Friday, 10 August 2007

Let's "Escape" ~

After watching the First Impression II, the Fashion show held by Ewing Fashion Agency, I dropped into the door of Escape. Kya Eliot is the designer of this store. If you are Mischief fans & you like a bit gothic style, you must like Escape. Most of her design are causal wear with nice textures on the top, nice prim skirt setting with nice flexi rate... & low price. See the outfits I shopped that day after the show...

"Roxette Red" Causal but cute with a little Skull on both top & the skirt. I like double layer mini skirt & Plaid pattern, that's why I can't control to put it into my wardrobe during the fashion show when the sexy model stand in front of me.

To match this "Roxette Red", I select Maitreya 's Maitreya Dune (Wide) - Black boots. I've post the comment about this shoe in other colour in my previous post ~*~ Pink doll ~*~ , So here no going to say anymore lol

O yes I shop in ETD today umm yes thanks god I am update group member of ETD. I got this hair Kiley II (Natural Pack) in just 75L !! Is it cute on me? I am always in kid avatar in world so this hair is absolutely suit me no matter I am in adult or kid hehe.

The jewelry set I select this time is my Halloween 2006 spider set in black pearl with earrings & necklace. As I am now trying to redo all my old jewerly, This sets can't find in world now but will redo & place out for selling soon :D I also made a spider ring too but was not feeling too confident to place out for sell, so it just keep placing in my jewerly box lol

Another plaid pattern double layer mini skirt named "Tanya Red". It comes with 3 styles of the tops- the full top (the one I am wearing now), Bra top & the corset top. It also have a black leggings for your legs if you feel cold haha.

Ok yes I select Maitreya 's boots again.. yes I feel boring but sorry I really like. Yes I posted the blue colour of this boots in my previous post Kawaii Doll! before. hehe

This time I select Calla's hair "Wisteria" a girly & sexy curl hair.

To make me more sweet, I select my Heart shape Locket with diamonds Necklace that released in last year (2006) August (read CUSTOM MADE DESIGN (OCT 2005 ~ DEC 2006)) . Beware, Don't come too close to me, I may feel heart beating & type command to let many hearts come out from my locket hehe. Well, curl hair always match big hoop, so I take out the earrings for my 2006 Alienbear Design diamond 10L set to match this hair :D

Mix & match this time with Strappy Halternecks (Light Pink) top & the pink flexi mini skirt in the "Mel" outfit. The top is very sexy! It just use 3 string at my back to tie my top up. If one string .... *whistle* It comes with 3 pink colour in the Strappy Halternecks with both undershirt & shirt so you can mix & match many other outfits.

Shoe ...Frisky by Maitreya 's again lol I bought the fatpack long time ago , finally have chance to wear. What make me buy this? well funny that in around seven years ago, I had a pair of sandal in jeans that is exactly the same as this one! It was broken. I am so happy I can have it again in SL hehe.

For the hair, I select !Celestial Studios (CS) "annie mayIII". The texture of her hair just awesome, expecially those colourfull hair colour. See how cute I am?

For the jewerly, I select my Christmas 2006 ribbon bow set in pink & a cute little ribbon belly ring. Although they are my old design but you can still find in my Alienbear Design Store at 2/F.

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