the order form so I can have more time to design my other jewerlies & craft the custom name necklaces to those who really need them & want them!

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

~*~ Pink doll ~*~

Remember in my previous post "Kawaii Doll!" I said that I find a new nice boot designer at Maitreya ? And I said that I will show you another boot from Maitreya Dune (Wide) - Earthpack I bought there? LOOK at the picture! This is the Dune in Burgundy colour! See it is just a very simple boot me or you will have one in rl BUT look how details it is! Touch the picture & you will see no mater the heels part, or the shape of the boot, or the surface of the boot.. even the colour tones.. JUST can say PERFECT! How real it is! Hehe because of this boots, I can say because of this Maitreya , I went to buy outfits to match them. OMG , even my aunti said she can't believe I can shop like that crazy lol (as she know it is hardly find something I like in SL hahaha) Well, I even kick myself out of other groups & join Maitreya 's update group lol I bought her sandal today & bought tons of runway pose from her! Yes this shop have some nice model pose! & I think I spent like 4k in this shop today.. lol crazy me...

Ok I went to Mischief today AGAIN.. yes again lol I love her mini skirt sooo much. Mostly I buy the full outfit is just because of the MINI SKIRT lol This time same lol see my pink lil mini skirt? It is from an outfit call "**Mis** Think Pink" . Well to be honest the top that match this skirt is ... hehe so I open my wardrobe & find another Mischief Tee "**Mis** Sweet Sass"to match. (well I throw away the original pant that with this top lol) Look Sweet?

Hehe see my belly? Too bad that I was planning to make my belly ring come with the belly chain. But you know all people have different shape & the stars belly rings & the belly chains got too much prim & too complicated that not really too many people know how to edit them when they attached together.. so finally I just separate them to Star Belly rings & Double bands Gemstone Stars Belly chain to release lol But sure for myself hehe, I link them together so I can wear both in the same time! *evil laugh*

Then is my hair! Look cute? This is "ETD Lisa II (Elika's Favs)" in her new texture! Well I get it from group. O yes, My friend Mui Mukerji show me ETD new hair texture long time ago (o yes she is hair tester in ETD). & I love ETD new texture so much ..... not yet release any to public yet :((... So I kick myself from other group & join ETD groups lol Well! the hair style of ETD is VERY good but just have bad texture before. But now.. no I mean in the future., they will have new texture in their awesome hair !!! wootie so exciting! Just see the hair I am wearing, no mater the front , the side or the back.. you can see how real the hair is ..

... colour tons --> PERFECT
... style --> PERFECT ! You can see many layers no mater at the front , side or back
... Prim work --> GOOD

ETD! faster make more hair in new texture please.. I need a TOP hair stylist like you!

Ok the necklace & earrings I select to match this outfit is my Gemstone Star Set (Modify from Apirl 2006 Design) in white diamond .

My Favorite Wardrobe

SL treat me so good AGAIN today.. I am so slow, I am so lag. So I can't make any tiny little things. So I open my wardrobe. I love to be fancy & Princess no matter it is gothic or Fairy tale. So Princess gown is a must in my wardrobe. When I open the Gown Wardrobe, I saw OMG I am really fans of Yuriko - The designer of Silver Rose Design.

See the 2 gorgeous gown I show this time? Yes They were Yuriko Nov 2005 design!! When there was no flexi, when there was no teaching class in SL.. See how details, how awesome the design is! This was my first 2 gown dresses in my wardrobe when I just join SL. But I still adored them SO much! Well, What a shame is .... They are no more in SL as Yuriko already took them away when SL start having flexi options. But I will never throw them away as it is really a real art & hardly find anymore in SL now.

Most of Yuriko Design (Silver Rose Design) are VERY great & AWESOME. I think I nearly buy her shop everytime when she have new release. Sometimes I wish I am in man av as her man victoria outfit is so great & details too. She do most hand drawings on the clothing textures & pattern!

See This is what an awesome outfit designer & artist! I will keep showing other of her designs that is in my wardrobe :D