Thursday, 9 August 2007

New inspiration - Bride of stars

Yesterday afternoon sl time , my early morning at 5am, when Second life just back from temporary closed.. My friend Sparkle, designer of Allure send me an Yahoo message & showed me her custom made star bride gown. An outline of a necklace suddenly come to my sleepy brain. But I was really sleepy so I went to meet my sleeping prince & then ... I woke up at 1pm my time. I can't wait to log in to SL & start to design & craft the set to match sparkle's star gown dress. Finally I spent 11 hours & finish the necklace & earrings that show on my picture! wootie. Just a shame that can't take a nice shoot for this set. But I really can't wait to share this design to all of you lol The set is craft by pearls & diamond stars. woohoo.. Twinkle twinkle little stars, How I wonder what you are.. Up above the world so high, like a DIAMOND in the sky.. not in the sky but on my body now! hehe..

Well, in my next few hours, I will try to design & craft other jewerly parts to match it. wooties! Thx Sparkle for giving me inspirations! Think I am going to stick my ass in my workshop again till I fell asleep .... Zzzzzz...

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