Wednesday, 15 August 2007

(~Continous~) My *Evil* Black Star Set

Wootie! SL finally open! Now I can continous showing what nice things I bought due to My *Evil* Black Star Set lol

I am lolita fans. I love lolita dresses in Silver Rose Design, TOHRU & Draconic Kiss . I remember Draconic Kiss have some gothic style items so I went there to see if I can find anything can match my New black star set. Then I see that they have victorian style gown now! & I bought this Theresa Purple. $500L can get the complete dress & silver hair & the cute hat! It is so cute with nice texture, nice prims settings all nice! ...but flexi setting still drive me nuts :( Again I hate my leg showing when I walk but well It's really nice if I just stand. See the rose on the neck? Personally I don't like rose but this really so real. It is crafted by scuplties! I love it. Ah I also bought an sexy lolita outfit in Barerose that have a sculpties ROSE too! Will show you later ^_^ hehe. I wish I can make sculpties.

O yes I did shopped at Barerose yesterday too when I was looking for the gown. Same again hehe can't stop when shopping. I admire most of June Dion 's designs so much. Just creative & with great skill on most of her work. The above outfit is what I love most in yesterday Barerose shopping. Just $135L & you can get 3 colour of that outfit with tops & then the hot jeans. Well, to be honest the jean here is kinda newbies but just when I think that $135L & can get the top with 3 colours --- VERY WORTH! hehe.

With this outfit, I then went to Canimal to buy all her 3 stockings packs! Socks (Mismatched old), Socks (ripped stockings) & Socks (torn)! I like special so Her 3 socking packs are very suit my taste! This time I select Ripped fishnet stockings - black to match my boots & my new outfit.

The boots! yes one of my favorite one name "*SM* "Intent" Silver/Black/Black" & yes this is from Sylfie's Prim Seduction. Touch the picture of my boot & you can see how details it is. The boots textures is so great & with awesome prims work! yes all by prims! even those lil circles are prim! Just PERFECT!

okies, I think I need to back to work lol I will keep showing you what I shop due to that evil black star set in my future post ...

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Ana Lutetia said...

The boots are awesome!

But your black star set is stunning.