Saturday, 18 August 2007

"Guess How Much?" Round 1

I put my old stuff to onrez yesterday & then accidental see this gown on the page. I just feel omg it look gorgeous on web. Then I check the price .. It just shocked me .. Guess how much is this gown? ...

$150L Only!

I said OMG & thinking if it is suck when wear? Or it is business box? So I IM Mui my friend about this. & then we go to the shop DiamonX Studios & then I can't wait & buy this gown named as "Grace Time" in $150L & try on!

I just said OMG the quality of this Victorians Gown is much more better than those who set their gown in over $1k in SL! $150L gown can have that awesome texture, awesome shading, awesome primwork, awesome & creative design! Well the only thing drive me nut is still the "flexi setting".. again I hate see my dress flying backward & see my leg when I walking lol But when I just stand, it just look fabulous! What you can complain for a gown dress that just $150L but in that awesome work? lol

The designer is so nice!! Then I can't wait to check her other Victorian Gown dress. I can't stop you know , I got totally 10 gown there! Yes 10!!! only spent $1800L but buy 10 gorgeous gown! Her victorian gown are just priced from $100L-200L!! I keep telling my friend to go there & all of them love her princess gown so much! I got some even look better than the one I show on the picture!

I will post all I got from there in coming few days when I got time to take pictures!

Okies my hair is from Empyrean Emporium called "[Curio] Snood Hair - Brown" . It comes with the fishnet & lace thing & the back ribbon bow. I have few hair from her too. Few of her hair is so nice & in Victorian style. Ah , you see my kid pic in the profile of this blog? that hair is from here too :D

I used my new modified Black version of PRINCESS GELASIA SET to match this dress! Do I look elegant?

Keep checking my blog, I will keep posting the Victorians dress I bought from DiamonX Studios!

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