Friday, 17 August 2007

~ I start loving black ~

Remember the My *Evil* Black Star Set (actually it named as "Celestial Pearl & diamond Black Set")? Well I didn't release yet but already have someone contact me & ask about where can she find that ! It makes me VERY happy! & then I keep looking at that set, I suddenly think.. Maybe maybe.. if I change my previous designs to black, it maybe look good. Plus I spent too much on my Gothic look hahaha.. Time to make something gothic so not wasting my Gothic look items lol So.. I start trying to modify my PRINCESS GELASIA SET to black. & then...

I just shocked! It look so mysteric & nice. Okies, after I redo my old 600 designs , My next target is ... I will modify some to black! Yes Yes I start loving BLACK hahah. So if you are Gothic Gown Designer OR you know some Great place for Gothic Gown, Leave the store names in my comment please. I think I gonna need many gothic gown for taking pictures *giggles*

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