Wednesday, 15 August 2007

My *Evil* Black Star Set

Do you remember this jewelry set in Platinum I made to match Allure new custom made Star Bride gown? (read New inspiration - Bride of stars ) Yes I crafted it in Black. Because of this black version, I spent like $10k L to find suitable Gothic skins & gown dresses to match for my future ads. yes $10000L lol Well not really all for this sets , just can't stop shopping when I visit some Gothic stores lol But the bad thing is NOTHING really match my necklace perfectly. I am too picky I know that but well I did get something not bad during these few days searching. What an *Evil* star set !!! It made me lost so much money .. lol

Anyway in this SL maintenance time, let me show you what I bought that I feel not really bad ....

The skin I am wearing on the picture is :: Whispers of Night :: Deathly Female - Blood Dusk by Zoe Llewelyn. Well I am not really familiar with Gothic thing in SL. But well the make up of this deathly female is good although the neck details a bit suck. Was thinking buying Max one but they have lesser makeup tones for selections so I finally got from Zoe. Well not bad.

Okies then I try to find a gown dresses to match my set... My friend Kate are so nice that sending me few lm for the Gothic dresses she think is nice. & I selected FallnAngel Creations by Azriel Demain. Azriel was so nice to show me her gowns one by one. & finally I bought few. The following are the gowns that I bought to try if match my sets:-

Well For the Gothic gown dresses, for those I know (yes, really didn't know many), FallnAngel Creations's gown is not bad. With ok textures & ok prim work just the flexi setting still a bit weird like most designer in SL did. I hate seeing my leg with all skirt flying up backward when walking lol But well for taking far view photo shot, these are not bad. Price are fair comparing to most gown stores , these gowns are just $600L each if I didn't remember wrong. But well, I really want a Gothic mysteries gown with details top so when take my ads it can show my jewelry set more elegant. Plus my jewelry have 2 stars at the back too while those dresses I like in FallnAngel Creations's are not in V-shape back. So I keep searching nice Gothic shop in SL...

Will show you guys in my next post, as SL maintenance & make me can't take any photo shoot of what I shopped these 2 days lol

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